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Engagement Ring Styles to Suit Any Holiday Wishlist

(NewsUSA) - Life and love go on, and couples are getting engaged and getting married, even through the unprecendented coronavirus pandemic. Winter holidays remain a popular time for engagements, and couples still want to make the most of this special time with one-of-a-kind engagement rings.

Are you getting engaged this holiday season? Thinking about it? Check out these four hot designs from award-winning jeweler Cornelis Hollander for your holiday wish list.

- Strong but sweet: The Burcht setting, the top left photo, features an arc of pave diamonds that sits beneath a precious metal bridge holding a stunning center stone.

- Dramatically different: The Modus setting, featured in the bottom right corner, redefines diamond engagement rings with a center stone held by four elongated prongs above a glittering diamond bar that touches the finger and curves upward.

- Sensuously sophisticated: The Spiral setting in the bottom left corner, showcases a center stone in a diamond-studded channel that appears to curve around the finger.

- Two become one: The Lus, in the top right corner, is an exceptional design that stands alone or serves as the combination engagement and wedding ring, with the appearance of two rings -- a bridge of pave diamonds crossing the finger diagonally, with a center diamond floating above it.

Want to design your own ring? The Cornelis Hollander team works with customers from start to finish to make your wish come true. In addition, the team at Cornelis Hollander can work with couples to repurpose an existing engagement ring into a unique and updated piece that lets them honor the original item while making it their own. Any Cornelis Hollander designs can feature moissanite or diamond as the center stone.

"Whether transforming heirloom pieces into something new, upgrading to something more impressive, or finding that first heart-stopping ring, we are honored to help you bring your vision to life," according to Walter Hollander, who inherited the company from his father. "Your ring is the ultimate storyteller of your style and commitment."

Cornelis Hollander, a native of the Netherlands, refined his jewelry design skills at the Vrije Academie in Den Haag, Holland. He eventually settled in Arizona, and his unique and award-winning designs for diamond engagement rings and other custom jewelry combine classic training and modern innovation. The company remains in the hands of the Hollander family, and all designs are manufactured by skilled craftsmen in the Scottsdale, Arizona, studio.

Visit for more details and to explore a unique collection of handcrafted contemporary and their beloved diamond ring designs.