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Evolving Approaches to Elective Surgery After COVID-19

(NewsUSA) - COVID-19 has changed the way Americans approach elective surgery, sometimes in unexpected ways.

For example, a 16-year-old, dedicated sousaphone player, had two flat feet that made marching painful. But a hectic high school schedule didn't leave time for the corrective orthopedic surgery needed since birth.

"Both of our children love being musicians, but my child's feet created a real struggle," says the 16-year-old's father.

"When COVID-19 created flexible time, we knew it was a blessing in disguise."

"COVID-19 has increased my practice significantly, because people have time and flexibility to take care of non-critical health issues," says Dr. Elizabeth Hewitt, the orthopedic surgeon who performed the procedure.

However, the pandemic has shifted many elective surgeries from hospitals to smaller surgery centers that are perfect for patients such the high school muscian.

"Many of my patients are also concerned about being exposed to the virus in crowded hospitals," says Dr. Hewitt.

To keep patients safe and keep their practices efficient, smaller surgery centers have begun to outsource sterility and supply management to external suppliers. This strategy lets surgeons stay focused on providing specific procedures and the positive outcomes that all patients deserve.

For many of her patients, Dr. Hewitt has relied on Gramercy Extremity Orthopedics (GEO) to provide sterile instruments that were precisely what she needed.

Companies such as GEO are enabling hospitals and surgery centers to maintain high standards and control costs with outsourced surgical support such as the GEO CART®.

The GEO cart is a self-contained system that provides orthopedic surgeons with pre-sterilized packs of single-use instruments and implantable devices custom-ordered for each patient and procedure. The system is ready to use and designed for surgeons' needs, reducing or eliminating the need for company representatives in the operating room. The GEO cart also tracks supplies with an exclusive computerized radio frequency identification system, so the surgeons are never scrambling for substitute items.

"GEO works very closely with surgeons who understand how to provide their patients with the care and safety they deserve," says Scott Day, Chief Operating Officer at GEO.

"We offer the latest technology and can help eliminate many steps in the complicated surgical process where human error or inefficiencies can sneak in," he explains.

"Staff at hospitals and surgery centers are working to maintain the highest safety and efficiency standards at all times; they deserve the latest technology and process support to streamline surgery so they can focus on what really matters -- patients."

The high schooler's parents agree.

"Dr. Hewitt and the surgery center made my son's first surgery a terrific experience. We got phone updates every step of the way and never worried about safety," says the father.

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