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“A PERFECT 10” Features  10 Proven, Scrumptious Recipes for Thanksgiving

“A PERFECT 10” Features 10 Proven, Scrumptious Recipes for Thanksgiving

(NewsUSA) - “Over the river and through the woods, to Tim Mulligan’s house we go.” That’s what it will feel like this Thanksgiving for families that tap into the self-taught home cook’s 10 mouth-watering Thanksgiving recipes.

Everything from Hummingbird Cake to Gramma’s Gumdrop Bread to Caramel Apple Salad, they are all part of Mulligan’s ever-popular cookbook, A PERFECT 10: Ten Scrumptious Recipes for Each Part of Every Meal. All told, the book offers 70 tried-and-true recipes, curated over the decades – the “Perfect 10” for each meal category and, of course, Thanksgiving – that could become your new go-to dishes for years to come.

“A PERFECT 10” Features  10 Proven, Scrumptious Recipes for Thanksgiving"My goal is to pull from my long-curated treasure chest of recipes, and share the best of the bunch, for each meal period -- making your life easier and eliminating your having to wade through cookbooks and websites when you are in a bind,” says Mulligan.

Mulligan has worked for years in restaurants and has put in more than the 10,000 hours necessary to achieve family cooking expertise. In A PERFECT 10, he provides 10 fail-proof recipes for seven distinct meal periods from breakfast to appetizers and sides, to salads, entrees, desserts and a Thanksgiving menu that will finally win you the respect of your in-laws.

His unique and tempting Thanksgiving menu includes:

• Hummingbird Cake: A banana-pineapple spice cake with origins in Jamaica but upping the ante with “blackened” bananas.

• Stovetop Green Bean Casserole: A classic but slightly updated, with cayenne and fried shallots.

• Tim’s Tried and True Stuffing: A to-die-for Thanksgiving essential with apricots, apples and pecans. Don’t be surprised if it rivals the turkey.

• Not Your Grandmother’s Creamed Corn: Turns creamed corn on its head, with Ritz crackers all over the top.

• Caramel Apple Salad: Cool Whip, pineapple tidbits, mini-marshmallows – kids will go nuts and it will make your grandma proud.

• Orangey-Appley Cranberry Relish: A fresh, vibrant alternative, the perfect side dish and great on sandwiches the next day.

• Grandma’s Gumdrop Bread: When is bread also dessert? When it’s a delightful combination of dinner rolls and candy gumdrops with a boozy eggnog glaze.

• Judy’s Mashed Sweet Potatoes: Just smooth and creamy mashed sweet potatoes with lemon, vanilla, and maple hints, covered in delectable pecan-brown sugar topping.

• Mashed Potatoes with Shallots: A multitude of random ingredients from garlic to Dijon mustard to horseradish to sour cream to kale.

• Best Turkey of All Time: With hints of apple and tarragon, Mulligan takes a totally nontraditional approach to top all the others.

Whether staying at home or looking for the perfect dish to bring to friends for the holidays, A PERFECT 10 will fire up your excitement to get cooking, knowing that Mulligan has handed you the perfect blueprint to a truly great meal.

A PERFECT 10 makes the perfect holiday gift not just for Thanksgiving but for the entire Christmas season. Purchase the book on Amazon - - and other popular retailers where books are sold.

A PERFECT 10 is the debut cookbook for Mulligan, a longtime human resources executive who lives in Los Angeles and Palm Springs with his partner Sean and their two children. To learn more, including details on recipes, visit

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