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BookTrib's BookBites: Kids Fun, Mystery, Life Lessons and Riveting Memoir


"Veronica Viggle and the Bubble Gum Machine: A Mad Scientist Story"
by Louis Goldman

A graphic novel for children (and adults) "with illustrations that jump off the page and characters that you cheer for." After being trapped by Veronica Viggle and held in the Mad Scientist's deep and dark (yet freshly scented) laboratory, the Little Boy is in for a world of trouble, destined to be turned into grasshoppers … or marshmallows … or worse yet, bubble gum!

The Little Boy's friends team up to stage a daring rescue from the Mad Scientist's laboratory. But can they overcome Veronica's cunning and the Mad Scientist's crafty inventions? You are about to find out!

"Conveys some eternal truths in a highly accessible manner, in language that is simple and clear." Purchase at

"The Mystery at Turkelton Manor"
by Kraig Dafoe

Twelve-year-old Nathaniel Jones wants to be a detective. Though his imagination tends to run wild, Nate knows something strange is going on and he is determined to figure it out. Hearing noises at night, the young detective sees a strange figure lurking about.

The Turkeltons are rich, and Nate's grandfather is their groundskeeper. As a result, Nate gets to spend the summer on the manor grounds. With priceless art and expensive jewelry in the mix, and someone creeping around at night, Nate becomes determined to catch a thief. There's just one problem -- nothing seems to be missing. For ages 10 and up. Purchase at

"Sink or Walk on Water"
by Stevenson Jones

"Stevenson will capture your heart, mind and faith. He takes you on a journey during a simple meeting, and when it's over you realize he has tricked you into discovering yourself."

Life has taught the author lessons that have helped him in his growth as a person. This book will inspire individuals from all walks of life because it speaks on a lot of everyday issues that we all face. The hope is that this book will help those who are unsure of their faith by listening to the author's story on how God has helped him overcome tough situations in life. Purchase at

"Vector to Destiny"
by George W. Kohn

In this memoir that goes beyond the classic Vietnam war story, the author faces a life-changing dilemma: Should he do what is expected of him or dare to pursue his heartfelt dream? His decision takes the reader on an inspiring, action-packed journey from a demanding farm life in Wisconsin to treacherous skies over Vietnam. He will capture your heart with farm adventures and his struggles and determination to get through college and Air Force pilot training.

You will be his co-pilot in an F4 Phantom jet, narrowly surviving perilous missions as a combat fighter pilot. Experience this compelling, true-life journey of a destiny accomplished through faith and perseverance. Purchase at

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