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Duck, Duck, Goose! Restored Wetlands Thriving

(NewsUSA) - As the sun rises in middle America, nature comes to life. Ducks, geese and other birds emerge from a marsh, taking flight into a golden sky, while prairie grasses whisper in the morning breeze and insects begin to hum.     

The growing cacophony of honks, quacks, chirps and splashes is music to Jason Black’s ears. As public land manager of the McPherson Valley Wetlands in central Kansas, they are proof that this habitat is thriving.     

“This is a special place,” says Black. “I get to watch it grow through the seasons, watch the birds come and go. Everything from our state bird, the meadowlark, to whooping cranes to a number of species of ducks and geese and shorebirds when water conditions and migration are lined up just right.”     

These public wetlands were recently improved through a public-private partnership thanks in big part to one of the nation’s largest clean energy infrastructure companies, Williams. The company’s generous contribution allowed Ducks Unlimited to seek matching funds to restore several areas that are critical to waterfowl during spring and fall migrations.     

The wetlands project included restoration of approximately 160 acres of previously drained and cropped agricultural fields. New water-control infrastructure was installed and prairie seeds planted to improve wildlife habitat for quail, pheasants and other grassland birds, along with pollinators.     

The marsh is the first of a series of connected wetlands in the complex and will help improve water downstream. The wetlands in the area provide critical resources for migrating waterfowl and other birds along the Central Flyway, along with outdoor recreation for residents and visitors.     

“We take great pride in being responsible environmental stewards and are honored to support Ducks Unlimited,” says Matthew Baker, manager of engineering at Williams. “Doing what is right for our local communities is part of who we are at Williams, and this collaboration is one of the many ways we aim to preserve resources for future generations while making a positive impact today.”     

The wetland restoration is one of many environmental stewardship and sustainability projects that Williams is supporting along its nationwide footprint. Others include planting seedlings, building hiking trails, developing wildlife crossings and funding intercity marine education programs.     

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BookTrib’s Bites: A Potpourri of Fiction, Recollections and Self-Improvement

(NewsUSA) -  

Where the Sky Begins"Where the Sky Begins”
by Rhys Bowen       

A woman’s future is determined by fate and choice in a gripping WWII novel about danger, triumph, and second chances by the NYT bestselling author of “The Venice Sketchbook” and “The Tuscan Child.”  

London, 1940. Bombs fall and Josie Banks’s world crumbles. Evacuated to the English countryside, Josie ends up at the estate of Miss Harcourt, a reluctant host to survivors of the Blitz. Josie convinces Miss Harcourt to let her open a humble tea shop. But when Josie meets Mike Johnson, a handsome Canadian pilot, a growing intimacy brings her an inner peace. Then her husband suddenly returns from the war.  

A dangerous secret is about to upend Josie’s life, and her newfound courage will be put to the test.

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The Kitchen Is Closed and Other Benefits of Being Old“The Kitchen Is Closed and Other Benefits of Being Old”
by Sandra Butler  

In this funny and intensely personal collection of essays, Butler chronicles her experience moving from aging to old, remembering and forgetting all the wrong things, feeling frustrated with technology, keeping up with the avalanche of cultural and political news, mothering two middle-aged daughters, surveying her old body and ultimately, preparing for her death.  

With its sharp humor and refreshing honesty, this is a must-read for aging women, eldercare workers and adult children who want to gain a fuller sense of their mother’s life. Old women are cast aside in white American culture, Butler argues, and it’s both disheartening and disrespectful. Butler is not a senior -- she’s a mother, a lesbian, a Jew, a feminist, and at times, a “rabble-rousing hectorer.”

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On Full Automatic: Surviving 13 Months in Vietnam“On Full Automatic: Surviving 13 Months in Vietnam”
by William V. Taylor Jr.  

Vietnam 1967-68. Eighteen-year-old Marine recruit William V.Taylor Jr. and his brother are Marines assembled into a new reaction force that is immediately tested in the fire of a bloody conflict known as Operation Beaver Cage. After a traumatic first fight, they push through back-to-back operations with little time to rest or reflect. Those who survive will return home with everlasting memories of a nightmare.  

Fifty years later, Taylor shares his experience in explicit and often horrific detail and with a reverent honor for those who did not live to tell the tale. Taylor reveals what it means to walk the path of a warrior, to sacrifice, and live with the memories of a war.

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Mindful Beauty“Mindful Beauty”
by Dr. Debbie Palmer  

Relax, Let Go, and Become Your Most Beautiful Self.

Mindfulness is a simple change we can all make for better health -- emotionally, physically, and spiritually. New York-based dermatologist Dr. Debbie Palmer unveils her secrets to helping her patients develop more mindfulness and cultivate inner peace and outer radiance.   Today, mindfulness -- the act of being more present and focused in everything we do -- is important to our well-being. This book is a practical, hands-on guide to looking and feeling more beautiful in the modern-day world. It provides simple self-care tips and shows how to work with essential oils, crystals, chakras, nutrition and more as you make positive changes in body, mind and spirit. Purchase at NOTE: BookTrib’s Bites is presented by

BookTrib’s Bites: Four to Keep You Captivated This Summer

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Slay the Dragon“Slay the Dragon”
by William McGinnis       

A police officer is brutally murdered in a “mostly peaceful” Oakland protest. City hall shuts down any serious investigation. Ex-Navy SEAL Adam Weldon and his cop buddy, BC take up the search for the killers only to find themselves hunted, outmatched and at risk of being killed at any moment.  

As they fight for their lives, they discover the murder is part of a relentless, 40-year, “unrestricted warfare” assault on America by an implacable, seemingly all-powerful foe -- a sovereign state with vast resources determined to bring America to its knees and to become itself the dominant power.

Can Adam and his team survive? To find out, plunge headlong into this rousing, upbeat, rip-roaring Adam Weldon thriller by award-winning author William McGinnis.

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The Wrong Kind of Woman“The Wrong Kind of Woman”
by Sarah McCraw Crow  

A powerful exploration of what a woman can be when what she should be is no longer an option.  

In late 1970, Oliver Desmarais drops dead while hanging Christmas lights. In the year that follows, his widow, Virginia, struggles to find her place on the campus of the elite Clarendon College where Oliver was a professor. While Virginia had always shared her husband’s prejudices against the four outspoken, never-married women on the faculty, she now finds herself depending on them.  

Soon, though, reports of violent protests across the country reach the campus, stirring tensions. As authorities attempt to tamp down “radical elements,” Virginia must decide whether she’s willing to put herself and her family at risk for a cause that had never felt like her own.

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From the Flood“From the Flood”
by Suzanne Jones  

The true story of a devastating flood that destroys six-year-old Suzie Jones’s house and calls into question everything she thought she knew about home, family, and God.  

It’s the summer of 1972, when six-year-old Suzie Jones and her siblings are whisked away from their home in the middle of the night, never to return again. Hurricane Agnes has triggered a devastating flood that destroys the family home and business. Suzie and her family are then set on an exhausting four-year journey to build back their lives.

This tale of loss, love, and discovery is at times laugh-out-loud funny, at others deeply poignant, and chock full of 1970s nostalgia. The book teaches us that even the most difficult life circumstances provide unexpected gifts.

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by Dyanna Morrison  

“Liberty” is a must read for every American concerned about the senseless proliferation of gun violence and mass shootings in the United States!  

Few issues merit as much debate in the 21st century as Second Amendment rights and gun control versus gun rights issues. “Liberty,” the second play in this trilogy, shines a spotlight on Second Amendment abuses/protections, with our founding fathers witnessing the hypothetical trial of the President of the National Rifle Association through a one-way window in the courtroom.  

The proceedings are interspersed with the rationale our framers used in penning the Second Amendment, questioning its applicable use as a defense for military assault style rifles commonly used in mass shootings, that are so easy to purchase. “Liberty” is a Book Excellence/International Book Award Finalist.

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BookTrib’s Bites: Four Intriguing Stories From Different Venues and Viewpoints

(NewsUSA) -  

Curb Children“Curb Children”
by Carlos and Javier Avitia-Velazquez       

“Once a Punk, Always a Punk; Expect Nothing, Cherish Everything.” Los Angeles native David Leandro “Leo” Rial-Alvarez takes these mantras to heart. But what do they mean to an 18-year-old Latino Millennial dealing with the suicide of his close friend Aqua at his going-away party before his flight to college in New York? Especially when he left behind Astair, his childhood love, and all his other California friends?  

A subcultural coming-of-age tale, “Curb Children” embarks on an epic odyssey through strange, vibrant portions of the Los Angeles countercultural underground, circa the late 2000s. Rounded off with nostalgic, magical “dreams” guided by a punk-rock angel, Leo’s deceased Tio Angel, “Curb Children” shows what the past -- and future -- once held for a group of idealistic young Millennials.

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Segment of One“Segment of One”
by Michael Grigsby  

Newly retired marketing analyst Nick Vanderoff lost his wife last year to cancer. Now he just wants to relax and repair family relationships. He’s been spending time with his math-genius granddaughter and his estranged daughter. But a serial killer is on the loose, and traditional forensics have produced nothing. Nick has consulted for the police department before, but not on anything like this.  

Can he trust the algorithms that worked in the corporate world to flush out a madman? The answer becomes personal when Nick's projections thwart the killer’s plans, and he realizes the police are closing in on him. The sniper attacks escalate, and the killer turns toward Nick. Can Nick use his marketing skills to target a lethal segment of one to reveal himself?

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Celebrating Their Lives“Celebrating Their Lives”
by Norah Machia  

Fourteen uplifting and inspirational profiles of families who sought meaningful ways to honor the loss of their loved ones by showing tremendous acts of kindness and compassion for others. As they faced the grieving process, these families worked through their pain by creating scholarship funds, supporting medical research and organizing community education programs with a goal of saving lives. Here they share their personal insights to provide hope and inspiration for others struggling with the tragic death of a loved one.  

By creating meaningful legacies, these families found comfort in their healing journeys and were given a lifelong opportunity to share the values and beliefs of those who passed away. Each profile provides valuable resource information to create your own legacy initiatives.

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Karma Under Fire“Karma Under Fire”
by Love Hudson-Maggio  

Two societies collide: the trendy, upscale ultra-hip universe of Atlanta and the alluring, bound-by-tradition world of old India. Pressured by her “challenging” mother, Harlow Kennedy, an ambitious woman, agrees to marry politically ambitious pretty boy Addison Whitmore. The match will elevate Harlow’s social standing and guarantee financial security. The wedding will take place as soon as Harlow returns from her BFF's wedding in India.  

On the other side of the world, the parents of Tej Mayur, the hottest restauranteur in the hottest city in the South, are fretting about their son’s unmarried status. When Harlow and Tej find themselves seated together on a flight to New Delhi, sparks fly. When they touch down, they flee one another's company -- or so they think.

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BookTrib’s Bites: Four Great Reads to Take You Through the Summer

(NewsUSA) -  

Shadow Song“Shadow Song”
by Anita Morrish       

“A brilliant story of courage, resilience and love.” Rome 1943 ... As war ravages Italy, Rome’s inhabitants are watched and under curfew. Some join the resistance. Francesca, a talented art student, finds work at Rome’s opera house where nothing is as it seems. Carlo, a doctor, returns unexpectedly to Rome, unable to escape his past. Danger lurks in the shadows, threatening Francesca, Carlo and those they love.  

“The story is unputdownable,” says “Shadow Song” is a gripping, heart-wrenching World War II tale that will stay with the reader long after the book is finished. Anita Morrish's story is filled with inspiration that people can act for what is right in the face of adversity and tragic circumstances.”

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by Erich Krauss  

From NYT bestselling author Erich Krauss comes the story of two unlikely heroes thrust into a post-apocalyptic mission to restore humanity.    

Thirty years after The Great Fatigue infected the globe, Seth Keller makes a gruesome discovery which forces him to leave the safety of his desert home and the only other person left in the world … at least, as far as he knows.    

Three thousand miles away in Costa Rica, Sarah Peoples has made her own discovery -- just as horrific, and just as life-changing.    

On separate journeys a world apart, Seth and Sarah find themselves swept up in a deadly race to save humankind. But does humanity deserve to survive? “An absolute page-turner,” says NYT bestselling author, Glen Cordoza.

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Paul S. Endy Jr.: Las Vegas Casino Gaming Legend“Paul S. Endy Jr.: Las Vegas Casino Gaming Legend”
by Eric P. Endy.  

There isn’t a person who had anything to do with the gaming industry in Las Vegas -- or the world for that matter -- who doesn’t recognize the company name of Paul-Son Dice. But how many know the name of the man behind PaulSon, Paul S. Endy Jr.? He was known by many names, including Mr. Paulson, the old man, a mover and a shaker, a bull in a china shop, and Mr. Endy. But he was the author’s father, and this is the story of his life and the legacy to the gaming industry he left behind.  

Says Wayne Newton, “Paul Endy was a real Casino Gaming Legend and a great human being! I will always cherish the time we spent together. This book continues his legacy.” Purchase at

Asterisk: A Wildcard Character“Asterisk: A Wildcard Character”
by Booth Milovnik  

In January of 1983, 14-year-old Cindy found out she was pregnant. Her faith-filled mother was crushed. She ended up giving birth and naming the baby Matthew. Cindy ended up calling Matthew her little asterisk. As Cindy tells us the story of her life, Matthew seems to be a footnote to everything that happens.  

But Matthew is not just an asterisk in his mother’s story. Family members and friends also share their stories, and Matthew seems to be an asterisk in all of them. Who is Matthew? Who is his father? Just how important is Matthew to everyone he encounters as he grows up? Read stories that are raw and emotional, sometimes funny, often sad, but always compelling.

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Filmmaker Turns Loss into Award-Winning Documentary

(NewsUSA) - The award-winning documentary, “Adapting to Dive,” follows filmmaker David Marsh on a transformational journey. Marsh lost his son to an opioid overdose on Thanksgiving, one week before he joined the non-profit group, Diveheart, on an adaptive scuba diving trip to Cozumel, Mexico.     

The moving and inspirational film premiered on May 18, 2022, in Diveheart’s hometown of Downers Grove, Illinois, and it has earned laurels from the Orlando International Film Festival and the Cine Paris film festival, and has been named an official selection for the Marina Del Ray film festival and the 2022 Impact DOCS awards.     

Marsh did not share his son’s death with the Diveheart group until the filming was completed, and only after being asked by his new Diveheart friends for his overall impressions of the trip.     

Marsh explains in the film, “After going through this entire process of creating a film, releasing it to the world, and seeing the response, what I’ve learned is that we are all adapting to something in life. Diveheart and the adaptive divers showed me that we have to learn to go through these challenging things,” he says.     

“It is important to remain positive no matter what happens, because it doesn’t matter what happens, it only matters what you do with what happens that makes the difference in your life,” he emphasizes. “Share your story, because we are all moved by hearing another person’s perspective. Each one of us is a unique, individual reflection of creation itself, so honor and appreciate your uniqueness. Give grace to others with patience, because, like you, they are also having to adapt to something in life,” he adds.     

“When David and his brother Scott were not filming and interviewing participants, they were always busy helping others. We had no idea what David was dealing with mentally and emotionally after the sudden loss of his son,” says Diveheart founder and president Jim Elliott.     

“The story that David has articulated through this film is nothing short of amazing,” says Tinamarie Hernandez, Diveheart’s executive director. “Throughout the film you see the transformation that David experienced -- a transformation that no one realized was unfolding each day,” she adds.     

Adapting to Dive is especially powerful in light of the ongoing opioid crisis that affects so many families, and the film’s inspiring messages of empathy, hope and healing. Viewers will experience the genuine themes of trust, adapting, challenge, loss and love.     

Founded in 2001, Diveheart serves youth, veterans and others with physical and cognitive disabilities, and trains instructors and divers of all abilities in adaptive scuba.     Adapting to Dive can be found on Amazon and other streaming services and select film festivals around the world.     

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Lifetime’s Flowers in the Attic Prequel Reveals Dark Family Secrets

(NewsUSA) - Spice up your summer with the premiere of the much-anticipated, four-part limited series, Flowers in the Attic: The Origin, starting July 9 on Lifetime Television.     

The series is inspired by the gothic “Flowers in the Attic” book series from best-selling author V.C. Andrews, and is based on the prequel novel, “Garden of Shadows,” by Andrew Neiderman, longtime ghostwriter of the V.C. Andrews franchise.     

Jemima Rooper (Gold Digger) stars as Olivia Winfield Foxworth, with Max Irons (Condor) as Malcolm Foxworth, parents to Corinne Foxworth and grandparents to Cathy and Chris Dollanganger. Additional series stars include Kelsey Grammer, Harry Hamlin, Kate Mulgrew, Hannah Dodd, T’Shan Williams, Paul Wesley and Alana Boden.     

In the first installment, airing July 9, Olivia Winfield is a young woman in the early 20th century who gives up her career, her home, and her name to become Mrs. Malcolm Foxworth, the wife of the nation’s richest man. However, Olivia soon realizes that life at Foxworth Hall is far from the fairytale she imagined, and that her husband has a dark side. She begins to question her choices, but she is already on a journey that will take her down her own twisted path.   

In the second episode (July 16), Olivia and Malcolm’s family grows, but Olivia struggles to give her children a safe and happy childhood in the face of Malcolm’s sinister nature and obsession over his own family secret, which severs their relationship further.     In part three (July 23), Olivia opposes the unions of her adult children after suffering another devastating loss of her own. As the episode ends, she finds blood on her hands and uncertainty over the fate of an old foe.     

The series wraps up on July 30, with Olivia’s descent into the most notorious and terrifying version of herself. After losing connections with all her children, Olivia copes with the tragedy and tension by embracing religious beliefs instilled in her by her cousin. These beliefs turn into obsessions, and her desire to wreak vengeance on those around her drives her to become someone capable of locking her own grandchildren in the attic when her daughter returns after another family tragedy.     

The first two episodes of the series will also be available the day after they respectively premiere on the Lifetime app and without a cable subscription (for 10 days after they debut).  Additionally, V.C. Andrews fans can find more on Lifetime this summer; 14 titles from the V.C. Andrews movie collection will be available on demand and on TV Everywhere platforms from June 1 through August 31.     

Visit for more information about Lifetime’s summer lineup and other programming.

Max Irons, Kate Mulgrew, and Kelsey Grammer star in Flowers in the Attic: The Origin ©2022 A+E Studios, LLC.  All rights reserved. Photo credit: Vlad Cioplea/ Courtesy of A+E Studios and Lifetime

BookTrib’s Bites: A Wide Selection of Exciting Summer Reads

(NewsUSA) -  

Free the Animals - 30th Anniversary Edition“Free the Animals – 30th Anniversary Edition”
by Ingrid Newkirk       

Oliver Stone calls “Free the Animals” “a moving story about extreme cruelty and extreme courage and an inspirational and practical guide for anyone bent on challenging the system.” Told as a thriller, it a classic work of radical popular storytelling, in the mold of Edward Abbey’s “The Monkey Wrench Gang.”  

It is the story of Valerie, a young police officer whose world is turned upside down when she learns about the abuses of animals in laboratories. The book describes how this law-abiding woman comes to challenge the system by taking direct action and examines why ordinary people are moved to do extraordinary things on behalf of animals. Full of fascinating characters, vivid descriptions and thrilling incidents.

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Solitario: The Lonely One“Solitario: The Lonely One”
by John Manuel  

River guide Robbie Ducharme seeks to recover his business and sanity after the tragic events described in the author’s previous novel, “The Lower Canyons.” Ducharme hires as his assistant 18-year-old Lara Hart, herself seeking to find direction as the product of a broken family and a survivor of the Lower Canyons debacle.  

On the eve of a trip down the Rio Grande, heavy rains send that river into flood and persuade Ducharme to divert his group to a never-before-run desert arroyo. The clients are at first thrilled to enter this awe-inspiring landscape, but soon enough run into trouble.  

The novel poses the ultimate question: Are we right to be bold with our lives and the lives of others when the potential rewards are great?

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The Last Lumenian“The Last Lumenian”
by S.G. Blaise  

A rebellious and heroic princess chasing after destiny. Menacing villains around every corner. All happening within a galaxy created by S.G. Blaise. “The Last Lumenian” is a wonderful science fiction, fantasy adventure book tastefully garnished with charming alien romance. It’s a coming-of-age story of Lilla. She is a not-your-average princess and a rebel-in-disguise, fighting for the refugees’ freedom.  

The arrival of the mysterious and ruggedly handsome Callum brings news of a bigger battle -- the Era War between the two ruling archgods -- that threatens not only Lilla’s home world but everyone else’s in the Seven Galaxies. Lilla must learn to control her magic and defeat the dark god before he finds her -- the last Lumenian.

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A Moment of Change“A Moment of Change”
by Edgar Nguyen  

What can make a sudden change in a young boy? A white boy feels unhappy with his Christian mother who is disciplined, strict and determined. He decides to leave home and swears that he will never come back.  

He falls in love with a Korean immigrant girl who saves his life. But in American society, which remains controversial regarding issues about racism, will their families accept their love story? Would they come to a true love and interracial marriage such as in fairy tales?

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BookTrib’s Bites: Crime, Romance, Comedy, Passion, Investigations

(NewsUSA) -  

Almost a Serial Killer“Almost a Serial Killer”
by Margaret Lashley       

She took a stab at stardom. It stabbed back.  

“The Golden Girls” meets “Married to the Mob” in this madcap mystery series packing Mafioso-style mayhem peppered with a generous dollop of Southern-style sarcasm. A laugh-out-loud treat sure to satisfy fans of cozy mysteries and women’s fiction alike.  

When wannabe actress Doreen Diller takes a job with her celebrity crush, his new acting gig takes them on location to St. Petersburg, Florida. What awaits Doreen in the Sunshine State will seal her fate -- in the form of a role she didn't see coming and a family she didn’t bargain for. “Almost a Serial Killer” is book one in a brand-new series by Margaret Lashley, author of the best-selling “Val Fremden Midlife Mystery Series.”

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Please Cooperate“Please Cooperate”
by Jeffrey Harper  

Sweet, funny and moving, “Please Cooperate” is a socially observant, emotionally warm, resonant and tartly wrought novel for fans of Tom Wolfe, Jay McInerney and Nick Hornby. The book is a lament for, a love letter to -- and a comedy of bad manners about -- middle-class life in New York and America.  

In exquisite, often hilarious, detail, the novel portrays how a once-happy building of caring, supportive neighbors come together for the wedding of a resident. But the recent arrival of rich young owners changes everything.  

Friendships and love relationships fray until acts of betrayal and hostility -- and the demonstrations of the power of money and social class -- transform forever the lives of the characters and their once-perfect lives together.

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“My Name is EdwardMy Name Is Edward
by Annmarie Topel  

In a chance meeting, a powerful businesswoman named Ann and a troubled homeless man named Edward take a journey together that is as heart-wrenching as it is heartwarming -- a work of passion inspired, in part, by true events.  

While Edward battles his inner demons and struggles to stay alive on the streets, Ann relentlessly works to gain his trust and find him a home to call his own. As she fights to save the man she barely knows, she’s forced to confront the wounds from her own past. Through the twists and turns of this unlikely friendship, we’re taken on an emotional ride that touches the heart and opens the eyes. One reviewer writes, “It was riveting. A new author with a great future!”  

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Forensic Data Collections 2.0“Forensic Data Collections 2.0”
by Robert Fried  

Modern-day investigations frequently require the identification, preservation and collection of electronic evidence from a variety of data sources. The field of digital forensics is constantly evolving, and it is vital for all parties involved to work together to understand where relevant data is stored, and how it can be accessed and collected, in a forensically sound manner that is defensible and efficient.  

Aspiring forensic practitioners, investigators and even those who have experience with eDiscovery as an attorney, litigation support specialist or professional services provider, are provided a clear and concise understanding of what to expect, and what may need to be asked of the parties involved, when encountering today’s most common data sources during an investigation.

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BookTrib's Bites: Children, Romance, Corporate Politics, Legacies

(NewsUSA) -  

For the Love of Buddy“For the Love of Buddy”
by Dyanna Morrison       

“For the Love of Buddy” is a whimsical and heartfelt, true tale that highlights the journey of a girl and her cat, from the East Coast to the West Coast and from asthma to diabetes. It will serve as a touching and frequently humorous reminder of how our pets experience the same medical ailments that we, as humans, face over the course of our lifetimes. It is a poignant story of love and remembrance, even when confronted with the inevitable pain of loss.  

The book will bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye, and will be embraced by children and readers of all ages, as you recount and celebrate memories from your lifelong journeys with members of your own furry families.

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The Friendship Pact“The Friendship Pact”
by Jill Shalvis  

New York Times best-selling author Jill Shalvis returns to Sunrise Cove with a powerful, moving story about a young woman on a quest to find the truth about her father who learns the meaning of true love along the way. Alone in the world, Tae Holmes and her mother April pretty much raised each other, but as Tae starts asking questions about the father she’s never met, April goes silent.  

Then Tae finds herself face-to-face with Riggs Copeland, whom she hasn’t seen since their high school fling, but who comes to her aid to help track down her father. On a hunt to unlock the past, the two of them learn a shocking truth, while also reluctantly bonding in a way neither had seen coming.

Purchase at

Riding the Executive Roller Coaster: Medical Staffing Cases“Riding the Executive Roller Coaster: Medical Staffing Cases”
by Kelli Christina  

The author creatively uses real-life events and court cases unnoticed by the public eye over a decade and fictionalizes them in a compelling story of the tribulations of professional offices at their highest and lowest moments.  

Handling business or professional issues improperly or illegally has consequences that can escalate and destroy lives along the way. Too often, bosses and employees learn the hard way about employment laws that were designed to help businesses. And when business goes wrong, you can expect to find yourself in attorneys’ offices and court proceedings.  

This book is geared to help business leaders learn employment laws as well as necessary life lessons that can affect our well-being, families, friends, relationships, and love life.

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Living and Leaving My Legacy“Living and Leaving My Legacy”
by Merle Saferstein  

A serious journal writer, the author has filled more than 380 journals since 1974 and undertook a legacy journal project. She sorted through thousands and thousands of pages and found meaningful excerpts to share with others. Somewhere along the way, this morphed “Living and Leaving My Legacy (Volumes 1 and 2).”  

When she began, she chose 70 relevant topics, eventually narrowing it down to 22. After careful editing, she chose to include the excerpts that best capture her thoughts, feelings, conversations, encounters, memories, dreams, travel adventures, and more. She has been teaching a course, “Living and Leaving Your Legacy,” since 2012. She has taught 61 classes and speaks on the subject of legacy to a wide range of audiences locally, nationally, and internationally. Learn more at

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