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Four More Ways Window Film Improves Your Ride

Four More Ways Window Film Improves Your Ride

(NewsUSA) - Professionally installed automotive window film (“auto tint”) may improve your ride in more ways beyond its curb appeal. Here are four more benefits of having window film installed, according to Darrell Smith of the International Window Film Association (IWFA).

More Safety     
While driving, the sun’s glare can enter from side windows to the left and right of the driver's eyes, causing the view ahead to be temporarily blocked. This may result in an accident and, if you are involved in one, window film may help protect the driver and passengers from flying glass pellets if the glass is broken. Window film provides a protective layer to help hold glass fragments together.

More Driving Range     
During warmer months, the sun heats up a car’s interior, requiring the air conditioner (A/C) to cycle more often to reach a comfortable cabin temperature. Research on the impact of window films on a vehicle's energy consumption showed the A/C ran less and used less energy, which inferred an improved driving range when compared to a vehicle without solar-heat-gain-reducing window films.     

By reducing the temperature in a car, window film helps save on fuel or electric use at no additional cost beyond the initial installation.

More Skin and Upholstery Protection     
Window films reduce the sun's harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays by 99 percent, and they’re a leading cause of skin and eye damage, which over time may increase the incidence of  skin cancers and cataracts. Not only may window film help protect the skin and eyes from UV rays, it may also extend the lifespan of a vehicle's interior by reducing the sun's impact on trims, plastic moldings, upholstery and seat coverings.

More Theft Protection     
Thieves are less likely to randomly break into a car if what’s inside is less visible or more difficult to obtain. When an item of value is easily spotted in a car, the temptation to smash a window and grab the item is greater for would-be thieves. Shattering the windows of random cars in the hope of finding something of value is a low-reward, high-risk activity. Window film acts as a deterrent by helping to hold the glass together, making it more difficult to both break-in and to see-in.     

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