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“Chicken Soup for the Soul” Man Provides Great Inspiration for Biographer

(NewsUSA) - If author Mitzi Perdue is using the example of Mark Victor Hansen for a little inspiration, well, she’s come to the right place.

It’s hard to find somebody who hasn’t heard of “Chicken Soup for the Soul”  -- the consummate inspirational series loaded with true stories about ordinary people’s lives that has sold more than half a billion copies. But finding somebody who knows the name Mark Victor Hansen, the founder and co-creator of the brand, is another matter.

Mark Victor Hansen, RelentlessYet the story of Mark Victor Hansen is a story onto itself, now told in glorious, painful and motivational detail by Perdue -- a “chicken” celebrity in her own right as the widow of the legendary chicken maven, Frank Perdue -- in her new book, “MARK VICTOR HANSEN: RELENTLESS.”

But more than just launching the book this week, Perdue is committed to forwarding all proceeds from book sales to Ukrainian humanitarian relief efforts. This initiative complements her decision to auction off at Sotheby’s earlier this week a trophy from one of the most successful treasure hunts of all time: a 6.25-carat emerald ring salvaged from the depths of the ocean nearly 400 years after the fabled Nuestra Señora de Atocha shipwreck of 1622. Full proceeds from that sale also will go to Ukrainian humanitarian relief.

Says Perdue, “Human traffickers prey on the vulnerable, and during the Ukraine war, traffickers lurk on Ukraine’s borders, targeting women and children. How can we stop them? The money from the sale of this Atocha emerald, as well as the launch of this book, will go toward rehabbing buildings on the border where women can be counseled before they cross and make a decision that may cost them their lives.”

When it comes to Perdue’s book, “RELENTLESS,” one has to ask: What is Mark Victor Hansen, the motivational speaker, trainer and author, really like out of the public eye? Who is the person behind the curtain, the person who struggles, hurts, and deals with discouragement and rejection? What are his successes and failures? What makes him tick?

“RELENTLESS” is the inspirational story of how Mark went from bankrupt and almost suicidal to being in the Guinness Book of World’s Records for selling half a billion books. Readers will learn about his failures and how he transformed them into his own success story.

It’s hard to imagine one man able to conquer so many mountains. He did it by never letting any obstacle get in his way and by inspiring others to make a difference in the world around them. His story is exceptional, but it is his extraordinary perseverance and generosity that led to his long-term success.

Mitzi Perdue“It is my hope,” says the author, “that the lessons from Mark Victor Hansen’s life help everyone build confidence, agency, empathy, and valuable life skills.”

Plain and simple, “MARK VICTOR HANSEN: RELENTLESS” is a must-read, available on Amazon and all popular retail outlets where books are sold.

Mitzi Perdue, a businesswoman and author, continues to be passionate about sharing fascinating information to support people everywhere on their journey to self-actualization.

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