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Silver&Fit Expands Free Senior Exercise Classes to 54 Per Week

(NewsUSA) - For those seeking new exercise options in 2021, the Silver&Fit® program is expanding its free, public Facebook Live and YouTube senior exercise classes from four classes a day to nine, including Saturdays, for a total of 54 classes a week. These half hour classes include cardio, strength/bodyweight, yoga, dance, tai chi, mixed formats, and flexibility and balance at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Additional daily free workouts feature an international location and a 'my favorites' option. The new roster of free exercise classes will premiere Monday, January 4th, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. For added convenience, classes can be replayed at any time on Facebook or YouTube for two weeks after the premiere date.

"So many people have lost access to their gyms, and this is especially hard for older adults who look forward to their structured classes and social interactions," said Jaynie Bjornaraa, PhD., MPH, PT, and AVP of Digital Fitness Solutions with the Silver&Fit program. "Our new, expanded fitness class schedule offers more classes, more variety of exercise options, and world-renowned instructors who have exceptional experience developing classes tailored to older adults."

The Silver&Fit roster of elite instructors include Master Trainers like June Kahn, celebrity trainers like Andrea Marcum, fitness program founders like Aileen Sheron, and entrepreneurs and authors like Adita Lang. In total, Silver&Fit is bringing more than 20 senior fitness experts to its free, public online workout experience.

Since launching its first free public classes on Facebook and YouTube in March, in response to the pandemic, Silver&Fit's senior exercise classes have been viewed more than 1.5 million times, and the program has gained over 20,000 social media followers.

"The thousands of people taking our classes have told us how much they appreciate the variety of classes, the expertise and warmth of our instructors, and the online community that connects them to other like-minded individuals and helps them overcome social isolation," added Dr. Bjornaraa. "The new schedule is arranged to encourage people to try various types of workouts for different fitness benefits. For example, on a Saturday, someone finishing the 8 a.m. advanced cardio class may want to follow that with intermediate yoga at 9 a.m. Workouts that focus on different components of fitness offer better overall physical health improvement opportunities."

"These classes are my lifeline," said Silver&Fit Facebook follower Rose L. "I have lost 20 pounds since August. I do two classes every day. I am surprised how much energy I have after my workout!"

"The workouts have boosted my balance and strength," said Silver&Fit class participant Bonnie P. "I am so thankful…!"

Anyone can participate in the free workout classes by following Silver&Fit on Facebook at or by visiting YouTube at Class videos can be replayed any time after they premiere by viewing the Videos tab on Facebook or the Home page on YouTube.

For more information about the Silver&Fit program's Medicare Advantage options, visit