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Tips For Traveling to Music Festivals on a Budget

Tips For Traveling to Music Festivals on a Budget

(NewsUSA) - Summer is peak season for music festivals and concerts, and fans are road tripping from coast to coast to experience their favorite artists live. But costs can add up quick.  

Country breakout sensation Mackenzie Carpenter and Chicago-based pop-punk group Action/Adventure share five tips for fans traveling to summer festivals on a budget:

  1. Make a Budget: Before heading out for your music adventure, it helps to make a budget prioritizing what matters most – every dollar counts! To help save on costs, Carpenter and Action/Adventure opt for the My6 Music Package, which offers artists and their crews 10% off stays and access to 50 discounts on music-related services from video streaming and sound equipment, gas, snacks and more, available through Oct. 31. Fans can also receive 6% off stays through the free My6 program, plus hundreds of additional discounts.
  2. Identify Affordable Lodging: After a music-filled day, it’s important to have a clean, comfortable and affordable place to rest and recover. Carpenter chooses economy lodging brands Motel 6 and Studio 6 as her go-to lodging options, as they have 1,400 locations across the U.S. and Canada.
  3. Bring Your Own Snacks: Food and drinks are expensive inside concert grounds, so packing your own can help save your wallet. Carpenter chooses to bring a reusable water bottle to reduce costs on one-time use water bottles inside the festival, and Action/Adventure members suggest bringing a cooler to keep food cold. Check out the festival's policies on outside food and drinks to ensure compliance!
  4. Seek Out Ticket Promotions: Keep an eye out for discounted tickets through official channels or reputable ticket resale platforms. Taking advantage of these promotions can allow for more to be spent inside the venue, and Action/Adventure even suggests looking into volunteer opportunities that provide access to the concert.
  5. Use Public Transportation or Carpool: When available, Action/Adventure opts for public transportation to get to and from the venue, as it's usually cheaper than driving. If driving is necessary, consider carpooling or using rideshare services with friends to split costs.

For additional information on the My6 Music program and how to become a free My6 Member, visit to start saving today!

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