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Give A Box of "Chocolates" To Your Dog This Holiday

(NewsUSA) - The holidays are quickly approaching and lots of people gift their loved ones boxes of gourmet chocolates. However, can dogs eat chocolate? Of course they can't! So, how do we include our cherished furry family members in this loving tradition?

What does a box of "chocolates" look like for a dog? Or more importantly, what does it smell like?

In the case of Barkaron gourmet dog treats, the "special sauce" ingredient is not chocolate (toxic to dogs) but camel cheese, a superfood with the perfect balance of gamey pungency and health benefits , creating a safe, and delicious indulgence for your furry family member this holiday season.

Especially during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, dogs are even more integrated into family life. Dogs have become essential, not only as companions, but as workout partners, entertainers of the kids, reasons to get outside, and nonjudgmental listeners for venting frustration.

With friends and family at a distance this holiday season, many of us will be forced to show we care from a distance, deepening the desire to do something special for everyone in your life, including your furry family member.

The handcrafted dog treat bakery Chews Happiness has the answer with sustainably-sourced Barkaron Decadent Doggie Desserts. Barkarons, French macarons for dogs, arrive in elegant, eco-friendly dog gift box packaging.

"These are not the kind of treats one buys by the ten-pound bag," says Tavor White, president and CEO of Chews Happiness.

"They are special delicacies and perfect gifting experiences. We believe that dogs understand when you give them something special," he emphasizes.

"So, it's not about whether or not to indulge your dog. it's about bringing awareness to the impact that high-quality, special treats can have on your dog's health and wellness, and that of the planet."

Don't tell the dogs, but Barkarons are good for them, too.

The treats are not just the equivalent of chocolates for a dog, they are healthy functional food made from pristine ingredients and are veterinarian approved. Camel cheese, the "chocolate" for dogs, is made from camel's milk and has an aroma that tantalizes them, although their humans don't really notice it. This ingredient titillates dogs' powerful sense of smell and also targets their taste receptors (which are hard-wired for fats and meats) in a way that is similar to the euphoria humans feel when they eat chocolate.

However, camel cheese is not only delicious to dogs, but it provides immune system support with a combination of immunoglobulins, protein, and healthy fats. The Barkaron gourmet dog treats combine sustainably sourced camel cheese, chicken, fish, and other delicacies for a dog gift like no other.

Visit for more information about Barkarons and other ways to indulge mindfully with your pet during the holidays or anytime.