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Bet on Veterans for Manufacturing Jobs

(NewsUSA) - Manufacturing companies continue to struggle to find skilled employees, but they may be overlooking the perfect talent pool -- veterans.

Veterans generally possess the skill sets, both hard and soft, and the personality to make them desirable hires in any field.

In fact, veterans share many traits that make them an especially good fit for jobs in manufacturing, according to Julie Davis, director of workforce development at the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), an organization dedicated to supporting North America's manufacturers of construction and agricultural equipment.

"Military veterans have been trained to live the values of their service whether in or out of uniform," says Davis.

"So, when you're talking to a veteran during a job interview, ask them what their values are. When you hear their answer, you'll likely conclude that they are a much better culture fit than you'd originally thought."

Traits that make veterans great employees include:

- Entrepreneurial spirit. Veterans tend to take ownership of their responsibilities and do their best work at whatever job they are assigned.

- Versatile. Many veterans were trained in one area and shifted to another during their military service. They are adept at transferring existing skills and knowledge to adapt to new roles.

- Flexible. Military veterans could be sitting at a desk one day, and deployed the next day; they are accustomed to adapting to changing business needs.

- Skillful. The military is on the cutting edge of technology, and many veterans are highly trained experts with advanced knowledge of their field, and tuned in to how innovation can advance goals.

- Loyal. Veterans have a strong sense of organizational commitment. They embrace many of the values important in the manufacturing industry, including duty, respect, selflessness, integrity, honor, courage, and commitment.

Hiring veterans has financial benefits as well, both for the veterans themselves and for companies.

Programs such as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit provides tax credits for companies that hire veterans, and the VA Special Employer Incentive Program is designed to reimburse portions of veterans' salaries. In addition, the Department of Defense Skill Bridge Program pays employers to hire veterans to train and work on a temporary basis for up to six months. Another option is the Manufacturing Institute Heroes MAKE America program created specifically to help train veterans for manufacturing jobs.

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Evolving Approaches to Elective Surgery After COVID-19

(NewsUSA) - COVID-19 has changed the way Americans approach elective surgery, sometimes in unexpected ways.

For example, a 16-year-old, dedicated sousaphone player, had two flat feet that made marching painful. But a hectic high school schedule didn't leave time for the corrective orthopedic surgery needed since birth.

"Both of our children love being musicians, but my child's feet created a real struggle," says the 16-year-old's father.

"When COVID-19 created flexible time, we knew it was a blessing in disguise."

"COVID-19 has increased my practice significantly, because people have time and flexibility to take care of non-critical health issues," says Dr. Elizabeth Hewitt, the orthopedic surgeon who performed the procedure.

However, the pandemic has shifted many elective surgeries from hospitals to smaller surgery centers that are perfect for patients such the high school muscian.

"Many of my patients are also concerned about being exposed to the virus in crowded hospitals," says Dr. Hewitt.

To keep patients safe and keep their practices efficient, smaller surgery centers have begun to outsource sterility and supply management to external suppliers. This strategy lets surgeons stay focused on providing specific procedures and the positive outcomes that all patients deserve.

For many of her patients, Dr. Hewitt has relied on Gramercy Extremity Orthopedics (GEO) to provide sterile instruments that were precisely what she needed.

Companies such as GEO are enabling hospitals and surgery centers to maintain high standards and control costs with outsourced surgical support such as the GEO CART®.

The GEO cart is a self-contained system that provides orthopedic surgeons with pre-sterilized packs of single-use instruments and implantable devices custom-ordered for each patient and procedure. The system is ready to use and designed for surgeons' needs, reducing or eliminating the need for company representatives in the operating room. The GEO cart also tracks supplies with an exclusive computerized radio frequency identification system, so the surgeons are never scrambling for substitute items.

"GEO works very closely with surgeons who understand how to provide their patients with the care and safety they deserve," says Scott Day, Chief Operating Officer at GEO.

"We offer the latest technology and can help eliminate many steps in the complicated surgical process where human error or inefficiencies can sneak in," he explains.

"Staff at hospitals and surgery centers are working to maintain the highest safety and efficiency standards at all times; they deserve the latest technology and process support to streamline surgery so they can focus on what really matters -- patients."

The high schooler's parents agree.

"Dr. Hewitt and the surgery center made my son's first surgery a terrific experience. We got phone updates every step of the way and never worried about safety," says the father.

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The Future of Manufacturing is Local

(NewsUSA) - Ongoing news reports of global supply chain challenges highlight the need for improvements and changes in the manufacturing infrastructure.

A report by McKinsey & Company describes sustainable infrastructure as "resilient to climate change, socially inclusive, technologically advanced, productive, and flexible."

What do these kinds of changes mean for the average consumer who wants quality products delivered on time? Global supply chains are susceptible not only to weather, but also labor shortages and cyberattacks. Today's smart consumers find opportunities to support companies that provide alternatives to these global manufacturing models.

Other factors that make for successful companies in the future include organizational design, digital tools, and joint involvement among all parties involved, according to the McKinsey article.

Custom furniture maker Baru, an American-based company, is one example of how putting these factors into practice on a local level supports the American economy, serves customers, and fosters environmental stewardship.

"Baru supports the American spirit of innovation by using technology to streamline the process and avoid costly inefficiency, and manufacturing nearby strengthens the local economy and conserves the environment in meaningful ways," says Baru founder and CEO Tino Go.

- Organizational design. Baru's organizational structure involves a network of local builders and suppliers of raw materials, ideally within 50 miles of customers. This strategy prevents the damage and delays associated with shipping a finished product long distance, because the manufacturing takes place close to the customer.

- Digital tools. Baru lets customers use customized programs to design products specific to their needs and sends these manufacturing instructions directly to local workshops. This customization reduces the creation of excess inventory that might end up are landfills.

- Joint involvement. Local manufacturing benefits communities by creating local jobs and supporting local artisans and craftspeople. Many customers are eager to support companies when they know the materials and workmanship is locally sourced and that the company is mindful of its carbon footprint. Baru also shows its commitment to the environment with an ongoing tree-planting initiative as part of its sustainable manufacturing model.

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Freelancers Embrace 'Business Ownership' in New Economy

(NewsUSA) -The number of independent workers, small business owners and freelancers in the United States continues to grow as more workers embrace the flexibility and autonomy of being their own bosses. However, being THE boss also brings the need to wear many hats -- office manager, marketing specialist, accountant, tech support -- all while juggling multiple clients, time zones, and media platforms.

In spite of the global pandemic, the freelance market continues to mature, driving a 22% increase in the workforce since 2019. This trend is expected to continue especially as companies have become more reliant on freelancers for essential contributions to their daily operations. Increasingly, independent workers are now shifting the way they self-identify away from the more conventional titles of "consultant" and "freelancer" in favor of more fluid terms such as "entrepreneur" to match the changing business climate.

According to a recent 2021 survey of more than 200 independent workers by Indy - the all-inclusive, online platform for independent business owners -- approximately 25 percent of respondents identified themselves as "business owners." And regardless, these entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers and business owners all want the tools and resources needed to help ensure the professional operation of their businesses. That means they want solutions to help manage administrative tasks, including invoicing, billing, dealing with contracts, expenses and organizing workflow.

Smart strategies help independent workers focus on delivering for their clients, maximizing their potential and competing in a decentralized marketplace. Whether they are working strictly on their own, or managing a few other employees in a small venture, Indy helps fill the niche for freelancers and small business owners by offering a complete productivity suite that streamlines operations with the time-saving support features that help any business run smoothly and successfully.

"Ultimately, we believe in fostering community over competition and empowering today's 'indies' - the independent professionals, side hustlers and small business owners, to attain the stability and control required to be more successful, achieve a state of steady income and grow their business," according to Sebastian Gyr, Indy co-founder and CEO.

Indy offers solutions specifically geared for the needs of self-employed business owners with tools that are simple, cost-effective and transferable across devices and platforms. Freelancers can use Indy's Proposal Templates to create new business proposals and land new clients. The tools all integrate to form a seamless workflow for aspiring freelancers who want to simplify their admin. Once a client agrees to a proposal, Contract Templates are available to quickly send the new client a professional contract and start the job. Later, once the work is finished, Indy's Invoice Templates give freelancers a starting point to create a professional invoice quickly. Each invoice can integrate with payment providers like PayPal and Stripe to make tracking payments easy, too. All the tools work together to make running a small business easier.

Today's self-employed business owners take their business seriously, and they deserve the tools and support to make the most of it.

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Custom Shading Expands Outdoor Options

(NewsUSA) -The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continue to encourage time outdoors as a way to gather safely and reduce stress in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, shade structures have become an integral part of everyday life. A customized shade structure encourages outdoor activities by providing both sun protection and physical distancing.

Shade 'n Net, one of America's largest manufacturers of fabric shade systems, can design a customized shade structure that will enhance the value of a home or business. Shade structures create new usable space outdoors by covering a pool, patio, or play set, and they can block up to 97% of UV radiation to help protect against skin cancer.

Shade 'n Net is a family-owned company with a long history of success and a team of experts that can work with architects and customers to design the perfect shade structure.

"Structures are manufactured with top quality steel components and high-density polyethylene material that allows heat to escape while protecting anyone and anything underneath it from the sun's harmful UV rays," according to the company website. The structures are warrantied for 20 years, and the fabric covers are warrantied for 10 years.

Other uses for Shade 'n Net structures at home include covering for driveways, boat or RV storage, and outdoor pet areas.

But that's not all: customized shade structures provide solutions for many other settings to promote safe, comfortable outdoor interaction.

Schools can utilize shade structures strategically in drop off/pick up areas, sport courts, playgrounds, outdoor cafeteria seating, outdoor learning spaces, amphitheaters, bleachers and dugouts, spectator seating, covered staff parking, covered bus parking, and covered bike racks.

Restaurants can use customized shade structures to meet the increased customer interest in outdoor dining, to create curb appeal, and to provide comfort for customers waiting in line or in curbside pickup areas. Car detailers can provide shade for employees who are working outside for long periods; day care centers can create covered outdoor spaces; offices can provide covered parking areas.

Community venues that can benefit from the safety and comfort of shade structures include churches seeking covered spaces for overflow attendance, foodbank distribution, and other activities such as Bible studies and classes. Parks can enhance the experience for visitors of all ages by creating covered basketball courts, splash pads, playgrounds, dog parks, picnic tables, and performance stages.

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Online Support Platform Eases Pains of Independent Workers

(NewsUSA) - According to a 2020 study, amid the Covid-19 pandemic an estimated 59 million Americans have freelanced in the past year, which is equivalent to 36% of the country's entire workforce. The number of freelancers in the US is continuously growing and is expected to exceed 90.1 million by 2028, contributing $1.2 trillion to the U.S. economy.

Today's independent workers are not only becoming a driving force in the American workforce, they are also busy people, often juggling multiple clients in multiple time zones across a multitude of media platforms. And with comes the operational pains of being a business owner. According to a recent 2021 survey of more than 200 freelancers by Indy - the all-inclusive, online platform for independent business owners, approximately one-quarter of respondents spend 10 or more hours a month on essential work tasks unrelated to their actual business and/or paid projects. These administrative tasks including invoicing, billing, dealing with contracts, expenses and organizing workflow often impede the ongoing management and potential for growth needed to succeed in today's competitive, decentralized marketplace.

Indy's survey also revealed that 30% of respondents use at least five tools and 44% spend more than $50 a month, including a subset of that group who pay $300 or more, on tools used to operate and manage their business each month. When deciding services used to maximize operations productivity and grow their businesses, these self-employed, solopreneurs and small business owners cited ease of use, cost and availability across all devices were the top three criteria for selecting and utilizing the critical resources and productivity tools needed for their daily and ongoing business operations.

Indy, offers a complete productivity suite that simply and easily streamline the key pain points for independent workers. Indy is invested in the success of today's independent workers and it's primary purpose is to help solopreneurs and freelancers streamline the business of running their business. "Ultimately, we believe in fostering community over competition and empowering today's 'indies' - the independent professionals, side hustlers and small business owners, to attain the stability, control and growth required to be more successful, achieve a state of steady income and grow," according to Sebastian Gyr, Indy co-founder and CEO.

Indy's freelancer survey, consisting of mostly independent workers outside of its customer base, also identified: saving time, peace of mind and fostering business relationships as the top three most sought out features when considering productivity tools. Indy's suite of productivity tools tick all the boxes for freelancers, from cost to ease of use. Invoice generator templates help streamline billing and process payments easier and faster. Calendar, Indy's new Calendar tool, syncs with existing calendars including Google Calendars and helps indies organize events and tasks, track time and more, while seamlessly linking project hours to invoices for accuracy and efficiency.

Indy offers effective solutions to the unique, operational challenges facing today's self-employed business owners.

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Flyers Help Your Business Take Off

(NewsUSA) - Consumers are swamped with messages about products and services. Effective advertising will cut through the clutter and capture a prospective customer's attention with a targeted message.

To be effective and reach a target audience, the best advertising is credible, unique, and memorable. Using flyers is a relatively simple and inexpensive way for small and mid-sized businesses to make an impact in the local community.

"The goal behind designing a flyer is to capture someone's attention within three seconds of them walking up to their front door," says Stefanie McKinney, founder and owner of The Flyer Guys, a family-owned, Arizona-based company that specializes in creating memorable advertising with flyers.

To make the most of your advertising campaign using flyers, keep these points in mind:

- A picture is worth 1,000 words. Don't underestimate the power of images. People look at pictures before they start reading any text, and a funny picture in particular can make an impression.

- Less text for more impact. Once you have a picture, think about text. Keep your text concise, and use bullet points when possible, in order to allow more white space for quick and easy reading.

- Catchy headlines. Along with a photo, a headline is the first thing to catch a customer's eye. No matter what headline you choose, consider using color for added impact, and keep your font choice easy to read.

- Contact information and call-to-action. This is where the nuts and bolts of your product or service comes in, so give it the proper attention. Even something conventional such as "Call Us" or "Order Now" can have greater impact with fonts and colors. Online businesses, make sure your website address is clearly visible, so your audience is likely to keep the flyer as a reference. For in-person businesses, simple directions and even a small map can help ensure that you are on the customer's radar.

- Enlist happy customers. Sincere testimonials can have a significant impact on attracting new customers. When your customers compliment your product or service, ask whether you can use their comments, either anonymously or with their name, to help promote your business. The more specific the comments, the better.

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