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BookTrib's Bites: Thriller, Whimsy and Life Lessons


In the Black"In the Black"
by Andrew Ceroni

The CIA's most valued Russian double agents are being methodically assassinated one by one.

When the Agency discovers the attacks originate from a Russian top-secret cyberwarfare program called Chernyy Almaz or Black Diamond, a mind-control program, the CIA must respond swiftly to shut down the attacks and extract its top agents before they're lost forever.

Among them is Dr. Armand Mishenkov, head of Russia's research for cold fusion weaponry. Mishenkov escapes to Ukraine, but freedom is still far from his reach. Pursued by Russian assassins and Spetsnaz teams, agent Dave McClure and partner Tony Robertson must find Mishenkov and smuggle him across Europe and to the United States. Can they make it alive? Purchase at

Hello Whimsy"Hello Whimsy"
by Jean Ngo

In this fun children's book, Whimsy the cat tries to make friends, ironically, with birds! When another furry feline comes along, does this make a great match because they are both cats? Whimsy travels through the day meeting one creature after another -- but has her challenges. Find out in this tale about socializing beyond the genus-surface! And learn how beautiful frienships get started.

The author lives in Southern California with her fur baby Misty, after whom Whimsy is modeled. Jean likes to spend her time off talking to roses, daydreaming or having a cup of tea. Purchase at

Functional Dysfunction: From Sour Grapes to Fine Wine"Functional Dysfunction: From Sour Grapes to Fine Wine"
by Dr. C. Errol Ball

Life can be a bumpy ride, and for some of us, our greatest challenges can present themselves as early as childhood and in the worst of ways. How we deal with those early challenges is often what will shape our world and how we see it.

As a physician and a minister, the author bears witness to both the joys and the sorrows of his patients and congregants. He sees the world as an interplay of body, mind and spirit. And at the intersection of these pieces of his life, he has come to find that every experience -- whether painful or pleasant -- offers an opportunity for growth, a chance to turn our sour grapes into a fine wine. Purchase at

Riding the Executive Roller Coaster: Medical Staffing Cases"Riding the Executive Roller Coaster: Medical Staffing Cases "
by Kelli Christina

This is a fictionalized book based on real-life events and court cases that went unnoticed by the public eye over the period of a decade. The author plays the primary role in the book, which covers the trials and tribulations of professional offices at their highest and lowest moments.

The consequences of handling business and professional issues in the wrong manner or even illegally can escalate and destroy many lives along the way. The book follows the long path of success and falling in despair over lawsuits and loss; it includes all the important life lessons to be learned along life's path. Purchase at

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