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Hidden Lighting Illuminates the Path for Tomorrow’s Safer, More Stylish Vehicles

Hidden Lighting Illuminates the Path for Tomorrow’s Safer, More Stylish Vehicles

(NewsUSA) - One of your next vehicle’s most crucial safety features may not even be visible until you need it. A first-to-market product called “Breakthrough Lighting” offers consumers new ways to personalize and interact with their vehicles while helping improve safety through greater visibility.     

Global automotive supplier and mobility technology company Magna has developed the innovative lighting solution. It is featured on a thermoplastic liftgate known as Litgate. The lighting solution can be used communicatively or functionally -- and its “coolest” feature is arguably that it remains discreetly hidden until it needs to signal for something and illuminate. Compare that to today’s lighting elements, which are always visible on your car’s exterior, even when not in use.     

The sophisticated lighting offers unique designs and customizations using various patterns, colors and shapes, providing a creative way for car companies to re-brand and style the vehicles of the future.     

In addition to enabling more creative styling, Magna’s technology offers exciting opportunities with the rise of electric and autonomous vehicles.     

For example, the technology can light up the word “autonomous” to tell other drivers what mode your self-driving vehicle is operating in, or a battery symbol in red to conveniently notify you that your EV (electric vehicle) is running low on charge.     

The ability for communication outside of the vehicle becomes ever more important as autonomous vehicles proliferate.     

We’ve all experienced walking up to an intersection, and just as we start to cross the road, a vehicle approaches the corner intending to turn right, yet doesn’t signal. Cue the apologetic wave from the driver insisting the pedestrian cross.     

Today, this common situation is resolved by way of a simple hand gesture between two people, but imagine if that car were driving itself. How would the pedestrian know the car’s intentions and whether it was safe to step into the street?     

As our society gets closer to integrating fully autonomous vehicles to our roadways, miscommunicated intentions can result in severe accidents on the road -- especially for those on foot.     

In 2020, nearly one in six traffic deaths was a pedestrian death, with 77% of pedestrian fatalities occurring after dark. Seeing and being seen are critical to helping all road users avoid tragic crashes.     

Through clearer communicating and signaling between drivers and others on the road such as pedestrians, bicyclists and e-scooter riders, Breakthrough Lighting reinvents the function of your vehicle’s exterior lighting, while enhancing its overall appearance.     

Magna has the unmatched ability to imagine and develop automotive technologies under one roof, and continues to leverage its in-house engineering power to address real-world transportation challenges to help make roads safer places for all.

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