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Diabetics Now Have More, Diverse Beverage Choices

(NewsUSA) - Today's consumers are looking for beverage choices that offer far more than just great taste. Whether for increased energy or hydration, the "functional beverages" category is expanding rapidly as America's middle age and older persons are focusing on nutrition and other positive lifestyle changes to live healthier lives. For those over 45 years, maintaining healthy blood sugar is increasingly important. Many in this age group are pre-diabetic and at future risk for heart disease, stroke and other complications.

Until recently diabetic friendly beverage choices have been limited to dairy shake beverages which, while healthy and nutritious, are not refreshing or thirst quenching. Unlike many other consumer categories, the diabetic friendly beverage category has not been served with a wide selection of beverages such as flavored waters, iced teas, as well as delicious coffees and sodas.

One brand expanding consumer choice for diabetic friendly beverages is GLUCODOWN®, manufactured by Glucose Health, Inc. of Bentonville, Arkansas. What sets GLUCODOWN® apart from other sugar-free powdered beverages is a breakthrough ingredient, a special form of soluble fiber, clinically demonstrated to reduce rising blood sugar after meals. Not only is GLUCODOWN® attracting the attention of diabetic consumers, it's also gaining popularity among persons following KETO diets for weight loss and better health.

The GLUCODOWN® product line-up consists of diabetic friendly iced teas in the four most popular flavored iced teas sold in America -- Lemon, Peach, Raspberry and Super Berry (blackberry & blueberry). Additionally, four new GLUCODOWN® "enhanced water" flavors are now available including Peach-Mango, Watermelon, Strawberry-Banana and Cherry. Like the GLUCODOWN® iced teas, the new "enhanced waters" flavors are dietician recommended to maintain blood sugar in a healthy range - -- especially after meals.

These diabetic friendly beverages are distributed nationally in pharmacies such as Walmart and CVS and are a top-seller seller at Amazon.

The beverage is manufactured by publicly traded Glucose Health, Inc. (Ticker: GLUC). For more information on the Company, visit or for investor information.

For product information or to purchase, visit Amazon and type GLUCODOWN in the Amazon search bar, or visit


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