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BookTrib’s Bites: Hilarious, Touching and Informative Books for All

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Rich Widows of Savannah Valley“Rich Widows of Savannah Valley”
by Mitzi Perdue       

A whimsical, moving tale about Savannah Valley, the country’s most exclusive retirement community for the uber-rich. Set outside Savannah, Georgia, this fictional community is filled with mansions, Rolls Royce Phantoms and ladies who lunch. Four rich widows -- Glenda, Edith, Darcy and Sharon -- are looking forward to their golden years with everything taken care of. Then the amenities they have paid for begin disappearing.  

The activities become tiresome, the tee times are always taken, and the late dinners are no longer allowed. All of a sudden, it feels as if their wonderful retirement is little more than a cheap motel.   These women knew when they were being handed a load of bull. Laugh-out-loud hilarious, these women are not ready to give up anything they worked so hard for.

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I’ll Remember You“I’ll Remember You”
by Deborah Packer  

“I’ll Remember You,” based on a true family tale and originally written as a screenplay, is set on the turbulent home-front America of 1943 amidst the anti-Semitism and racism of the time. It’s a love story about a young Jewish couple’s conflicted, hasty war-time courtship and marriage, a relationship plagued with doubt, misunderstanding and childhood trauma, that threaten any hope of a future together.  

An idealistic, fiercely proud small-town girl falls for a complex, enigmatic soldier from Brooklyn with horrific memories as a child in WWI Poland. Their romance, told from both perspectives, struggles through the turmoil of their hurried vows up to the moment the soldier leaves on a troop ship for England, convinced he will not survive the war. An epilogue is set in 1994.

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Jasper the Wonder Dog“Jasper the Wonder Dog”
by Richard Halliday  

This poignant tale packs twelve years of love and adventure into 52 pages, giving us a glimpse into the deep connection between Jasper and his family. While the story is bittersweet, it reassures fellow dog owners that we’re not alone when it comes to feelings of loss and remembrance.  

Ultimately, “Jasper the Wonder Dog” is far more than a children’s book about loss. It encompasses not just Jasper’s passing, but also the happiness and love that he received, thanks to his family. As much as the Hallidays brought love into Jasper’s life, Jasper gave it back to them tenfold. This book serves as a memorial to this incredible soul that touched their lives -- a true wonder dog. Beautifully written in first person with Jasper as our narrator.

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Aha! So That’s What Bitcoin Is!“Aha! So That’s What Bitcoin Is!”
by Uncle Crypto  

This book is a step-by-step guide to cryptocurrency in pictures and plain language, helping readers understand the basic concepts before even beginning to tackle what it means to invest.  

The author believes that Bitcoin has the potential to change our lives as much as or more than the invention of the automobile, computers or the Internet. Once readers understand what Bitcoin is and what it can do, they will have a clearer picture of the future we are heading toward.   Education should be easy and fun. Forty-seven illustrations make the journey enjoyable, and readers will find that going from one simple idea to the next will get them to their “AHA!” destination.

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