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Private Jets No Longer for the Rich and Famous

(NewsUSA) - Remember the excitement of calling your first Uber or LYFT ride? With the download of an app and the click of a button, convenience and transportation were right at your fingertips. The days of standing on the corner hailing a cab or hiring a car service are over (for most.)

And now that those days are behind you, the hustle, bustle and hassle of commercial airlines and airports can be your next farewell.

Meet ONEflight International, your new travel buddy, bringing the joy and thrill back to flying. No more turning on your Google flight tracker for the best deals or acting out a scene from the Hunger Games when it comes to an airline's early flight check-in process.

ONEflight International's new state-of-the-art Book A Jet or program makes taking that trip to California (or anywhere else you have to go, for that matter) as easy as calling your nearest ride- hailing company.

Think this service may be outside your budget? Think again. ONEflight's volume-based pricing allows savings of 30 to 40 percent over typical private jet costs and with a database of more than 4,000 jets and 500 of the leading charter operators, you are guaranteed to find the perfect size and style.

The price for a single flyer may seem daunting. However, President and CEO Ferren Rajput believes the private flights are ideal for businesspeople and families.

When factoring in the time, money and overall hassle it takes to travel in groups, flying private quickly appears as the most viable option. Plus, let's not forget that each flight comes with a complimentary catered meal - and we're not talking bagged pretzels and a cup of water. Passengers are connected with a Concierge Coordinator that will accommodate any food and dietary restrictions to provide a deliciously catered meal selected by the passengers, with crowd favorites such as steak and potatoes.

Private jets also offer the convenience of smaller, less crowded airports. For the group of business folks eager to reach their destination, flying private cuts out the stress. No long check-in station or even longer TSA lines to fight through, shaving off hours of travel time and leaving more time for business.

In an interview with Arizona Daily Mix Channel 7, President and CEO Rajput says, "the private jet segment was really just supposed to be for the wealthy, the top super- rich, but it's not that anymore."

With the new system, developed by ONEflight International, anyone can experience the luxury and convenience of a private jet.

"If you're going to fly private jets, you need to check out ONEflight's BAJ, the most efficient booking system." says Robert Herjavec, founder and CEO of Herjavec Group, a global cybersecurity company, leading Shark on ABC's Shark Tank, and brand ambassador for ONEflight.

So, before you book your next getaway, be it business or pleasure, check for the best options.