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The Key to Post-Pandemic Well-Being Is Lots of Self-Care, Study Reveals

The Key to Post-Pandemic Well-Being Is Lots of Self-Care, Study Reveals

(NewsUSA) - The unprecedented stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic pushed many to place a renewed importance on their overall health. This led to a new appreciation for self-care as people began to increasingly dedicate time in isolation to themselves. As people resume their pre-pandemic routines, this newfound commitment to wellbeing and self-care is here to stay, according to The Global State of Self-Care Report. Commissioned by Patchology, an award-winning skincare brand focused on patches and masks, it’s the first study to examine consumers’ self-care practices and trends across the spectrum and in multiple countries. According to the report, not only did 67% of U.S. respondents increase their self-care during the pandemic, but 79% of those people intend to prioritize self-care into the future.     

“As a skincare brand, we’ve seen in real time how important self-care has become to our customers,” says Chris Hobson, President and CEO of Rare Beauty Brands. “Now, more than ever, brands must constantly learn about consumer values and adapt product innovation to meet them.”   

 Hobson and the Patchology team are already on the right track -- the report found that globally, a skincare-first approach to self-care emerged over the past few years. In fact, regardless of their age, women have increased the amount of time they spend on skincare daily, averaging about 16 minutes now vs. 12 minutes per day pre-pandemic.     

While time dedicated to skincare has increased, it’s still a fraction of an hour out of a 24-hour day, making it essential for brands to create efficient, high-quality products that can be used by anyone. With over one-third (36%) of the respondents citing stress as a reason to upgrade their skincare routine, making the process simple can be critical for some consumers.     

With Patchology’s extensive collection of fun, easy-to-use products -- everything from eye gels and sheet masks to foot peels and warming hand masks -- consumers can choose their own skincare adventure via a 5- or 10-minute fix or a 60-minute indulgence. According to the report, more than one-third (35%) of the women surveyed intend to buy more eye patches and approximately 25% said they would buy more sheet masks. Even as consumers become more comfortable returning to salons and spas, outside visits aren’t likely to dampen enthusiasm for at-home beauty products.     

The overarching result is … happiness. Increased self-care efforts not only got U.S. consumers through the darkest days of the pandemic, but resulted in a boost in general happiness: 81% of respondents who placed an emphasis on self-care currently describe themselves as moderately to very happy.     

Patchology’s The Global State of Self-Care Report surveyed respondents on their self-care habits, before, during and after the pandemic; how their dedication to the practice has changed or is expected to change looking ahead; how they value certain types of self-care; and the products they see themselves using in the future.     

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