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BookTrib's Bites: Captivating Stories, Two Books to Help Children


Halfway to Schist"Halfway to Schist"
by Peter Bridgford

Red Rogers is the daughter of two geologists, so her childhood has been overshadowed by all things having to do with the rock cycle, plate tectonics and glaciation. When her mother commits suicide, Red and her father embark on an adventure to restore an old family fishing lodge on an island. Along the way, Red must navigate around the submerged hazards resulting from the friendship with a local boy, and an Anishinaabe man and his grandson -- all the while trying to fit in with the rich teenaged crowd at the local hotel.

With each misadventure Red encounters, her mother's journal continues to teach her how the lessons of geology and glaciation are as applicable to human beings as they are to her beloved rocks and ice. Purchase at

Rex's Journey"Rex's Journey"
by Dr. Ambroes Pass-Turner

A kid's emotional landscape is full of hills and valleys. Rex has been struggling with understanding why and how he feels. From angry one minute to sad the next, he just wants to be a kid. What's so hard about that? But we can't always control how we feel, especially not as kids.

Follow along with Rex's journey as he learns to cope with his emotions in a safe and healthy way: something we all can learn from. One Amazon reviewer calls it "a beautiful and timely story. We need more books like this! This book showcases the journey of a little boy who had to go to a counselor. Very well done." Purchase at

by Jana Eisenstein

Fueled by cheap vodka and low standards in her twenties, Jana naively assumes that "happily ever after" is just a dark, sweaty nightclub away. In this memoir, Jana meets men … lots of men. But with every face-licker, toe-sucker, and internet creep, it becomes clearer that hers is a ghost story and not the fairytale she expected. Still single in her thirties, she realizes she'll need to adjust her approach or risk being haunted by the mistakes of her dating past and a future of shirtless bathroom selfies.

Though "Ghosted" depicts the struggle to find lasting love, at its heart it's a story about learning to accept that when it comes to dating, there are scarier fates than ending up alone. Purchase at

Crossing the Pressure Line"Crossing the Pressure Line"
by Laura Anne Bird

Twelve-year-old Clare Burch wonders whether her feelings of sorrow over her grandfather's death will ever go away. A special request sends Clare on a journey from her home to the Northwoods of Wisconsin. She knows she must honor Grandpa Anthony's last wishes.

Clare heads to rural Alwyn with her little blind dog and a duffel bag full of worries. What will she do without her best friends? Who will take her fishing and spoil her with candy now that her grandfather is gone? And is she strong enough to let him go? She stumbles upon the answers, learns to listen to the courageous voice inside and discovers just how tough she really is. Purchase at

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