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Magic Wand Combines Movement and Technology

Magic Wand Combines Movement and Technology

(NewsUSA) - Technology is part of children’s lives, and although excessive screen time is a concern, other types of technology can be an enhancement to early childhood education.

The Kinoo Magic Wand is a screenless, smart device that young children can use independently or with family members. The 4-inch wand features three illuminated bulbs and a speaker to produce light, color and sound. Children use the wand to add an essential element of movement-based learning to games and activities in the Move & Master book (mBook), High Five magazine Kinoo Special Edition and more that are compatible with the wand.     

The activities accompanying the wand were developed in partnership with Highlights for Children, the classic children’s publisher of magazines and books.     

The wand acts as a tool to help engage children as they work through letters, phonics and reading, as well as body exercises, music instruments, Hidden Pictures and others. The activities are also designed to help build life skills such as creativity, collaboration, curiosity and critical thinking.     

“Brain research has validated 'physical movement' as a powerful accelerant to learning and development for kids when coupled with visual and auditory learning modalities,” says Jim Marggraff, CEO and founder of Kinoo.     

“While screen time has become a part of everyday parenting and education, it has reduced the time kids spend actively engaging and socializing. Kinoo was founded to combine leading edge technologies with developmental research to produce breakthroughs in learning for all children,” says Marggraff, who created the transformational, award-winning LeapPad Learning System.     

To celebrate the launch of the Kinoo Magic Wand, in partnership with Highlights for Children, Kinoo is hosting the Kinoo Magic Wand Contest. The winning family receives a free trip to Los Angeles, Calif., and will star in Kinoo’s 2023 product commercial. Many families around the countries have participated in the #kinoomagicwand social campaign.     

Parents can also use the Kinoo Magic app to customize their wands with ongoing new releases of content and activities from an expanding library. Another bonus: the Kinoo Connect app enables children to safely play collaborative, curated games while video chatting with selected individuals, such as a remote family member.     

The Kinoo Magic Wand with High Five magazine Kinoo Special Edition by Highlights for Children is a perfect holiday gift.     

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