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Herbal Elderberry Supplements Support Sleep and Immunity

(NewsUSA) - A healthy immune system has always been important, but even more so today in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Seeking products enhanced with naturally occuring antioxidants is an easy way to promote good health.

Elderberries have a long history of use as an herbal way to support good health because of their high level of flavonoids. Elderberries, notably the Sambucus elderberry, are featured in a new line of products from Nature's Way, a leading provider of health and dietary supplements since 1969.

The Nature's Way product line uses only select cultivars of black elderberries, including the Haschberg cultivar, which contain high levels of naturally-occurring anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are plant pigments that have supporting optimal immune system function.

"While many other elderberry manufacturers use juice powders or concentrates, our elderberry is an extract that's standardized to a precise percentage of flavonoids with every gram of the Sambucus' elderberry extract," according to the Nature's Way website.

The Sambucus berries in Nature's Way products are carefully cultivated and harvested as part of the company's commitment to quality. Company representatives make a point of traveling to areas of the world where berries, herbs, and other elements thrive in optimal conditions, cultivated by skilled growers and harvesters, in order to deliver an unadulterated product that undergoes further rigorous testing to ensure authenticity.

New ways to enjoy the health benefits of elderberries include the Sambucus Sleep + Immune Gummies and Sambucus HoneyBerry Cough Syrup. Both products are available in formulations for children and adults.

The gummies feature a combination of melatonin and the enzyme L-theanine to encourage restful sleep, lemon balm and passionflower botanical extracts to promote relaxation, and Sambucus elderberries with their immune supporting benefits.

If this winter brings colds and coughs, Sambucus HoneyBerry Cough Syrup may help by providing a multi-pronged defense recipe that includes not only organic elderberry extract, but also organic honey, organic apple cider, and English ivy leaf extract.

In addition, the cough syrup contains vitamin C and zinc in a combination formulated to potentially soothe coughs and help promote a healthy immune system. The cough syrup is available in daytime and nighttime versions to avoid disruptions to busy routines.

Sambucus elderberry products are available online and through several major retailers, including Walgreens, Target, Walmart, Amazon, and CVS.

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