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BookTrib’s Bites: Plenty to Ponder for Your Next Read

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Love Letters to the Virgin Mary“Love Letters to the Virgin Mary”
by David Richards       

King David is a mortal man who has spent all his life looking for a love he is unable to satisfy. As the pandemic blossoms its dark pollen over the earth, he sees a picture of a woman on Instagram. Over the course of several months, he comes to understand she is the Virgin Mary reborn, and that he has been resurrected as the God of Thunder to bring heaven to earth, and finally meet his Son.  

If you are someone who enjoys books that put your mind to the test, this one’s for you. Written by a life-strategist, number-one international bestselling author and speaker on personal development, this love story is so unique and created from a web of Bible stories, marvel and history.

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Atom & Molly: The Wireframe Edition“Atom & Molly: The Wireframe Edition”
by Norman Katz  

“Atom & Molly: The Wireframe Edition” is the imagining of a relationship between two perfectly paired particles: Atom, an atom, and Molly, a molecule. Across 95 panels, discover the humor, science and culture involved in their personalities and careers, and meet the other sub-atomic characters in their microscopic world.  

As described by the tag line “The World’s First Sub-Atomic Comic,” “Atom & Molly” is the first comic that uses sub-atomic particles as anthropomorphic characters themselves and brings them to life. The comic’s creator provides commentary with each panel that develops the background storyline and engages the reader’s curiosity. Suitable for children, teens and adults, “Atom & Molly” is a humorous look at science via a relationship and a funny look at a relationship via science and culture. Visit for more information.

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Harley's Harlequin Heart“Harley’s Harlequin Heart”
by  Christina Jaeger   Whether you’re a dog lover, have experienced a similar event, or just want to be your best self and make the world a better place. For children and adults alike, this first “Paw Crusaders” book follows Harley, a Harlequin Great Dane. Readers will experience Harley’s joy as he learns doggy lessons and lives life to the fullest. Your heart will warm seeing his family rally around him when he learns he has bone cancer. Harley bravely shares his story, and readers will watch him go from cancer fighter to cancer survivor.    

This book is filled with fun, resources, and hope for anyone unfortunate enough to have their beloved Paw or other family member diagnosed with a dire disease. Harley’s story will help you understand the value of living life in the moment and giving unconditional love. Paws give us a new perspective and help us change the way we see the world.  

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As Time Goes By“As Time Goes By”
by W. Royce Adams    Nearing the end, Old asks himself, “Does my life ultimately have any importance in any universal scheme? Am I just taking up space? Have I wasted the time given me? What effect have I had on others? Have I unknowingly -- worse, knowingly -- hurt others in some fashion? What’s my worth?”  

These are playful existential questions with no pertinent answers for the author, who sifts through the sands of my time to see what he can discover through remembrance. Don’t expect any fancy writing. No playing with altered punctuation, or trying to be aesthetically clever or poetic or intellectual. Not here a Sedaris or Saunders, or Atwood or Yuknavich. Just the author, squinting into some memorable windows in his life before they all fog.

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