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Diveheart Adaptive Scuba Diving Trip Transforms Filmmaker's Life

(NewsUSA) - Scuba diving can be an exotic and enriching activity for anyone, but for individuals with a range of physical or cognitive disabilities, the unique weightlessness of the underwater environment allows them to exercise, relax, have fun and gain confidence like no other experience. Children and adults with challenges, including traumatic brain injuries, amputation, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy and blindness can enjoy the physical and psychological benefits of scuba diving.

Diveheart, a Downers Grove, Ill.,-based nonprofit tax-exempt organization, has been helping youth, veterans and others with disabilities through adaptive scuba and scuba therapy since 2001.

Last year, Los Angeles filmmaker David Marsh accompanied a Diveheart team on a scuba trip to Cozumel, Mexico, to make a documentary about the organization and its mission. For Marsh, the experience was life-changing, as he completed the trip and his filming despite the tragic personal loss of his son to a drug overdose just one week earlier.

On the last day of the trip, Marsh shared his loss with the Diveheart team.

"David Marsh is amazing and awesome. Despite his loss and grief, he soldiered on and captured the spirit, love and hope that emerges from every Diveheart trip," says Diveheart's founder and president, Jim Elliott.

"He captured the essence of our mission and shared the real-life experience of what Diveheart does to help those with disabilities experience freedom underwater."

In the documentary, every day embraces a theme; day one is trust, day two is freedom and day three is adapting. Audiences will see how Marsh translated the feelings of the adaptive divers, who shared their losses, struggles, fears and hopes.

"We are so grateful to David for capturing Diveheart in action," Elliott emphasizes. "My hope for this documentary is to raise awareness to Diveheart's mission: to revolutionize rehabilitation by using zero gravity underwater to help those with everything from mobility issues to chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder. We help our participants find that self-confidence, personal strength and independence, and we will continue to do so in the years to come."

The documentary, "Adapting To Dive," premieres at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 18, 2022, at Classic Cinemas Tivoli Theatre, 5021 Highland Ave. in Downers Grove, Ill.

Visit for more information about Diveheart. To see a trailer of the documentary, click here. Tickets are $12 for general admission and accessible seating.

For more information about the documentary and tickets, click here.


BookTrib's Bites: Captivating Stories, Two Books to Help Children


Halfway to Schist"Halfway to Schist"
by Peter Bridgford

Red Rogers is the daughter of two geologists, so her childhood has been overshadowed by all things having to do with the rock cycle, plate tectonics and glaciation. When her mother commits suicide, Red and her father embark on an adventure to restore an old family fishing lodge on an island. Along the way, Red must navigate around the submerged hazards resulting from the friendship with a local boy, and an Anishinaabe man and his grandson -- all the while trying to fit in with the rich teenaged crowd at the local hotel.

With each misadventure Red encounters, her mother's journal continues to teach her how the lessons of geology and glaciation are as applicable to human beings as they are to her beloved rocks and ice. Purchase at

Rex's Journey"Rex's Journey"
by Dr. Ambroes Pass-Turner

A kid's emotional landscape is full of hills and valleys. Rex has been struggling with understanding why and how he feels. From angry one minute to sad the next, he just wants to be a kid. What's so hard about that? But we can't always control how we feel, especially not as kids.

Follow along with Rex's journey as he learns to cope with his emotions in a safe and healthy way: something we all can learn from. One Amazon reviewer calls it "a beautiful and timely story. We need more books like this! This book showcases the journey of a little boy who had to go to a counselor. Very well done." Purchase at

by Jana Eisenstein

Fueled by cheap vodka and low standards in her twenties, Jana naively assumes that "happily ever after" is just a dark, sweaty nightclub away. In this memoir, Jana meets men … lots of men. But with every face-licker, toe-sucker, and internet creep, it becomes clearer that hers is a ghost story and not the fairytale she expected. Still single in her thirties, she realizes she'll need to adjust her approach or risk being haunted by the mistakes of her dating past and a future of shirtless bathroom selfies.

Though "Ghosted" depicts the struggle to find lasting love, at its heart it's a story about learning to accept that when it comes to dating, there are scarier fates than ending up alone. Purchase at

Crossing the Pressure Line"Crossing the Pressure Line"
by Laura Anne Bird

Twelve-year-old Clare Burch wonders whether her feelings of sorrow over her grandfather's death will ever go away. A special request sends Clare on a journey from her home to the Northwoods of Wisconsin. She knows she must honor Grandpa Anthony's last wishes.

Clare heads to rural Alwyn with her little blind dog and a duffel bag full of worries. What will she do without her best friends? Who will take her fishing and spoil her with candy now that her grandfather is gone? And is she strong enough to let him go? She stumbles upon the answers, learns to listen to the courageous voice inside and discovers just how tough she really is. Purchase at

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BookTrib's Bites: Engaging Memoirs, History, Love, Tributes and Adventure


Laughing All the Way to the Bank"Laughing All the Way to the Bank"
by Gigi Spacola

Gigi Spacola had two rules to live by in college: work hard and get good grades, and don't make the mistake of dating Jeremy Cotton! Gigi succeeded initially, but the two bump into each other during a graduation celebration -- and life will never be the same.

When Gigi begins a job as a saleswoman, she experiences a series of mishaps that leave her laughing all the way to the bank. She spends her nights as a modern-day Cinderella, with Jeremy introducing her to life among Boston's elite. When Jeremy is ready to live happily ever after, he must keep a promise to his father which jeopardizes his relationship with Gigi. Purchase at

Tomorrow's Flight"Tomorrow's Flight"
by M.E. Ellington and Steven Stiefel

American Cruise Airlines Flight 839 was supposed to be a routine redeye. But destiny often changes people's lives. When a dinosaur fossil is unearthed in the central Nevada desert, the last thing Andrea Alejandro, a graduate student in paleontology, expected to find was the tail section of an airplane in the same strata of earth.

After Flight 839 crash lands in unfamiliar terrain, Sarah documents the daily routine she and her fellow passengers follow, waiting to be saved. The survivors realize they have crossed through time. The daily horrors of Cretaceous life become clearer as they encounter a family of Tyrannosaurus Rexes that grows increasingly interested in the survivors. As timelines collide, one woman's battle for survival becomes another woman's fight for the truth. Purchase at

Yours Always"Yours Always"
by Henry Scott

"Yours Always" provides a unique and intimate window into the lives of a southern man, forced to rebuild his life after the Civil War, and a northern woman, with a pedigree, who fall in love. The story, of the author's great-grandparents, Henry Clark Scott and Bertha Warburton Drake, is principally told through their nearly 1,500 letters, diaries and related historical accounts in a beautiful, 8-x-11-format, 705-page, showcase hardcover book.

Their letters poignantly reveal their challenges and heartaches. The unprecedented volume of their first-person testimony gives a new perspective on their world of more than three generations ago. And you will come to know how they expressed their love in closing every letter with the devoted words, "yours always." Purchase at

Rush Limbaugh A Tribute: Why I Listen and What I've Learned"Rush Limbaugh A Tribute: Why I Listen and What I've Learned"
by Daniel O. Noorlander Jr.

The author has listened to Rush Limbaugh on the radio for 30 years and studied what Rush has to say. His files contain over 6,500 Rush segments and he keeps track of what Rush teaches about American history, how to preserve America as founded, and defend America's founding documents and principles.

This book is the result of that effort. It is also a tribute to Rush and what he has meant to the author over the years. The author honors his life by sharing what he learned with others. Sample chapters are available at Purchase at

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BookTrib's Bites: Hollywood, Adulting, Atypical Sci-Fi, Action Saga


Deception: A Hollywood Mystery"Deception: A Hollywood Mystery"
by Britt Lind

Blood and dreams run red through the magical land of Hollywood, and rarely do kind souls win the spoils of war ... . When singer/songwriter Josh Sibley gets the opportunity to write songs for a multimillion-dollar feature film, he's all in. Then he meets Lila Levy, the sexy singer/actress married to the movie's producer. She attempts to use her sexuality to hook Josh into a secret love affair.

But in Hollywood, dark souls are clothed in glamour and secrets. When Lila's husband is murdered, Lila disappears, leaving Josh to deal with the woman determined to track her down -- Police Sergeant Rosemaria Baker. When the cops finally bring Lila in, she declares herself innocent and builds her case around disturbing childhood trauma that will twist Josh's soul. Purchase at

The Happy Clam"The Happy Clam"
by Rosemary Schmidt

If the author's "Go Forward, Support!" was all about staying a child as long as possible, this book is all about being an adult. "The Happy Clam" scales the realms of happiness -- physical, intellectual, emotional, relational, spiritual -- bringing together findings from the fields of psychology and philosophy with practical advice on how to apply them.

There are 1,000 things we can do to invite more happiness into our lives but only a few things that really make a difference. Just as clams are filter feeders, taking in nourishment from what's in the passing current, the author has taken in all the bits and bytes of daily news, research, and experience, and stitched them together to create a delicately crafted mosaic rich in hope and inspiration. Purchase at

Terms of Service"Terms of Service"
by Craig W. Stanfill

This is not your typical sci-fi novel. Start with "1984," add in a healthy dose of "Brave New World" and "Fahrenheit 451," stir in a bit of "The Matrix" and "Blade Runner," and you have "Terms of Service." It is a thought-provoking exploration of the profound consequences to society as the digital world and the all-powerful corporations that rule it play a greater role in our lives, leaving readers to wonder where it will all end.

This is a work of literary science fiction, surreal in places, heavily laced with satire, mystical realism and even a bit of absurdism. In terms of subject matter, it lies squarely within the boundaries of the cyberpunk genre. A slow burn with an explosive finish. Purchase at

The Orchid Farmer's Sacrifice"The Orchid Farmer's Sacrifice"
by Fred Yu

In ancient China, spoiled and overconfident 18-year-old Mu Feng relishes life as the son of an honored general. But when his sister is abducted and his friends are slaughtered, he flees from home. He soon discovers the mystical birthmark on his body has put an enormous price on his head. Pursued across the Middle Kingdom, Feng finds allies in two fierce warriors and a beautiful assassin. When he learns his enemy plans an incursion with advanced weaponry, he must call on his friends and his own budding military genius to defend his country.

Can Feng fulfill a duty he didn't know he had and unite the empire against a terrifying force? If you like flashing swords, martial arts mayhem and inescapable fates, then you'll love this pulse-pounding saga. Purchase at

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BookTrib's Bites: Intrigue, Romance, Kids Adventures and Guide for Therapy


A Queen from the North: A Royal Roses Book"A Queen from the North: A Royal Roses Book"
by Erin McRae and Racheline Maltese

"Rich, diverse worldbuilding sets this story of contemporary royalty apart … a perfect cocktail of political intrigue and slow-burn romance," says Publisher's Weekly (BookLife). Named Library Journal's Best Indie Ebook 2017.

Lady Amelia Brockett, known to her family as Meels, is having the Worst. Christmas. Ever. Dumped by her boyfriend and rejected from graduate school, her parents deem her the failure of the family.

But when her older brother tries to cheer her with a trip to the races, a chance meeting with Arthur, the widowed, playboy Prince of Wales, offers Amelia the opportunity to change her life -- and Britain's fortune -- forever. Purchase at

Sissies Adventures: Three-Book Set"Sissies Adventures: Three-Book Set"
by Marisa Howard

The bonds of sisterhood shine through these short stories for young children and illuminate how having a sister is one of life's most precious gifts. Pack your bags -- the Sissies are going on vacation! And big sissy can't wait to show little sissy all the fun things to do, from swimming and building sandcastles to hiking and dancing. Join the Sissies as they visit the sea, the mountains, and Mexico.

"The Sissies Adventure Series," a three-book bundle, is presented by Weeva Kids, a new line of books committed to creating art for children. With every book, young readers are invited to explore the infinite possibilities of their own imaginations and are encouraged to make the world a better, more vibrant place. Purchase at

Introspective Journal: Therapy Notebook"Introspective Journal: Therapy Notebook"
by Nilaja Green, PhD

This journal is designed specifically for therapy patients to capture their before-session, in-session and after-session thoughts, ideas and homework. The "between session" pages are to keep track of experiences that occur when you are not in therapy. Life happens and we don't always hold onto those important moments.

The book also provides information sheets about the varying mental health professions to give you direction when seeking therapy, psychoeducational resources and general information about emotions and self-assessment and information about preparing for therapy. It includes national emergency numbers, a self-assessment, values exercise, information about sleep hygiene, managing distressing emotions, creating joy and meaning and much more. A companion journal for therapists is also available. Purchase at

Red Deception"Red Deception"
by Ed Fuller and Gary Grossman

What would happen if all the major bridges in the U.S. were bombed, all commerce came to a dead stop, and the nation's natural resources, such as our water supply, were cut off? The importance of protecting America's critical infrastructure has rarely been depicted so powerfully as in Ed Fuller and Gary Grossman's fast-paced thriller, "Red Deception," the follow-up to 2019's "Red Hotel."

The novel posits a scenario that could potentially destroy much of the nation's infrastructure.

Blending career insight with first-hand knowledge of global politics, Fuller, a global executive and crisis management expert, and Grossman, a TV producer and author, have once again drawn a chilling portrait of the fragile fault lines in Europe and the players poised to seize power. Purchase at Now also available as an audiobook at

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BookTrib's Bites: Political Thriller, TrumpU, Sound Advice, Academic Debate


Final Table"Final Table"
by Dan Schorr

A political thriller about sexual misconduct in the #MeToo era, one victim's battle to survive and overcome trauma and the cable news machine that feeds off the titillating scandal coverage and inflammatory confrontation. The author brings firsthand experience as a New York City sex crimes prosecutor and sexual misconduct investigator to tackle the world of political and media dysfunction.

Former White House staffer Maggie Raster's chaotic attempt to promote her new business as a television political analyst brings her to the broke poker champion Kyler Dawson's attention and convinces him that she can provide the help he needs to enter a controversial poker tournament. To succeed, she will have to confront numerous challenges including pressure to publicly address the sexual misconduct of her former boss. Kyler also has his own obstacles. Purchase at

Trump You: Promises, Lies, and Corruption: My Battle with Donald Trump's Fake University"Trump You: Promises, Lies, and Corruption: My Battle with Donald Trump's Fake University"
by Art Cohen

Trump University was the most expensive legal defeat of Donald Trump's career, but even though he settled for $25 million, he still got off too easy. Years before his White House run, he launched a for-profit education initiative called Trump University in which he promised to share his real estate secrets at seminars held in hotel ballrooms. As it turned out, Trump University wasn't an actual university and didn't feature Trump's secrets. The scam suckered thousands of unsuspecting victims.

This book recounts the inside story of the TrumpU legal saga through the eyes of Art Cohen, a student/victim who personally sued Donald Trump in federal court in 2013 an had a private view of Trump during the height of his presidential campaign. Purchase at

The 180"The 180"
by George Calisto and Kate Calisto

An unexpected and provocative question drives a 180-minute argument that prompts a central question: Would the term "meritocracy" ever have been invented if society had gleaned the fact that variables beyond our control forge our personhood, paths and outcomes? The 180 tells the fictional story of a three-hour meeting where eight college administrators and two researchers engage in a philosophical and academic debate over the matter of luck in our lives.

The administrators and faculty members are unexpectedly thrown into a cauldron of psychological, neurophysiological and metaphysical speculations over what choreographs or drives our ambitions and achievements throughout the lifespan. Learn more and read a free sample at

The Frugal Real Estate Investor: Buy Your First Rental Property"The Frugal Real Estate Investor: Buy Your First Rental Property"
by Aki Suzuki

A modern, practical guide to buying your first rental property without losing your shirt! If you are looking for a comprehensive and trustworthy resource for investing in rental properties, start with this book.

The book shares important lessons learned from a real estate investor's true experience of buying a rental income property for the first time and being successfully profitable from day one. It is full of practical advice from an active real estate investor with his own skin in the game, minus the unnecessary real estate hype or sales talk. Regardless of your vantage point, this book will help build more stability, resilience and peace of mind into your personal and professional finances. Purchase at

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BookTrib's Bites: Books for All Ages and Tastes

The Sorting Room"The Sorting Room"
by Michael Rose

In Prohibition-era New York City, 10-year-old Eunice Ritter finds work in an industrial laundry sweat shop. When the diminutive girl first enters the sorting room, she encounters Gussie, the largest human being she has ever seen.

Gussie, a powerful, hard-working woman, soon becomes Eunice's sole friend as she finds herself entrapped in the laundry's sorting room by the Great Depression, sentenced to bring her low wages home to her alcoholic parents. Then, on her 16th birthday, Eunice becomes pregnant and her drunken father demands that the culprit marry his daughter, trapping her anew. Within a couple of years, Eunice settles into a lonely life of drudgery and spends decades in virtual solitude before her secret history is revealed to those from whom she has withheld her love. Purchase at

If Not You, Then Who? We're Going Green!"If Not You, Then Who? We're Going Green!"
by David and Emberli Pridham

The Inventor's Fair is finally here, and this year's theme is Going Green! Noah has been tinkering for weeks but he's worried: can one invention make a difference? Join Noah to learn about the different ways we can all go green and make the world a better place.

If you like fun, informative and factual kid's books like "The Magic School Bus," then you'll love the new STEM series "If Not You, Then Who?," a recent Amazon bestseller geared for 4 to 8-year-olds. The books are fun to read for both adults and children and can be read on multiple levels. Purchase at

My Sister's Mother: A Memoir of War, Exile, and Stalin's Siberia"My Sister's Mother: A Memoir of War, Exile, and Stalin's Siberia"
by Donna Solecka Urbikas

In this unforgettable memoir, Donna Solecka Urbikas recounts her family history and her own survivor story as she finally understands the damaged mother who had saved her sister.

While Donna grew up in the U.S., her Polish-born mother and half sister endured dehumanizing conditions during World War II as slave laborers in Siberia. War and exile created a profound bond between mother and older daughter, one that Donna would struggle to find.

 In 1940, when Donna's mother and half sister were taken by Soviet secret police and sent to Siberia, so began their odyssey of hunger, disease, cunning survival, desperate escape and new love amidst terrible circumstances. In the 1950s, Donna yearns for a "normal" American family while Janina and Mira are haunted by the past. Purchase at

Bartholomew Mills and the January Dawn"Bartholomew Mills and the January Dawn"
by David Carmalt

The year is 1798 and Bartholomew Mills has never left Plymouth, let alone been to sea. Suddenly orphaned, he joins Captain James Morel aboard the January Dawn and quickly realizes that life on the ocean is fraught with danger…from nature itself as well as from a tyrannical crew.

These are the last years of Atlantic piracy for the Dawn; Morel and his sadistic first mate, Ivor Stanhope, will let nothing stand in the way of their journey toward the fertile hunting grounds of the Caribbean. Adventure ensues as Bartholomew and his small band of mates battle the elements, disease and the relentless threat of attack. But when he learns a terrible secret, Bartholomew's courage, loyalty and life will be tested. Purchase at

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BookTrib's Bites: A Little Bit of Everything


Almost Happy"Almost Happy"
by Dr. Brian Kaplan and Hephzibah Kaplan

It's a proven fact: We are healthier and happier when we are laughing. Not only is laughter good for our body, mind and spirit, but it can also help us face the uncomfortable challenge of dealing with our personal difficulties.

"Almost Happy: Pushing Your Buttons With Reverse Psychology" provides practical and accessible ways to use humor to effect change. Reverse psychology can provoke us to discover, own and enact authentic solutions to many of our issues. Are you ready to read a book that will gently tease you about your issues? Some 114 original buttons and provocative suggestions are offered with a twinkle in the eye and affection in the heart. Purchase at

Worldmaker of Yand-Yildun"Worldmaker of Yand-Yildun"
by Andri E. Elia

On the planet Yand lives a species of winged humanoids. Yanara is a very powerful female wizard. She and her two spouses, her wife Mandolen and her husband Frost, fight a very savage enemy that came at them from space. The three of them defend their planet against genocide, while at the same time raising their very special and unconventional family. Their star, Yildun, is the second star on the tail of Ursa minor, below Polaris.

The author is a Ph.D. scientist and an astronomy buff. "I love this beautiful planet. Let's do our best to help it retain its beauty for the generations to come," she says. Purchase at

How to Alleviate Digital Transformation Debt: post-Covid-19"How to Alleviate Digital Transformation Debt: post-Covid-19"
by Dr. Setrag Khoshafian

We are amid a digital revolution with unprecedented innovations. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the requirements for "Digital Transformation." Organizations need to adapt and transform to survive and hopefully thrive.

At the core of digitization, there is an underlying principle of "debt." Technical debt "reflects the implied cost of additional rework caused by choosing an easy solution now instead of using a better approach that would take longer." If an organization ignores digital transformation for "easy solutions," the debt accumulates and can have disastrous consequences. What does Digital Transformation mean? What are the opportunities? What are the best practices? What are practical recommendations to alleviate the Digital Transformation Debt? Purchase at


The Quantum Effect: Mission Covid-19"The Quantum Effect: Mission Covid-19"
by Nicklois Leonard

Was the COVID-19 virus man-made, or naturally occurring? Was the virus accidentally or intentionally released? Does Area 51 really exist? This engaging action-adventure reveals how the White House, Department of Defense, CIA and Navy SEALs as well as the Chinese Ministry of Health are all caught in an intricate web of clandestine operations based on the discovery of a new highly advanced time-travel technology.

The book explores the origin of the Covid-19 virus and how it was unleashed on society. Follow Commander Maxwell as he leads his team on a high-stakes game of cat and mouse to learn the truth behind the virus once and for all. Purchase at

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BookTrib's Bites: Moving Memoir, Financial Intrigue, Paranormal and Human Drama



Living in Color: A Story of Love, in Sickness and in Health"Living in Color: A Story of Love, in Sickness and in Health"
by Michael Murphy

This is the extraordinary true story of the last six months of the life of Margot Murphy after a nine-year battle with cancer, written by her husband.

Unflinching in its honesty and transparency, the story is a riveting inside look at a love for the ages, one that men and women only dream of, but may never experience in their lifetime.

Every family that has been touched by cancer will identify with the scenes in this saga, which is masterfully written like a novel. Every human who longs to love and be loved, to live well and to die well, will be greatly enriched by the story's lessons and deep wisdom. Purchase at

The Zima Confession"The Zima Confession"
by Iain M. Rodgers

Can one man bring down the world's financial systems?

Glasgow, 1977. Anarchist Richard Slater comes up with the idea that if he was to hide in deep cover until he was in a position of responsibility he would be able to unleash a devastating act of sabotage capable of starting a revolution. Party activists develop the plan -- code name Zima -- and lie in wait.

London, 2013. Richard has held onto the Zima plan all this time and has been signaling he can activate it. Is anyone listening?

Tension mounts as the battle for power and control moves to Moscow. As the coil of agents, misinformation and mind-control-experiments connected to Zima unravel, where do allegiances lie? Purchase at

Throwing Shade: A Humorous Paranormal Women's Fiction (Magic After Midlife)"Throwing Shade: A Humorous Paranormal Women's Fiction (Magic After Midlife) "
by Deborah Wilde

Here's a sassy, slow-burn romance perfect for fans of K.F. Breene, Darynda Jones and Shannon Mayer.

Miriam Feldman is killing it in the midlife crisis department. She's mastered boredom, aced invisibility and graduated Summa Cum Laude in smiling and playing nice in her post-divorce life. But when a drink with a "good guy" goes sideways, Miriam snaps and unleashes a rare and powerful shadow magic.

Then her best friend goes missing and Miri is thrust into a world of hidden magic, vampires and a legacy of hatred aimed directly at her. Which is more dangerous: this spiderweb of supernatural power plays, the grumpy French wolf shifter she's teamed up with, or Miri herself as she rediscovers the woman who got lost along the way? Purchase at

Life and Other Complications"Life and Other Complications"
by Heather Mullaly

Aly Bennet has been in love with her friend Luke for years. She hasn't told him how she feels because she has HIV and she lied about how she got it.

Aly never meant to lie. The words just slipped out on her first day of a support group for kids living with life-threatening conditions. It was the day she met Luke and Caroline, who would become her best friends. After so many years, Aly doesn't know how to tell her friends the truth, so she tries not to think about the future she can't have.

But when a Boston prosecutor asks Aly to testify in a trial -- and her relationship with Luke intensifies --things become complicated. Purchase at

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BookTrib's Bites: Four Books Worthy of Your Consideration


The Light of Ishtar"The Light of Ishtar"
by Said Elias Dawlabani

An ancient goddess in the light of a contemporary love story . . .

This poignant memoir draws parallels between the ancient goddess Ishtar and the author's wife and soulmate, Elza Maalouf, recognizing inner energies that are universal.

For over a decade, Maalouf spearheaded the resurrection of feminine power in the Middle East. Said became an eminent speaker and author. Brilliant and dynamic, this Lebanese-American couple seemed destined for greatness -- until disaster struck.

 With rare courage he explores the dark side of the psyche when, at age 49, Elza begins descending into speechless dementia. Ishtar's journey to the Underworld mirrors them both. Purchase at

You Might Feel a Little Prick"You Might Feel a Little Prick"
by Reuben Leder

A screaming snowman plummets from the top floor of Cleveland Mercy Hospital and disappears into the snow drifts. By the time his thawed corpse is discovered, a body count of incompetents, frauds, and crooks who call this chamber of horrors home has snowballed.

Could these "disappearances" have anything to do with the bogus spine operation on ex-ballplayer Nick Glass or the wrongful termination of idealistic intern Dr. Julie Toffoli?

 Hysterically funny, troubling and finally moving, this book answers the question we've all been asked by someone in a white coat: Just what is your level of pain? Kirkus calls it "a scathing look at the medical industry ... The author delivers the story with comic panache." Purchase at

This Distance We Call Love"This Distance We Call Love"
by Carol Dines

These stories explore the complexities of contemporary family life with humor and insight. The book focuses on our most intimate relationships: sisters battle issues of duty and obligation when one sister becomes homeless; a mother and daughter take a trip to Mexico, only to be followed by the daughter's stalker; a family living in Rome must contend with their daughter's rape; parents navigate raising their only child in the age of climate change; a bi-racial daughter whose mother is dying battles her own internet sex addiction.

 The stories delve deeply into the relationships that impact and inform our lives, creating a portrait of American family life today. Purchase at

Science and Beyond: Toward Greater Sanity through Science, Philosophy, Art, and Spirituality"Science and Beyond: Toward Greater Sanity through Science, Philosophy, Art, and Spirituality"
by Rolf Sattler

Science has become the dominant force in most parts of the world. Thus, it affects our lives and society in many ways. Yet, misconceptions about science are widespread in governments, the general public and even among many scientists. "Science and Beyond" explores these misconceptions that may have grave and even disastrous consequences for individuals and society as was evident during the COVID-19 pandemic, where they led to much unnecessary suffering, sickness and death.

 The misconceptions also obscure the limitations of science, which prevents us from going beyond them and thus leads to an impoverished life. But reaching beyond the limitations of science, as outlined in this book, can open the doors to a more fulfilled, saner, healthier, happier and more peaceful life and society. Visit

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