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U.S. Sports Betting: Where Are We?

(NewsUSA) - Websites focusing on sports betting and the gambling industry have been monitoring the evolution of sports wagering in the United States and around the world, yet most Americans couldn’t tell you the name of the law that was overturned by the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling back in 2018. Still, its reverberating effects have been seismic.

The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, more commonly referred to as PASPA, was the law of the land that gave the federal government control over where sports betting could take place. Las Vegas was the most popular exception to the rule and only a few other jurisdictions were allowed to make book.

New Jersey Fights Back

However, a legal fight to overturn PASPA was mounted by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and followed by his successor, Phil Murphy, which ultimately proved to be successful. The SCOTUS voted 6-3 that all parts of PASPA were illegal and that opened the floodgates for states to decide for themselves whether they would allow sports betting within their boundaries.

Although the initial response was tepid, a steady stream of states began to pass sports betting legislation once they caught wind of the enormous revenue that was being generated by taxing the online and retail sportsbooks. That steady stream turned into a deluge, as more and more states hopped aboard the sports betting gravy train.

How Do American Books Compare?

Betting sports online is nothing new to millions of Americans who have been using offshore sports betting sites for decades. Many of those seasoned bettors, who have explored American digital sportsbooks, believe they offer less than they can find in online shops around the globe.

One veteran of the gaming industry explained, “There really is no advantage to using American sportsbooks over the offshores. The offshore books I use are licensed and regulated too; it’s just that those regulations are from overseas countries but they’re every bit as strict. The biggest advantage to using offshores is they give much better bonuses, usually have better lines, they take crypto like Bitcoin, there’s anonymity, and most importantly, I don't have to give the government a slice of my winnings. I don’t really want Uncle Sam knowing my business.”

Sportsbooks like BetUS are often considered better alternatives to American sportsbooks by veteran bettors, but, either way, sports betting has hit the mainstream in the USA and there is no turning back!

Did You Know?

At this juncture, sports betting has been regulated in 34 states; find the breakdown below:

  • Only in-person sportsbooks (10)
  • Full mobile betting with multiple options (21)
  • Limited mobile betting options (4)

-          Studies show mobile betting towers over in-person -aka retail- sports betting, generating over 90 percent of the handle.

-          Although the NFL is the most bet-on sports league, we should note that college football ranks second, NBA is third, and college basketball ranks fourth. Thus, it’s not surprising that college sports contribute at least 50 percent of the sports betting handle compared to the professional leagues.

Money Changes Everything

It didn’t take long for sports betting to catch fire with the American public, but perhaps the biggest 180-degree turn occurred when NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced his league would partner up with the same entities the NFL had been castigating for decades as a clear and present danger to the integrity of their hallowed National Football League.

The sanctimonious finger-pointing by Goodell, and by those who had come before him, was akin to a WWE story arc. Except this one lived on and on and on without any reprieve. It was a wholly transparent attempt at feigning animosity towards the sports betting industry while its very existence contributed mightily to the NFL’s enormous television ratings.

No one is watching two last-place teams on Monday night except when it’s the NFL’s Monday Night Football. Point spreads and totals create plenty of excitement because a financial interest attracts more eyeballs to the TV set than an emotional investment ever could.

But the NFL could have its cake and eat it too. They could decry sports betting all they wanted because it wouldn’t stop the masses from betting. Meanwhile, they could continue to state that their game was free of any sports betting chicanery because they went to such great pains to ensure there is no place for betting in the NFL.

Yet the latter is true; neither the NFL nor any professional league wants even a hint of impropriety nor cheating. Pro sports can weather virtually any storm – domestic abuse, steroids, rape, and even murder, but the death knell of any league will come if the fans believe the fix is in. Then it’s no longer worth watching, and that’s a wrap.

However, when sports betting became regulated in the U.S., the NFL smelled money - lots of money - and realized those sports betting platforms would pay beaucoup bucks to partner with Roger and his 31 billionaires (the Packers are community-owned.)

It wasn’t at all surprising that the NFL dropped the charade against the evils of sports betting. That was inevitable, as there were hundreds of millions on the table. But the alacrity with which they did it, without any soft pivot, was stunning in its brazen shamelessness.

It was as though Goodell knew everyone else knew he was just playing a part and those that were too stupid not to pick up on the act weren’t worth his contrition. It’s almost like meeting The Undertaker at a bar. He’s not going to be the Undertaker, he’s going to be Mark Calaway, just a big dude quaffing a beer. No need to keep up the pretense.

And that’s how it was with Goodell. He went from preaching fire-and-brimstone on all things sports betting to Mr. Vegas slinking into a lounge with his new best friends, DraftKings, FanDuel, and Caesars.

Back in the 80s Cyndi Lauper had a hit song, “Money Changes Everything.” If you ever doubted the wisdom of those words, just ask Roger. 

Offshore vs Regulated - Pros and Cons



  • Credit & Cash Deposit/Withdraw Options
  • Abide by local regulations. Funds are fully protected.
  • All transactions are reported to Gov. entities (IRS).


  • Fewer wager offers per games.
  • Fewer leagues and events offered.
  • Odds (payouts) are less attractive.
  • Registration processes are more invasive.
  • Cryptocurrencies are not an option.
  • Fewer shops.
  • In-person wagering required on some states.
  • Tax variables depending on which state you wager on.
  • Bonuses and promotions are limited/minimum.


  • Deposit/withdraw options with cryptocurrencies. 
  • Bitcoin and other alternative currencies often available.
  • Deposits/withdrawals with crypto are often immediate and fees don't apply.
  • No tax withholding.
  • More wagering options per league/games
  • More leagues and events are offered.
  • More casino games are offered.
  • Higher privacy standards.
  • More bonuses and promotions are offered
  • More shop options are available. Some reliable sportsbooks include:
    • BetUS
    • BetOnline
    • Heritage Sports


  • Cash and credit deposits can be more difficult.
  • Regulations are determined by the country the shop is licensed in.
  • No wager limits placed by government to protect customers.


BookTrib’s Bites: Tales of Emotion, Spirit and Inspiration

(NewsUSA) - Shadow of DeathThe Shadow of Death: From My Battles in Fallujah to the Battle for My Soul by Fernando Arroyo

The powerful memoir of a suicidal veteran who surrendered to Jesus Christ, pleading for help…

Jesus answered.

At the young age of 19, Arroyo learned, “In combat, you have to put your emotions aside, because the next mission is just around the corner.” Arroyo honorably served in the Airborne Infantry for five years in positions ranging from scout observer to squad leader, then served three deployments after graduating from U.S. Army Ranger School, working in combat conditions in Iraq and Afghanistan. And yet, while serving our nation, his work as a soldier was hardening his heart, pulling him farther away from God. This is the candid, poignant story of Arroyo’s descent into unimaginable despair—and his glorious redemption in God.

The Shadow of Death | Fidelis Publishing (

Use special discount code SHADOW30 for 30% off

HeatherHeather: Tuu Maia Lou Lima Give Me Your Hand by Steven A. Yagyagan

A firsthand look into the often-hidden world of child abuse. A heart-wrenching and heartwarming story of a young Sāmoan-Scottish girl and how she endured and survived 60 years of abuse. She shares her story and hopes more women and children will be spared from mental and physical abuse. It’s a personal and powerful story of survival and resilience toward child and adult abuse, highlighting the courage and strength of a child who faced adversity and ultimately triumphed over it.

There are various layers of cultures and languages in the book, including Ilocano, Sāmoan, Hawaiian Pidgin English, and Spanish (Puerto Rican culture). There are peaks and valleys from heart-wrenching to heartwarming moments in the story. Purchase at

EmergingEmerging From the Dark by Terence Ang

Having a stroke is one of our worst fears. But the truth is a stroke is a common medical issue. Most of us have no idea what a stroke feels like or what it takes to recover from one. Our fear often has us pull away from people who most need our help and support.

In his first book, A Cry in the Dark, the author shared his moving story of stroke recovery. In this second book, Ang has assembled a collection of moving stories from people in all stages of stroke recovery, tales of unimaginable courage and determination. These people reject the idea of being a victim and fight with everything they have to return to a normal life. These are positive people with positive stories. Five stars from USA Today. Purchase at

The second comingThe Second Coming by E.L. Smith

Has society turned its back on God? Are we drifting further away from the truth?

In The Second Coming, private investigator Shawn Abernathy struggles with his beliefs in God, good, and evil, and with revelations he cannot escape. After facing a surprise visitor from Heaven, his life changes dramatically. Soon he finds himself hiding from the Antichrist as he comes to terms with his ultimate purpose: aiding in the salvation of all humanity.

Derived from the book of Revelation, The Second Coming follows the travails of individuals across the globe as they face what lies within their own hearts and souls at the end of the world. We all have only two choices before life after death. What side will you choose? Purchase at

A Guided Journey of Transformation, Healing and Power

(NewsUSA) - It’s a tricky business, being human!

Most of us, according to Susan Drury, have lingering feelings – whether consciously realized or not – of ambivalence around something in our childhood. Regardless of how caring and diligent (or not) our parents/caregivers may have been, experiencing a certain amount of pain, misinterpretation and limitation are guaranteed aspects of childhood within this human adventure. 

Now, Drury has come out with a new book to address and transform the lingering effects we may still carry around those experiences: ELEVATING YOUR ORIGINS TO LOVE: A Guided Journey of Transformation, Healing & Power.

The book is written for people who face any one or several of these issues:

  • Negative feelings around any aspect of your family, caregivers or early circumstances that continue to overshadow your ability to “move on;”
  • Significant challenges or traumas faced by you and/or your parents or grandparents - even if they occurred before you were born or that you retain no conscious memory of;
  • Being a parent raising children, and wanting to parent more consciously, free from limiting patterns stemming from your own childhood.
  • Looking to improve or resolve any current or repetitive unsatisfying situations and/or relationships that keep cropping up in your life (and you don’t understand why);
  • Wanting a clearer understanding of the potential for love and joy that your life inherently offers, and how to bring this out, moment by moment, into all aspects of your experience.

Drury approaches these matters with years of extensive training and professional certification in transformational methodologies that include shamanic healing, cranial sacral therapy, homeopathy, the Present Child Method, and Transference Healing, all shaped within the crucible of deep psychological and spiritual discipline.  No matter how privileged or terrible our early environment was, says Drury, within any difficult moment lies the possibility of discovering a new sense of love and power – today.

Susan DruryReaders will become aware of the different aspects of the human “hardware,” including an accessible explanation of our mind/body connection and neuropsychological wiring. They will gain clarity around how their original environment deeply affected the beliefs they came to have about so many aspects of themselves, others, and life. Although one’s perceptions seem to be concrete reality, by weaving the early years of the human experience through different dimensions -- often through the author’s own very personal stories and personal processes –-readers will discover that many of their more limited perceptions are transformations-in-waiting.

Writes one certified Amazon reader, “Drury's writing is clear, practical, and beautiful. Her approach is in-depth and genuine, making this book a must-read for anyone seeking the path to personal transformation. Each piece of wisdom will inspire readers to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses and how they can move forward in their lives.”

Adds another Amazon reader,  “It is impossible to just read through this book – it is lived through!  And for me, lived through with great benefit.”

Within a loving, non-judgmental perspective, readers are taken through different states of consciousness in order to discover their own abilities of transformation, healing and personal empowerment.  As readers connect their deepest dots, both the past and present become transformed. Long-held limitations and pain, even those passed down through earlier generations, dissolve into joy and a renewal of love. Not just a process of personal elevation, this book offers the potential of transformation for humanity itself.

Learn more at

BookTrib's Bites: From Soviet Subterfuge to Space Operas and Time Travel

(NewsUSA) - Writers FutureWriters of the Future Volume 39 by L. Ron Hubbard

Discover the new voices in science fiction and fantasy accompanied by three masters of the genre. These captivating stories are selected by Brandon Sanderson, Orson Scott Card, Nnedi Okorafor, Robert J. Sawyer, Kevin J. Anderson, Jody Lynn Nye, and others.

Be amazed. Be amused. Be transported further and deeper into new worlds and ideas than you’ve ever gone before.

From dark fantasy to space opera and time travel, you will love these sci-fi and fantasy stories because, as Locus magazine puts it, “Not only is the writing is also extremely varied. Hot new talent.” Purchase at

CounterspyThe First Counterspy by Kay Haas and Walter W. Pickut

The pulse-quickening and traumatic story of spy, counterspy, and an American family unwittingly caught in its web. Until this case, the FBI had never recruited civilian counterspies to catch a Soviet agent. The first two were Larry Haas, a leading aviation engineer at Bell Aviation, and Leona Franey, head librarian at Bell’s technical library.

The FBI pitted them against a Soviet agent, Andrei Ivanovich Schevchenko, operating legally as one of the highest Soviet officials in the United States during WWII, and illegally as the secret head of a wide-ranging spy network hidden within the American aviation industry. The book lays out this exciting story and the consequences of Schevchenko’s deadly threat of vengeance against Haas, the counterspy who betrayed him.  Purchase at

grays of novartGrays of Novart by J.A. Collie

On the technologically advanced planet Novart, Warrior cadet Trinity Knight suddenly loses her invincibility. The indestructible dakkie cladding her gray skin is rendered useless, and the supercomputer implanted in her head becomes dysfunctional. At the same time, things go awry for the prized Esra10 mission, and she has 48 hours to save it.

Separated from Central Command and forced to go dark, Trinity plunges into high-stakes battles with androids, drones, and hackers controlled by rich and powerful enemies fixated on her termination and stopping Esra10. Reconnecting with her base increases the danger, as some commanders are spies selling information to the highest bidder, and her capture is worth a fortune.

Her ultimate survival hinges on leaving Novart. Help comes from allies and incredible new abilities, giving Trinity and her broken supercomputer a fighting chance. Purchase at

moonlight beachMoonlight Beach by Yurie Kiri

In this award-winning book, what is shattering the idyllic, seaside community of Rancho, California? Grisly death. Bodies washing up on nearby Moonlight Beach. It’s downright disconcerting to the privileged one percent living in one of SoCal’s ritziest enclaves. Worse, they have no idea who is behind the slaughter.

Is it sharks? Something supernatural? Greedy venture capitalists? Maneaters are known to inhabit the waters off Moonlight Beach, but shark attacks are rare. What about black magic, satanic rituals? A coven of witches lives nearby. Or could it be the venture capitalists, whose latest company harvests human organs for transplant, exploiting the vulnerable to save the wealthy elite?

The violence shows no signs of ending. Two more people are killed on a cliff overlooking the beach – and all their organs are missing. What the heck is going on? Purchase at


BookTrib’s Bites: Nail-Biting Suspense and How a Vegan Diet Can Save the World

(NewsUSA) - Sava StepsThe Sava Steps by Lee Lindauer

Twenty-five years after the Srebrenica Massacre, the worst genocide in Europe since World War II, survivor Melika Žbanić encounters two vicious men from her past. Intent on revenge, her plans are derailed by disgraced FBI agent Thorne Hightower, who has personal reasons to involve himself in her affairs.

Melika escapes Hightower’s pursuit only to be kidnapped and taken somewhere in the Balkans where a grim fate looms. With the clock ticking, a persistent Hightower follows clues to her whereabouts—and by chance meets Melika’s daughter Valery, a physically impaired but gifted young woman determined to confront her own existence—and soft-spoken Victor Alvarez, whose sole purpose is to keep his wife alive. Amid the splendor of a desolate mountaintop nouveau riche hotel, they find themselves locked on an emotional collision course. Purchase at

The Hunt for the PeggyThe Hunt for the Peggy C by John Winn Miller

Laced with nail-biting tension and heartwarming moments, this semifinalist in the Clive Cussler Adventure Writers Competition captures the breathless suspense of early World War II in the North Atlantic. Captain Jake Rogers, who runs his tramp steamer through U-boat-infested waters, takes on his most dangerous cargo: a Jewish family fleeing Nazi persecution.

Drawn to the family's warmth and faith, Rogers can't let his guard down when Oberleutnant Viktor Brauer, a brutal U-boat captain, sets his sights on the Peggy C. Rogers must evade Brauer's stalking, face a mutiny among his crew, and grapple with feelings for young Miriam of the Jewish family. When Rogers is wounded, Miriam must prove she is as tough as her rhetoric to save everyone as the U-boat closes in for the kill. Purchase at

Man Eating PlantsMan Eating Plants: How a Vegan Diet Can Save the World by Jonathan Spitz

Over the past two million years, humans evolved from an obscure herbivorous species living in the tropical forests of equatorial Africa to become the world’s most populous carnivorous apex predator species. In the 21st century, this fateful change in the human diet from plant- to animal-sourced foods is the leading cause of chronic degenerative disease, runaway climate change, and mass species extinction.

“Man Eating Plants: How a Vegan Diet Can Save the World” weaves together published works by the world’s leading scientists and historians to narrate how we arrived at these three interrelated crises and how we can save the world by transitioning back to our natural plant-based diet. Purchase at

Blood on the BadgeBlood on the Badge by John Good

It’s 2016 and decorated Navy Seal Matt O’Neil has moved on as a police officer in Greenfield, IL. For Matt and his wife Kelly, life has never been better. With only a few months left in Matt’s probation period, his entire world is turned upside down when his best friend on the force is killed while conducting a routine traffic stop.

Soon after, a second rookie is found dead in Door County, WI. Matt takes these deaths personally and all evidence points to the possibility of a serial killer. This information comes with a price. The closer Matt gets to help solving these deaths, the more his life is unraveling. He must make a choice between saving his marriage, his career, or his freedom. Purchase at


BookTrib’s Bites is presented by

How to Watch and Bet on Horse Racing's Triple Crown: The Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont Stakes

( - You may have heard of the Triple Crown, but do you know what it is and why it garners so much attention? Here is everything you need to know to prepare for the three most prestigious horse racing events in the world, brought to you by

What is the Triple Crown?

Throughout the year, numerous races take place worldwide, but not all thoroughbred horses are created equal. The best among them are invited to Grade 1 Stakes races, which boast the largest purses and the most prestige.

The Triple Crown comprises three Grade 1 Stakes events exclusively for the top three-year-old thoroughbreds: the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes. Since the Triple Crown's inception in 1875, when the Kentucky Derby joined the Belmont and Preakness Stakes, only 13 horses have won all three races.

Kentucky Derby

Also known as the Run for the Roses, the Kentucky Derby premiered in 1875 and is the first and most popular of the three events. Held annually on the first Saturday in May, it spans one and a quarter mile at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.

Preakness Stakes

The second leg of the Triple Crown, the Preakness Stakes, takes place at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland, on Armed Forces Day, the third Saturday in May. The race covers 1 3/16 miles. Introduced in 1873, the Preakness winner is traditionally draped with a blanket of Maryland's state flower, the black-eyed Susan, earning the race the nickname "The Run for the Black-Eyed Susans."

Belmont Stakes

The final and longest leg of the Triple Crown, the Belmont Stakes, covers 1 ½ miles and is held annually at Belmont Park in Elmont, New York. Debuting in 1867, it is the oldest of the three events and is known as The Test of Champions due to the race's length, which demands speed, strength, and, most importantly, stamina.

Win, Place, and Show

Betting on any Triple Crown race is the same as betting on an ordinary horse race. It involves parimutuel wagering, meaning the odds depend on the percentage of money bet on each horse. A favorite has the lowest odds, while a long shot has very high odds.

A win bet requires the horse to cross the finish line first and be declared the winner. This bet offers the highest payout, but a place bet allows the horse to finish first or second, with the bettor receiving a payout either way.

A show bet permits the horse to finish in first, second, or third position, but the payout is the lowest among the three. Bettors can also participate in exacta (or perfecta) wagering, which requires predicting the precise order of the top two finishers, or a trifecta bet, which demands correctly predicting the order of the top three finishers.

The 2023 Triple Crown Schedule

Kentucky Derby

Date: Saturday, May 6

Where: Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky

TV Network: NBC

Streaming: Peacock,, NBC Sports app

Preakness Stakes

Date: Saturday, May 20

Where: Pimlico Racecourse in Baltimore, Maryland

TV Network: NBC

Streaming: Peacock,, NBC Sports app

Belmont Stakes

Date: Saturday, June 10

Where: Belmont Park in Elmont, New York

TV Network: NBC

Streaming: Peacock,, NBC Sports app

Get ready for the most exciting horse racing events of the year! Don't miss your chance to watch and bet on the Triple Crown, featuring the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes.

With the help of sports betting news and information sites like Point Spreads, you can prepare yourself to enjoy the thrill of these Grade 1 Stakes races and potentially win big. Whether you're a seasoned bettor or a newcomer to horse racing, there's something for everyone. So, mark your calendars and tune in to NBC or stream on Peacock,, or the NBC Sports app.  


Image Credit: Patrick Smith / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Getty Images via AFP.  Editorial, used under license for

BookTrib’s Bites: Thrilling Stories and a Roadmap to Good Health

(NewsUSA) - AngelsAngels and Bandits by Brodie Curtis

The battle of Britain rages, and two young RAF pilots from very different stations in life must somehow find common ground -- and stay alive.

On the eve of World War II, working-class Eddy Beane is a flight instructor in London. He successfully completes dangerous espionage missions for Air Commodore Keith Park and takes on society-girl June Stephenson as a student. Her ex-fiancé, Dudley Thane, is also a flyer, but upper-class and Cambridge-educated.

When the German Luftwaffe attacks England in 1940, Eddy and Dudley end up serving in the same Spitfire squadron. Aerial combat is intense, and both men show their skills and courage, but can they set aside jealousy and class differences to become fighting brothers for the defense of Britain? Purchase at


deadlyHer Deadly Game by Robert Dugoni

A defense attorney is prepared to play. But is she a pawn in a master’s deadly match? A twisting novel of suspense by New York Times bestselling author Robert Dugoni. Keera Duggan was building a solid reputation as a Seattle prosecutor, until her romantic relationship with a senior colleague ended badly. Returning to her family’s failing criminal defense law firm is the best shot she has.

Keera’s chance to play in the big leagues comes when she’s retained by Vince LaRussa, an investment adviser accused of murdering his wealthy wife. The prosecutor is equally challenging: Miller Ambrose, Keera’s former lover, who’s eager to destroy her in court on her first homicide defense. Keera and her team uncover a complicated and deadly game that’s more than Keera bargained for. Purchase at


stalkedStalked by Revenge by Lynn Lipinski

In Zane Clearwater Mystery Book 3, Clyde Doom wants his half-brother, Zane Clearwater, and Zane’s sister Lettie dead. It was their testimony that landed him behind bars after Zane killed his father in self-defense. Clyde’s violent fantasies may finally become reality when the court overturns his conviction. Lettie is pregnant. Zane is almost finished with his police academy training. Neither is prepared for the storm cloud of darkness roiling in.

Running isn’t an option, but standing their ground has never seemed more terrifying. While Zane’s friends at the police academy offer to help, they are limited by the boundaries of what is legal and just -- until Zane meets Loris Trapper, a former cop who has no problem toeing the gray areas outside the law. Will Clyde’s brutal vengeance be carried out? Purchase at


Gut DrivenGut Driven by Ellen Postolowski

Embrace the idea that self-care goes beyond food, water, and exercise, and take a moment to think about what healthy means to you. You are only as healthy as the food you can digest. What you put into your body is essential—but unless your digestive system can effectively process the fuel you give it, even the most nutritious foods can go to waste or cause digestive issues. Our resilient gut microbiome is fundamental to the harmony and balance of cognitive and physical functions.

Jump-start optimal well-being with integrative health coach and nutritional food chef Ellen Postolowski, working from the inside out. With a focus on improving gut health—a vital component of whole-body wellness—Gut Driven helps you heal your body, achieve balance, and reset your relationship with what you eat. Purchase at

BookTrib’s Bites: Bestselling Suspense, Tales for Children, Words to Live By

(NewsUSA) - qDangerous Blues by Stephen Policoff

A dark yet comic storm of family relationships laced with a buzz of the supernatural, where the fleeting light of the present must constantly contend with the shadows of the past.

Paul and daughter Spring sublet a New York apartment after the death of Paul’s wife Nadia. Paul meets the mother of one of Spring’s new friends, Tara, a blues singer and perhaps the spark Paul needs. But Paul fears he is being haunted by Nadia. Tara, who grew up in a New England cult, is haunted, too.

“Wildly creative, the absolute perfect chord of magic, a wifely ghost, a bit of shamanism and a lot about human bonds and beliefs, all set against the backdrop of a Greenwich Village blues club,” says Caroline Leavitt, New York Times bestselling author. Purchase at

qDinosaurs Like Bananas Too! by Erin Ciaravino

An exciting, illustrated children's book for ages 2 to 8 that explores the beauty of unexpected adventure in the most unlikely of places.

Young Logan Ciaravino created the story as a tool of self-expression when suffering from a speech delay. By using his imagination, he was able to articulate his first creative thought, which is the story of “Dinosaurs Like Bananas Too!”

Logan, the story's main character, encounters a new friend, T-Rex, and the two embark on an imaginary journey through Logan's home. Each room transforms into a magical place where new friends teach the pair exciting new things, encouraging us to be unassuming in how we approach the world. The key message: When you are open to adventure, there are lots of new things to try!" Purchase at


qPerfectly Imperfectly YOU by Jamie James

Have you ever wanted to fit in? Maybe wished you could change something about yourself? How about being a little embarrassed of something you feel is out of place? Although it may not always feel like it, all your "imperfections" make you perfect! YOU, as you come, are exactly who our world needs!

Through her deep love and commitment to give her children what her childhood didn't have, Jamie James wrote some stories that would not only be easy to read but contain simple understanding to help children through their questions and concerns. Not only did she fall in love with writing, she saw the beautiful emotion and reactions from children close to her. Jamie's passion is once again shown through this reignited fire. Purchase at


qSimplify: Powerful Words for Life’s Complicated Situations by Susan Pazak, PhD

Simplify your day by using these powerful words, scriptures, and thoughts to shift your perspective, mood, and outlook. Life doesn't need to be terribly complicated.

Negative words and thoughts complicate everyday life, especially during difficult times. Core beliefs and negative words and thoughts can be changed to create a simple life. Simplify contains 90 sayings and scriptures that give specific ways to change our words and thoughts during any of life's situations and circumstances.

Discover how changing what we say and think allows us to have peace amidst life's storms. Over time, or maybe immediately, you will experience a simplified perspective. You will discover how to change the way you speak and think, and the shift in belief will be life-changing. Purchase at

(Revised 4/19)



BookTrib’s Bites is presented by, where readers come to discover new and emerging authors.


In Celebration of Easter, THE HUMAN CALLING Awaits

(NewsUSA) - With Easter just around the corner, we bring your attention to the work of a Chinese scholar and philanthropist who has combed through 3,000 years of philosophical world history to reveal the truth of Jesus’s message and the Human Calling he brought to all humankind. 

Daofeng He’s illuminating new book, THE HUMAN CALLING: Three Thousand Years of Eastern and Western Philosophical History (Morgan James Faith), is a journey into the past to help us navigate into the future.

Never before has this sort of study included an in-depth look into the development of both Eastern and Western philosophy and examined how the shifting currents of time, including social, economic, political and religious beliefs, have brought us to the present day.

We are living in an era where predatory monopolies are intensified, governments are over-expanded, and personal agency is weakened. Global social turmoil is at an all-time high. From the Occupy Movement, Black Lives Matter and the “Great Resignation” in the United States to the “Laying Flat” mentality in China, we have found that in this global, technocratic, money worshipping, and ultra-pragmatic system, more and more people are losing faith in their value as an individual.

Politicians and corporations around the world have hijacked the public forum and turned public media into a tool to enhance their interests. How can people see the machinations in this enormous, complex international system and realize their value as individuals and members of communities? How can they regain their autonomy? 

He believes that we must understand the origins and development of the competing philosophies, beliefs, and ideologies between the East and the West to truly understand the roots of conflicts and turbulence in the world today. This will allow us to reconstruct the sacred origin of the modern universal value system and help people rediscover the dignity and public grace of individual life. 


A survivor of the violence and famine of Mao Zedong’s totalitarian Cultural Revolution, the dream-crushing violence at Tiananmen Square, and the rise of China’s market economy, He grew up in an atheist society devoid of spirituality. After years as an economist, entrepreneur and NGO director, He retired to Maryland in 2015 with some heavy questions on his mind: “What kind of life is really worth living? Is there any other option for human life aside from the modern grind of forced busyness, manipulation by online advertisements, and hatred and violence generated and directed by those who form public opinion? Can we find a way to make human life return to its former graceful and dignified pace, make it encourage inquiring, independent thinking, peaceful communication, mutual respect and philosophical exchange, and connection to the divine source of ‘the human calling’?” 

To find the answers, He traced the growing dysfunction of humankind’s alienation by examining the rise and fall of the world’s great civilizations and their religious, philosophical, economic and political histories. His intellectual journey led him to a startling conclusion—the calling of Christianity. “My new faith shattered my unreasonable expectation to find absolute truth in the Eastern sages who preached that morality was relative. It also cut off the path to the materialistic gods of the new, moneyed East.” 

THE HUMAN CALLING is the book we need right now to illuminate our shared human history and provide answers as to how we can start creating a better world. 

Visit THE HUMAN CALLING website at or purchase the book HERE.

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Athletes that Deserve a Movie, and the Actors that Should Portray Them

( - Not all heroes wear capes. Many of them wear football pads, cleats, sneakers, and skates, and some even carry a bat or a stick. We’re talking about transcendent athletes who can make the jump from the field of battle to the silver screen.

With the release of Air - a movie inspired by Michael Jordan -, known for its reporting on the latest sports betting news (and the latest point spreads, of course), has compiled a shortlist of athletes whose larger-than-life personas, accomplishments or backstory would be worthy of the big screen - as well as the best actor to portray each one.   Which athlete will be the subject of the next Hollywood megahit?

“That sounded like a fun bet, so we decided to put some odds to it,” says Robert Jones, a former bookmaker at a major sportsbook and senior contributor at PointSpreads. 

Tom Brady

Now that he’s retired, Brady is the glamor boy who showed the world he was much more than a pretty face. Brady had a career spanning two decades, rarely got injured, and has more records than Motown.

A handsome face and an ‘aw-shucks’ demeanor is what is needed to play the seven-time Super Bowl champ. So, who is the perfect fit? We believe Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son, Patrick, would be the man to do justice to the role, according to

“We think Brady has great odds of a Hollywood portrayal of his life and career.  The man is a legend.  The consensus around our office would be +300, or 3-to-1 odds, just behind Kobe Bryant,” Jones says.

Kobe Bryant

The Black Mamba needs to be memorialized in film, and not just any movie, but one that will stand the test of time. An all-time classic with superb directing and cinematography worthy of capturing one of the most electrifying ball players ever to grace the hardcourt.

His tragic death, made even more heart-wrenching when his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, and seven other souls lost their lives in a plane crash on that fateful day in January of 2020, will have the audience misty-eyed and searching for Kleenex.’s pick to play Kobe is Michael B. Jordan. 

“There must be a Kobe film coming. I’d give it +150 odds,” Jones says.

Conor McGregor

Another celebrity that is no stranger to the pages of is Conor McGregor. Love him or hate him, it’s impossible to ignore him. The Irish MMA superstar exploded onto the scene with outrageous trash-talking and a unique fighting style that seamlessly blended a hammer-fisted boxing approach with the nuanced techniques of capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art rarely seen within the confines of the Octagon.

McGregor is a natural southpaw but can switch to orthodox at the drop of a dime and his Billionaire Strut, fashioned after WWE founder Vince McMahon’s imperious swagger, is cinematic gold. Tom Hardy, an acclaimed martial arts practitioner himself, gets the gig with no audition required.

“McGregor’s personality, backstory and Irish heritage appeal to a big demographic and there must be a producer in Hollywood wanting to make this happen.  I’d give it a solid +450,” Jones says.

Simone Biles

Considered to be the greatest gymnast in the history of the sport, Simone Biles is a 4’8” pixie mounted on a pair of hydraulic lifts and a body of twisted steel that allows her to do what few others have been able to do.

Seven Olympic and 25 World Championship medals comprise her gymnastics resume but the Presidential Medal of Freedom awarded to her by Joe Biden in 2022 reflects how truly transcendent and entrenched in the fabric of American culture she has become. Marsai Martin has our full support to recreate the wonder that is Simone Biles on the big screen.

“Simone captured our hearts and attention and any movie about her would most certainly be well received.  I’d give it 6-to-1, or +600 odds that we’ll be seeing a trailer with her likeness in the near future,” Jones says.   

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