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Reimagine Your Jewelry for the Holidays

Reimagine Your Jewelry for the Holidays

(NewsUSA) - The holiday season is here, and people are eager for some well-earned self-indulgence.

Custom jewelry is an ideal way to honor yourself or someone you love with something truly special that lasts a lifetime.     

Custom jewelry, such as the handcrafted items from Scottsdale, Arizona-based Cornelis Hollander, has several advantages over standard-issue pieces that make for memorable gifts.     

- Showcase your style. Go bold, go traditional; with a custom jeweler, the options are limitless. Custom jewelry lets you add a touch of elegance or make a bold statement. Combine elements to create something uniquely yours. Choose from one of the award-winning designs in the Cornelis Hollander signature collection, or take inspiration from their bold yet elegant options, and create something uniquely yours.     

- Reimagine your heirlooms. Cornelis Hollander encourages clients to think outside the box, the jewelry box, that is. For example, if you have a diamond ring from your grandmother with multiple stones, you can turn it into a pendant and earrings with settings that reflect your style and honor your family.     

“Whether transforming heirloom pieces into something new, upgrading to something more impressive or finding that first heart-stopping ring, we are honored to help you bring your vision to life,” according to Walter Hollander, who inherited the company from his father. “Your jewelry is a showpiece for your personal style, and we want to help you shine.”     

The experts at Cornelis Hollander work with you each step of the way to craft your jewelry. After an initial consultation, the team creates a 3D rendering so you can see and approve your piece from every angle. Next, you receive a 3D printed version, so you can hold a model in your hand and propose any final changes. Once approved, the piece is cast, and the gemstones are set according to your design.     

Cornelis Hollander, a native of the Netherlands, refined his jewelry design skills at the Vrije Academie in Den Haag, Holland. He eventually settled in Arizona, and his unique and award-winning designs for diamond engagement rings and other custom jewelry combine classic training and modern innovation. The company remains in the hands of the Hollander family, and all designs are manufactured by skilled craftsmen in the Scottsdale, Arizona, studio.     

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