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BookTrib’s Bites: Tales of Intrigue, People and Romance

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Ruin: A Novel of Flyfishing in Bankruptcy“Ruin: A Novel of Flyfishing in Bankruptcy”
by  Leigh Seippel       

A thoroughly engrossing novel about a young couple’s struggle to come back from financial catastrophe. Having fled their urban life, they begin to build a new life together in a rural setting, only to have it fall apart all over again in ways that could never be predicted.  

Former hedge fund owner Frank Campbell has gone bankrupt and lost the entire inherited fortune of his artist wife. The couple takes refuge in an abandoned Hudson Valley farm shared with a resident herd of congenial goats.  

Frank tries to build a new business, but it is not the answer. Only when he turns to flyfishing, traveling the world in search of the ever more perfect and elusive trout (and one memorable carp), does he find his way forward.  

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KGB Banker“KGB Banker”
by William McCormick and John Christmas  

A pulse-pounding international thriller spanning the globe. A return trip to the land of his ancestors is about to turn deadly for one whistleblowing Chicago banker.  

When financial executive Bob Vanags takes a job at  the ominous Turaida Bank in Latvia, he hopes to learn of his heritage and to fight economic fraud in Eastern Europe. Instead, Bob finds himself pulled into a world of political intrigue, blackmail and murder.    

Aided by his son David, his beautiful colleague Agnese and a fearless Latvian journalist named Santa Ezeriņa, Bob begins to unravel his employer’s darkest secrets, discovering their sins and conspiracies beyond his wildest fears. Secrets that Turaida wants to keep hidden, even at the cost of Bob’s life.

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Double Exposure“Double Exposure”
by Jeanee Sacken  

It’s November 2015. Seasoned war photojournalist Annie Hawkins returns home after an assignment to find her life falling apart. She’s under investigation for an incident that happened six months earlier in Afghanistan. Her best friend’s daughter is still missing, apparently with her Taliban boyfriend. Her daughter and friends are fundraising to rebuild the Wad Qol Secondary School for Girls and expect Annie to deliver the money.  

When Annie returns to Afghanistan to cover peace talks between the government and the Taliban, she goes to Wad Qol, where she discovers that not everyone wants the new school. Sabotage delays construction, and when a worker ends up dead, it’s clear the militants are to blame. It’s also obvious that they know exactly where Annie is.

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by Kathleen George  

“You cannot fail to fall in love with Harrison Mirth.”  

“Mirth” chronicles the struggles of a writer, Harrison Mirth, a romantic man who writes about love and tries to find it through three marriages, in three cities, and always with renewable hope. Amanda is first -- New York City and youth. Maggie is second and spans the middle-age years -- Upstate New York. Liz, the third, from Pittsburgh and the senior years, sees him as a man sheltering a secret lake of sadness, but somehow always upbeat, cheerful, a willful optimist, forever innocent. To her, that is irresistible.  

Margot Livesey, author of “The Boy in The Field,” calls the book “a dazzling portrait of a man who lives up to his name, and of those who love him. A wonderful novel.”

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BookTrib’s Bites: Thrillers and Political Satire

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Revelation (The Saga of Venom and Flame)“Revelation (The Saga of Venom and Flame)”
by Victor Acquista       

An ancient conspiracy is about to be exposed ... .  

Since the dawn of civilization, a clandestine Brotherhood has been secretly organizing a hidden agenda. As the Illuminati orchestrate worldwide catastrophic events to establish a New World Order, only Serena Mendez and an ancient society with ties to Atlantis can save humanity from centuries of manipulation.   Serena is a warrior without a weapon. As she and her allies work to defeat the Illuminati, she must decipher seven mysterious messages that hold the key to survival in this thrilling race to unlock a secret that will change humankind. Rich in history and mythology, this book is a gripping battle between the masters of mind control and the warriors who oppose them.

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Make America Beautiful Again“Make America Beautiful Again”
by Bo Bancroft  

Kirkus calls it “a nimble political satire that should appeal to Americans of every stripe ... reminiscent of books by Christopher Buckley.”   Suspected terrorists attack with a pre-dawn bomb spree, baffling law enforcement as the only targets are towering billboards lining the interstates. The laundry list of culprits includes eco-terrorists, a notorious drug cartel and disgruntled outdoor advertising employees. With Georgians on edge, politicians quickly focus on how to manipulate the situation.   Caught in the crosshairs are the three adult Worthington siblings. Not only was their outdoor advertising business attacked, the youngest brother, a retired Army demolitions expert, has suspiciously disappeared. So the family enlists his Army buddy to track him down. The web she ultimately uncovers is far more nefarious than terrorists.

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Fields of Fire“Fields of Fire”
by Ryan Steck  

“Debut thriller of the year.” --Kyle Mills    

Unable to remember anything leading up to his team’s ambush, Marine Raider Matthew Redd can’t deny the possibility that he’s responsible for the leak that led to the massacre. Discharged from the corps, Redd heads home to Montana, where he discovers his adoptive father is dead and the explanation for his death is far from satisfying. Determined to dig up the truth, Redd uncovers a dark global conspiracy with no team at his back -- except one he might find among past friends, old enemies and new allies, if only he can figure out whom to trust.    

“Matty Redd has cemented himself as the go-to man in a bad situation.”  -- Brad Taylor.    

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Ask The Girl“Ask The Girl”
by DJ Key  

Murdered in 1925, Katy Watkins, an 18-year-old debutante, finds herself near a worn-down cabin. She doesn’t know where she is, so she heads home and discovers two strangely dressed girls in her bedroom window. When her memory returns, a demon hunts her -- this demon is her killer.  

She walks in the woods trying to get home, stuck in a loop until she meets Lila and Rose. It was hard for Lila to cope after her father’s suicide, which forced Lila, her mom, and her sister Rose to live with their aunt and uncle. They discover a ghost tied to an old murder mystery. Rose is possessed by Katy. In order to save Rose’s life, Lila and Rose help Katy uncover the truth about her murder.

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BookTrib’s Bites: Poetry, Life Lessons for Kids and Adolescents

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The Absolute: Collected Poems of Sri Chinmoy“The Absolute: Collected Poems of Sri Chinmoy”       

This book is a collection of Sri Chinmoy’s poems, selected from his entire body of poetic work that spans more than six decades. All of his early poems were written from within the poetic restraints of meter and rhyme. Only later in his poetic career did he write in free verse.  

Speaking of his poetry, Sri Chinmoy says, “Throughout my poetry-journey, my poetry-tree has cherished various branches: philosophy, prayer, religion, spirituality, my love of Nature’s beauty, my love of word-making, which the English language indulgently allows me to explore, and my abiding love, concern and hope for this world of ours.” Sri Chinmoy’s poetry offers hope, strength and salvation to many an earnest traveler in his or her journey through life.

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Mark Victor Hansen, Relentless“Mark Victor Hansen, Relentless”
by Mitzi Perdue  

Winner of the Literary Titan Award for Nonfiction. “The Chicken Man’s” wife writes about the “Chicken Soup” guy. Mitzi Perdue spoke to many of the important people who inspired “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” co-author Mark Victor Hansen along the way and to those with whom he made a true difference in their lives. Hansen conquered many mountains by never letting any obstacle get in his way and by inspiring others to make a difference. His story is exceptional, but it is his extraordinary perseverance and generosity that led to his long-term success.  

Perdue is a meticulous writer who captures the essence of Mark with true stories that are inspiring and amazing in showing the tenacity of one man who learned that in order to receive, first you must give.

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TARRA: Mission to Earth“TARRA: Mission to Earth”
by Inna Van Der Velden  

Anthony and his friends come to Earth to find the antidote for the fear dust pollution. The children on their native planet, Tarra, are in severe danger. If Anthony’s mission doesn’t succeed, life on Tarra will cease to exist.  

Readers experience a number of adventures and come to their own revelations, sensing with their heart and acting on their intuition. See Earth from an interstellar traveler’s perspective and learn how to live within its harmony.   TARRA: Mission to Earth, geared for ages nine to 12, has incredible magic hidden within. It opens every reader to a deeper understanding of our planet. “TARRA: Mission to Earth, The Family Companion” includes 34 tasks for children as well as an adult guide.

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Diamond Eyes Makes His Mark“Diamond Eyes Makes His Mark”
by DJ Key  

Mark Van Buren, nicknamed Diamond Eyes, is a 14-year-old misfit who can't do anything right. When his father and stepmom plan to ship him to Florida to live with his uncle DJ and aunt Rita, founders of a cover band, the Ambient Images, he worries he won't be accepted. But when he fills in to sing one night, it changes his life.  

Various adventures take him on an Alaskan cruise, the Las Vegas desert, an Amish farm, and a crocodile-infested swamp. The book is a testament to the trials and tribulations adolescents face in today's world, such as bullying, suicidal thoughts, loss of a loved one and sexual identity. Ultimately, it is a tale of faith, endurance and the power of unconditional love.

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(Reissued 9/16/2022)

Hall of Fame Game Inventor Tells Inside Story Of the Toy Industry

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 A Game Maker's LifeJeffrey Breslow’s new memoir, “A GAME MAKER’S LIFE: A Hall of Fame Inventor and Executive Tells the Inside Story of the Toy Industry,” is the gripping account of how the inventor held his company together after an employee opened fire in the Marvin Glass and Associates conference room in 1976. The gunman killed two of the Chicago firm’s partners and an employee and critically wounded two more employees before killing himself. Jeffrey Breslow, a partner, missed taking a bullet only because the gunman didn’t see him -- he had just stepped into an adjoining office to take a phone call. The gunman left behind a hit list of fourteen names. Breslow later learned that his name was second on the list.  

Before the shooting, Breslow was the youngest partner of toy industry giant Marvin Glass and Associates at age 33. After the shooting, and despite his youth, Breslow’s partners voted him in as managing partner. Thrust into leadership by default, he faced incredible challenges, including consoling the families of the victims, dealing with the staff’s PTSD and rebuilding a sense of safety and morale. He was also determined to keep the successful but reeling business alive. He needed a miracle -- and he got one. His partner Howard Morrison created a blockbuster, Simon, which Smithsonian Magazine says “ushered in the era of electronic games.” The firm was back in business.  

Jeffrey BreslowIn spite of the tragedy, Breslow still felt incredibly lucky. Marvin Glass had personally hired him in 1967, soon dubbed him a “boy genius” and made him a partner after 18 months on the job.  

From the first iconic toy Breslow developed, called “Bucket of Fun,” he gifted us with some of the most memorable toys of childhood, including: “Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots,” “Ants in the Pants,” “Fashion Polly Pocket,” “Guesstures,” “Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash,” “California Roller Baby,” “The Animal” and “Masterpiece.”  

The secret to his success was creating games that each player thought they had a chance of winning. Clients of Marvin Glass and Associates included Milton Bradley, Parker Brothers, Ideal Toy, Fisher-Price, Playskool and many others.

Breslow rose to the challenge and learned to:     

  • Consistently do the unexpected.     
  • Never take “No” for an answer.     
  • Help employees maintain their well-being.     
  • Unlock the secrets of pleasing clients.     
  • Be persistent, especially if an idea was unusual or cutting-edge.     
  • Hire more women. Half of toy customers are female, and yet women were under-represented at his company.   
  • Find mentors -- they don’t just come to you.  

Breslow would go on to an unprecedented career. He is the only toy designer to win the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval twice and was inducted into the Toy Industry Hall of Fame in 1998. It’s surprising that a man who played for a living had his leadership mettle forged in crisis, but “A GAME MAKER’S LIFE” is more than a memoir, it’s a guide to success under pressure, rebuilding a business and learning how to honor those who were lost -- by bringing joy to children and families around the world.

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BookTrib’s Bites: Marvelous Characters and Real-Life Stories

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Tuscan Son“Tuscan Son”
by Robert Berne       

Called “a tour de force adventure within the modern university that is both a great read and eerily familiar,” a university vice president finds himself thrust into a hellish Panamanian prison, at the mercy of unknown forces.  

When a university receives a bequest of a village in Tuscany to use as a study-abroad site, Bill, the vice president, has to negotiate terms with the donor’s angry son, who thinks the village belongs to him. Bill discovers something very wrong.  

As he suspects organized crime is involved, he is lured to Panama, supposedly to sign the transfer papers. Instead, he is thrown into prison and denied contact with the outside. He then realizes his cellmate’s drug-dealing family is his only hope for freedom, but at what price?

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Pressure Point“Pressure Point”
by Betty Briggs  

A letter from Stephanie’s sworn enemy, Jessica, regarding the young child, Zoey, who is half-sibling to Stephanie’s son, Ryan, throws her world into tailspin. Engaged to the man of her dreams, Stephanie must set wedding plans and her job as an attorney aside, and travel to Mexico with fiancé, Colton, to try to find Zoey.  

If that is not enough, Stephanie’s ward, Jill, is also in danger from her own mother and the madman she lives with, who want to reclaim the 16-year-old and drag her back into a life of abuse. Will Stephanie be able to safely bring her family together and have a happily-ever-after wedding to Colton on Christmas Day in Montana? And what about Stephanie’s horse, Kingston, and the special pony, who help Stephanie cope?

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A Sky of Infinite Blue“A Sky of Infinite Blue”
by Kyomi O’Connor  

From an early age in Japan, Kyomi’s life is filled with emotional difficulties. To escape the darkness, Kyomi moves to the U.S. to start a new life. Soon, she falls in love with her husband-to-be, Patrick, whose love and support help her begin to heal. Eventually, they dedicate themselves to a Buddhism practice that changes both their lives -- aiding them in their spiritual growth and in realizing their desire to help others.    

Then Patrick is diagnosed with cancer and loses the battle. Devastated, Kyomi spends a year lost in grief. But then she begins to write, uncovering truths about herself, her life history  and her relationship with Patrick. After years of struggle, Kyomi finds the light that had existed within her all along.

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The Golden Gladiator“The Golden Gladiator”
by Michael Lynch  

This is the true story of the oldest American football player’s return to the gridiron and glory between the ages of 64 to 68. Michael was a football hero in high school, college and the semi-pro leagues on Long Island in the 1960s and 1970s. After seeing his nephew play in an All-Star game in 2012, he decides to turn back the clock and play football again in one of the toughest semipro leagues in America, with and against players 30 to 40 years younger.  

“The Golden Gladiator” is a story of courage, redemption, tragedy and love as Lynch plays for four years in more than 50 games. He is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest American football player. The book has received two Five-Star reviews by Literary Titan and The Book Connection.

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BookTrib’s Bites: Intriguing Stories and A Better You

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Ice Islands“Ice Islands”
by Humphrey Hawksley       

This fourth Rake Ozenna thriller will leave readers breathless. Rake faces dangerous choices and deadly consequences in this rip-roaring political thriller that takes you from the ice islands of Finland to the bustling streets of Tokyo via Russia and the White House.  

Rake’s mission is to gain access to the Kato family -- Japan’s most dangerous crime empire -- through its daughter, Sara. But when the son of the Russian leader is murdered and Sara is implicated, a political crisis among Russia, Japan and the U.S. is set in motion. Rake needs to keep Sara alive while uncovering the true extent of the Kato family’s threat to America. Prepare for a page-turning, riveting ride.

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Think Healthy, Be Healthy“Think Healthy, Be Healthy”
by Beth Linder-Moss  

“Think Healthy, Be Healthy” is a complete guide to living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. It offers simple ways to restructure your life to create the healthiest version of yourself -- even with today’s crazy schedules -- by making easy-to-implement changes in all aspects of your daily life. These modifications will empower you to enhance your physical and mental well-being, as well as your confidence.  

With more than 30 years of experience as an Exercise Physiologist, Personal and Group Fitness Trainer and Health Coach, the author shares her insights by providing advice on fitness, positive thinking, nutrition and sleep habits. Positive thoughts and choices are the key to a balanced lifestyle.

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The Most Likely Club“The Most Likely Club”
by Elyssa Friedland  

At their milestone high school reunion, a group of friends make a pact to achieve their high school superlatives one way or another, in the lively new novel from the acclaimed author of “Last Summer at the Golden Hotel.”  

In Bellport, CT in 1997, four best friends and high school seniors are ready to light the world on fire. Fast forward 25 years and nothing has gone according to plan as the women regroup at their dreaded high school reunion. When a forgotten classmate has a surprising announcement, the friends wonder: Is it too late to make their dreams come true? Fueled by nostalgia and one too many drinks, they form a pact to push through their middle-aged angst to bring their teenage aspirations to fruition.

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A Bend of Light“A Bend of Light”
by Joy Jordan-Lake  

A quiet coastal village in post-World War II America is shaken when the secrets of the past and present collide in a riveting novel by the best-selling author of “Under a Gilded Moon.”  

Five years after the war, Amie Stilwell returns to her hometown in Maine, starting over in the same village where her life once went so wrong. Waiting for her is her surrogate mother, Shibby Travis. But the unexpected also awaits.  

An abandoned boy is found with a note pleading that he be watched over. Amie and Shibby take him in, but the mysteries multiply when a Boston socialite is found dead in Amie’s barn and an old friend suddenly reappears. Through the hazy filter of a town’s secrets, Amie must confront her own painful past.

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BookTrib’s Bites: Focus on Back-to-School Books

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“Math That Makes SenseMath That Makes Sense
by Dr. Carol Ameche       

This book, focusing on Algebra 1 for homeschool learning and instruction, is designed to break each mathematical concept into manageable parts. Every chapter is written in sections, and each section has problems to ensure one’s understanding of the concept.  

Having students rewrite and rework their incorrect problems trains their brain to answer future similar problems correctly. This works on several levels: first, the students are learning kinesthetically by writing the problem and answering step by step. Second, students are learning visually. Lastly, they are working in repeated patterns, which helps transfer the material from short-term memory to long-term memory. The author is an educator with almost 20 years of experience in mathematics education, including elementary, middle school, and high school.

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Things That Can Be Good, Better & Best“Things That Can Be Good, Better & Best”
by J.D. Sperry  

For ages 5 to 12. Philip Stanhope, the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, says, “Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well.” In most instances, applying some foresight into not merely doing something well, but doing what it takes to do it better and even going further to try to do it best will produce a much more gratifying experience than initially imagined.  

A slightly larger vision with a little extra effort can quickly turn good things into better and best things. This book gives examples to young readers of things that are good, how they might be made better and what may be one of several ways to make them best.

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Augie Sweetwater and the Dolphin’s Tale“Augie Sweetwater and the Dolphin’s Tale”
by William J. Harrigan  

Augie Sweetwater has been compared to Harry Potter -- a modern-day wizard and new literary hero. This is a wonderous book for children about kids going on marine-biology-minded adventures, international conspiracies and the power of friendship. The story demonstrates just what kids are capable of when they’re given support and understanding.  

Augie Sweetwater is a brilliant 11-year-old with a gift for inventing amazing things that always get him in hot water. Coop Cooperlick is the new kid in school, a 14-year-old with a passion for rock climbing and a knack for thinking on his feet. Mika Deerwood is a lovely 13-year-old Native American with aspirations of Olympic gold in fencing. Together, they are going to make history.

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Sid Johnson and the Phantom Slave Stealer“Sid Johnson and the Phantom Slave Stealer”
by Frances Schoonmaker  

This middle-grade novel represents historical storytelling at its finest, bringing to life a fascinating time in American history with a tale of adventure, mystery and suspense.

Sid Johnson awakens to the sound of gunshots ringing out across his family’s farm. Although his Ma explains away everything as a hunting incident, Sid overhears his parents discussing politics and learns that his family’s home isn’t any ordinary farm; it’s a stop on the Underground Railroad. Sid’s Ma and Pa are under dangerous threat from bounty hunters chasing rewards for runaway slaves.

The book educates young readers on the fundamental issues surrounding slavery during the history of the Underground Railroad and helps them see how this history has shaped the state of American society today.

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BookTrib’s Bites: Four More Great Reads to Contemplate

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ONE! The Evolution of Civilization“ONE! The Evolution of Civilization”
by Jay Horowitz

Join the author in his exciting journey while he investigates the history and development of human civilization from early prehistoric human existence through the present and into the future. Explore the great philosophical questions of our very existence: Why? How?  

Review the Human Element and the Wonders of Nature. This book analyzes the origin and future of religion, politics, discrimination, war and peace. Following the exposition and analysis of these controversial topics, we reach our grand conclusion. If we consider Darwin’s “Evolution of the Species” as an explanation of the hardware of the human animal, Horowitz’s book might be an explanation of the software -- two theories that are compatible, complementary and symbiotic.

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Undefined: More Than the Sum of Losses“Undefined: More Than the Sum of Losses”
by Michelle Lee Graham  

The inspiring story of a birth mom who shows true courage in the face of overwhelming tragedy. Teen pregnancy is never easy. But when it is the result of pregnancy through rape, the public shame becomes even more unbearable.  

World-class lifestyle coach Michelle Graham overcame her fear of the unknown and of those shaming her by holding onto her faith in dark times. She weathered the stormy family relationships that accompanied the teen pregnancy and pursued a Christian adoption. Her troubles were far from over, but she committed fully to being the best birth mom she could be. Demonstrates empowerment for women in dealing with the people shaming her through standing up for herself and making the right choices.

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Your Life -- Your Way“Your Life -- Your Way”
by Joy Nugent  

This book speaks to the unique character of each final human journey, enfolding a wide philosophy of care and a comprehensive range of practical measures with which to address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those facing terminal illness. It contains a wealth of wisdom and guidance for those experiencing the last phase of life and for those professionals privileged to be members of their caring team.  

Conquering the fear of death and being an active participant in all of life has wide-ranging benefits for humanity. A remarkable compendium by the author reflecting the authority of half a lifetime’s active, professional presence at the bedside of dying persons, bringing comfort, support and new confidence to patients, families and carers.

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Whole Body Prayer: The Life-Changing Power of Self-Healing“Whole Body Prayer: The Life-Changing Power of Self-Healing”
by Yan Ming Li  

“The same energy that created stars and galaxies lies dormant within your belly.”  

So begins Master Yan Ming Li's spellbinding memoir recounting the challenges of growing up as a spiritually gifted child in a land where exploration of the unseen realms was forbidden. Like a Chinese Harry Potter, Li found solace in a mysterious and powerful force he called the Light.  

But this is not a work of fiction. It’s a true story. In the pages of this book, we learn how we can gain access to this benevolent, healing and boundless Light. The book is a meditation and healing technique developed by Li that returns us to “original spirituality” by combining ancient practices from the world’s major religions.

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BookTrib’s Bites: Memorable Stories and Food for Thought

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Tune in Tomorrow“Tune in Tomorrow”
by Randee Dawn       

A funny, thrilling and mysterious adventure into the world of alternate reality television -- perfect for fans of Jasper Fforde and Christopher Moore.  

She’s just a small-town girl, with big mythic dreams. Starr Weatherby came to New York to become … well, a star. But after ten years and no luck, she’s offered a big role -- on a show no one has ever heard of. It’s a reality show beyond the Veil, human drama, performed for the entertainment of the Fae.  

But as Starr shifts to rising fan favorite, she learns about the show’s dark underbelly -- and the mysterious disappearance of her predecessor. She’ll do whatever it takes to keep her dream job -- though she might just bring down the show in the process.

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The Third Way“The Third Way”
by Aimee Hoben  

After losing her college scholarship, Arden Firth -- with the help of Justin Kirish, a law student with a mysterious past -- becomes the reluctant leader of a movement to ban corporations. South Dakota Ballot Initiative 99 is Arden’s last hope to save her grandmother’s farm from foreclosure. But as the movement grows, shadowy forces conspire to quash it, and Arden sees “99” begin to spiral out of her control.  

A novel charting the intersection among idealism, extremism, and forgiveness, fans of Barbara Kingsolver and Margaret Atwood will love “The Third Way” -- the story of a young woman struggling with her own demons while trying to articulate a vision that could change the world.

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Cobblestones, Conversations and Corks“Cobblestones, Conversations and Corks”
by Giovanni Ruscitti  

A passionate and deeply moving memoir about a father-son relationship, a culture rooted in family, food and wine and an ancestral small town in Central Italy that was left behind after World War II. When the Germans invaded Cansano in 1943, Ruscitti’s family moved out to the unforgiving mountains of Abruzzo, living in horrendous winter conditions. When the war ended, they returned to a village so ravaged by the Germans that today it has fewer than 200 citizens.  

When Ruscitti visits Cansano and walks the cobblestones, his father’s stories are illuminated by the town piazza, the steep valley and the surrounding mountains. He relives the tales of his parents’ struggles, their post-war misery, their romance and decision to immigrate to the U.S.

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“A Dark and Stormy TeaA Dark and Stormy Tea
by Laura Childs  

Tea shop entrepreneur Theodosia Browning dashes down Charleston’s famed Gateway Walk in an attempt to outrun an oncoming storm. But lightning and pelting rain soon overtake her, and the normally picturesque ramble of hedges and statuary becomes a twisted labyrinth of fog and driving rain. As she approaches St. Philips Cemetery, Theodosia witnesses a brutal murder and watches as a dark-hooded figure slips away.  

While alerting police, Theodosia recognizes the victim as the daughter of a friend who owns a bookshop near her Indigo Tea Shop. Seeking justice, Theodosia launches her own shadow investigation. But between a raging storm, a possible serial killer and staging a Murder Mystery Tea at Chillingham Manor, Theodosia worries that she could be the next victim.

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BookTrib’s Bites: Potpourri of Captivating Reading for All Tastes

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Waves of Hope“Waves of Hope”
by Judith Keim       

Hope and determination can bring results …  

Ellie Weatherby and the four other grandmothers living at Sanderling Cove decide with only two great-grandchildren, it’s time to swing into action. So they invite their grandchildren to spend the summer at the cove, hoping to encourage romance between them.  

Elle’s three granddaughters -- Charlotte Bradford, Olivia Winters, and Brooke Weatherby -- are all at a point where they have the time to do as she asks.  When Shane Ensley is sailing with Charlotte and another “cove kid,” Eric Simon, the boom knocks him into the water unconscious. When Charlotte rescues him, it changes everything for them -- and starts the summer exactly as the grandmothers had hoped.

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The Winning Playbook“The Winning Playbook”
by Rob Welsh and Jonathan R. Scott  

A must-read for any future or current professional athlete, or any person looking to get a better understanding of their finances, “The Winning Playbook: Strategies for Life On And Off the Field” offers invaluable information you won’t find anywhere else.  

We hear so many stories of athletes who have been taken advantage of or who simply didn't have a purpose after their careers came to an end. This doesn't have to happen. Learn how money and taxes work. Learn how to keep more of your hard-earned money and put it to work for you. Learn what to look for in a financial and business team. Turn your career into your money-making machine, and become the CEO of your enterprise and legacy.

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Bit Flip“Bit Flip”
by Mike Trigg  

Combining the corporate intrigue of Joseph Finder, the satirical cultural critique of Dave Eggers, and the domestic drama of Laura Dave, “Bit Flip” is a fast-paced contemporary thriller that delivers an authentic insider’s view of the corrupting influences of greed, entitlement, and vanity in technology start-ups.  

Tech executive Sam Hughes came to Silicon Valley to “make the world a better place.” But when an onstage meltdown sends him into a professional tailspin, he suddenly sees the culture of the Bay Area’s tech bubble in a new light.

Just as Sam’s wondering if his career and marriage might be over at fortysomething, an inadvertent discovery pulls him back into his former company, where he unravels insidious schemes that threaten to destroy the company and his own moral compass.

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There Will Be Lobster“There Will Be Lobster”
by Sara Arnell    

You know her. You’ve seen her. You may even see yourself in her. If you’re arriving to the midlife crisis party -- the one that’s serving low self-esteem, desperation, unreliable behavior, forgetfulness, carelessness and the loneliness of loss -- the stories and anecdotes in this memoir will assure you that you are not alone.  

For Sara Arnell, it took a rogue lobster, a dying rock star, an eighteen-pound tumor, a meditation guru, a famous medium and a former monk to put her on a path toward light, hope, and healing.  

“Sara Arnell is the only writer I know who can make self-depreciation and wisdom look like the same thing. This is a darkly funny memoir with a big heart,” says David Hollander, author of “Anthropica” and “L.I.E.”

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