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BookTrib's Bites: Intrigue, Romance, Kids Adventures and Guide for Therapy


A Queen from the North: A Royal Roses Book"A Queen from the North: A Royal Roses Book"
by Erin McRae and Racheline Maltese

"Rich, diverse worldbuilding sets this story of contemporary royalty apart … a perfect cocktail of political intrigue and slow-burn romance," says Publisher's Weekly (BookLife). Named Library Journal's Best Indie Ebook 2017.

Lady Amelia Brockett, known to her family as Meels, is having the Worst. Christmas. Ever. Dumped by her boyfriend and rejected from graduate school, her parents deem her the failure of the family.

But when her older brother tries to cheer her with a trip to the races, a chance meeting with Arthur, the widowed, playboy Prince of Wales, offers Amelia the opportunity to change her life -- and Britain's fortune -- forever. Purchase at

Sissies Adventures: Three-Book Set"Sissies Adventures: Three-Book Set"
by Marisa Howard

The bonds of sisterhood shine through these short stories for young children and illuminate how having a sister is one of life's most precious gifts. Pack your bags -- the Sissies are going on vacation! And big sissy can't wait to show little sissy all the fun things to do, from swimming and building sandcastles to hiking and dancing. Join the Sissies as they visit the sea, the mountains, and Mexico.

"The Sissies Adventure Series," a three-book bundle, is presented by Weeva Kids, a new line of books committed to creating art for children. With every book, young readers are invited to explore the infinite possibilities of their own imaginations and are encouraged to make the world a better, more vibrant place. Purchase at

Introspective Journal: Therapy Notebook"Introspective Journal: Therapy Notebook"
by Nilaja Green, PhD

This journal is designed specifically for therapy patients to capture their before-session, in-session and after-session thoughts, ideas and homework. The "between session" pages are to keep track of experiences that occur when you are not in therapy. Life happens and we don't always hold onto those important moments.

The book also provides information sheets about the varying mental health professions to give you direction when seeking therapy, psychoeducational resources and general information about emotions and self-assessment and information about preparing for therapy. It includes national emergency numbers, a self-assessment, values exercise, information about sleep hygiene, managing distressing emotions, creating joy and meaning and much more. A companion journal for therapists is also available. Purchase at

Red Deception"Red Deception"
by Ed Fuller and Gary Grossman

What would happen if all the major bridges in the U.S. were bombed, all commerce came to a dead stop, and the nation's natural resources, such as our water supply, were cut off? The importance of protecting America's critical infrastructure has rarely been depicted so powerfully as in Ed Fuller and Gary Grossman's fast-paced thriller, "Red Deception," the follow-up to 2019's "Red Hotel."

The novel posits a scenario that could potentially destroy much of the nation's infrastructure.

Blending career insight with first-hand knowledge of global politics, Fuller, a global executive and crisis management expert, and Grossman, a TV producer and author, have once again drawn a chilling portrait of the fragile fault lines in Europe and the players poised to seize power. Purchase at Now also available as an audiobook at

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