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BookTrib’s Bites: Gripping Memoirs, Romance and a Kid’s Tale

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White Flag“White Flag”
by Judy Mandel       

“I’m done with that life, I’ll never go back to it,” vows Cheryl, but at this point the words are meaningless. This is why, when her Aunt Judy finds Cheryl in jail after two years after presuming her dead, Judy prays this is a wakeup call for the eldest daughter of her dead sister.

Bestselling author Judy L. Mandel reveals that her niece Cheryl is just a symptom of the pervasive grip of trauma brought to light in her first book, “Replacement Child.” Judy grapples endlessly with the seeming futility of trying to help Cheryl, and in the process discovers that trauma and epigenetics may have been what started this avalanche of pain generations ago. She wonders why some people can recover from addiction, and others cannot. Why some can raise the white flag of surrender, while others fight, no matter what the cost.

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Where The Sun Rises“Where The Sun Rises”
by Anna Gomez and Kristoffer Polaha  

The “From Kona with Love” series depicts multicultural romance, love, loss, and redemption woven into a family saga, set in the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Book Two is a story about overcoming adversity, the promise of young love, and the valor in letting go.  

When Maele Moana is paired up with Adam Yates to walk down the aisle together at her friend Andie’s wedding, it isn’t exactly a perfect match. Maele is the daughter of a plantation worker, and Adam is the son of one of the richest men in Oahu. But they have one thing in common: big dreams. But with love comes sacrifice, and the goals they’ve worked so hard for may end up tearing them apart.

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The Rowdy Randy Wild West Show“The Rowdy Randy Wild West Show”
by Casey Rislov  

Rugged action. Daring stunts. Spectacular showmanship! Rowdy Randy is back, and this time instead of aggravating all the creatures in her path, she’s rounding them up to put in her very own Wild West show.  

Now critters from every rock, den and tree are lining up to audition. And what a show it is! From rope stunts to high jumps, and aerial tricks to climbing competitions, this cowgirl’s show has got it all. But there’s one unwanted character lurking in the shadows who is ready to take credit for it all. The latest in the Rowdy Randy series for children -- which will bring joy and enlighten the imagination -- from this award-winning author.

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When the Bough Breaks“When the Bough Breaks”
by Nancy Ferraro  

“When the Bough Breaks, True Stories of Hope and Encouragement of Mothers Who Have Had to Reinvent Their Relationships with Their Children,” seeks to shed light on that moment when Mom has to reach into the well of courage and ask for outside help.  

The author is an attorney and the mother of two boys, one of whom was adopted from Romania with severe disabilities. After almost a decade of advocacy and research, she placed her son George in a group home, where he is thriving, growing and participating in family life. She writes of her experience as the main caregiver in the family, as most American mothers are, and bearing the burden of guilt and responsibility when things go awry.

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