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John W. Warner IV WWII Thriller Reveals Shocking Hidden German Military History


From John W. Warner IV, author, historian, son of U.S. Senator John W. Warner and grandson of philanthropist Paul Mellon, OSS, KBE, comes this smart new historical thriller "Lion, Tiger, Bear," sequel to his acclaimed debut novel, "Little Anton," about the shocking hidden history of super-advanced technology and covert schemes of the German military during WWII's North African campaign and beyond.

Lion, Tiger, BearWarner's four decades of research and extensive conversations with his father, high-ranking military personnel, and his grandfather, Paul Mellon, inform the story, which cleverly combines primary-source material and archival military reports with fictional and satirical elements to create a riveting narrative. Psychologist Carl Jung, Mellon's friend and OSS fellow, has a concept of "synchronicity" that is evident in the book, making it a feast of wartime indelicacies and potent metaphysical concepts.


 Rash and brash Lady Bea, introduced in "Little Anton," is back as pilot and MI6 operative (British Secret Intelligence Service). Her team's mission: locate a secret German mining operation, airbase and Ahnenerbe SS archaeology dig in Iraq that is supplying the German "Wunderwaffe's" atomic ordinance with free energy and antigravity programs. The program relies on mysterious ancient knowledge and materials.

Lion, Tiger, BearA dedicated military historian and conspiracy researcher, Warner divulges occult (above Top Secret) WWII activity including Germany's placement of bunkers and radio towers above underground telluric energy "Ley Lines." These boosted power and hidden war weaponry projects including chemical lasers, atomic weapons, antigravity experiments and rocket works for Himmler's SS under the auspices of SS General Kammler.

 Warner cites evidence about the 1942 "Battle of Los Angeles" and the intelligence-gathering plasma drone "Foo-Fighters" documented in official U.S., British, Russian and German military files, which caused electrical malfunctions among all combatants' aircraft and ships embroiled in the conflict.

The book begins in 1942: Bea has survived a crash-landing in Egypt with two Allied soldiers. After fighting Rommel's vaunted "Afrika Korps," she reluctantly reconnects with her overbearing granduncle, Prime Minister Churchill, in Cairo, and then dives back onto front lines with a motley crew including a wise African soldier named Gwafa.

Next come near-death adventures with real-life characters: German physicist Walter Gerlach, Bea's "frenemy" the brilliant Professor Porsche, and "Ahnenerbe SS" scientists Ernst Sch?fer and Edmond Geer.


Readers will relish the mix of Warner's historical details and boundless imagination as he describes scenes such as the actual 1942 Oval Office meeting between Churchill, General George Marshall, and President Roosevelt, where they devise a global strategy to defeat the Axis forces and discuss the UFO-like "Celestial Devices" and "Foo-Fighters" on many battlefronts, their cosmic agendas unknown.

Women readers will appreciate the powerful duo of Bea and Alice: Bea is at the helm of both a German Tiger Tank and a super-powered airship while Alice advises, taunts and navigates. Just as WWII saw women in new roles as mechanics, ferry pilots, intelligence operatives, code-breakers, doctors, nurses and scientists, Warner's books are a celebration of these women and the "Divine Feminine" -- the ascendance of women's natural, spiritual and inclusive leadership.

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