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BookTrib's Bites: Historical Fiction, Cozy Mystery and Difficult Subjects


 Brain Storm"Brain Storm"
by Shelley Kolton, MD

The sad 7-year-old girl. The aggressive 14-year-old boy. The terrified 3-year-old child. The cult leader. She lived with these, and over 30 other parts of her mind throughout endless cycles of deepest depression, paralyzing panic, thoughts of suicide, and a revolving door of psychotherapists.

Dr. Shelley Kolton tells the story of a childhood marked by unimaginable abuse and the distinct parts her brain created to hold those memories and protect her. She balanced the demands of medicine, marriage and family as new parts emerged while grueling therapy sessions consumed her.

 The heartbreaking account of a mind, fragmented and broken, ultimately made whole by one woman's incomparable strength and courage. Purchase at

The Lost Diary of Anne Frank"The Lost Diary of Anne Frank"
by Johnny Teague

"The Diary of Anne Frank" is a seminal piece of twentieth century literature recounting the tragic and moving story of a young Jewish teenager faced with the horrors of Nazism. Anne establishes a bond with her readers that transcends both time and space, making them her friends and confidants.

Her diary ended, but her story did not. This book picks up where her original journal left off, taking the reader on a credible journey through the tragic final months of her life, faithfully adhering to her own, very personal, diary format in the process. Anne's vaulted dreams for fame and notice are ultimately traded in for the true longings of life, love, and peace. Purchase at

 Blind Vision"Blind Vision"
by Nina Blakeman

"Blind Vision" is a cozy mystery with a fervent zing! The unexpected death of a patient of young neurologist Dr. Callie Wallace throws the overachieving physician into a tailspin. Her mother wants to help, but a dark family secret keeps their relationship contentious and distant. A long-time boyfriend also wants to be there, but she keeps him at arm's length and turns to her business partner Dr. Richard Cortez, causing strain. It all comes down to who exactly Callie can trust.

There's charm and Rockwellian atmosphere, but instead of cupcakes, tea parties, and antiquing, there's sexual undercurrent, drug deals, domestic abuse and a bit of profanity. A medical suspense novel for mystery lovers. Purchase at

 Suffer Less in Death"Suffer Less in Death"
by Vincent Dodd, R. N.

The process of dying and the choices we make for our own death and others is not a clear-cut topic. Raw and informative, this book explores the truth and asserts your right to knowledge and your right to say "no" to medical procedures that prolong suffering once imminent and inevitable death arrives.

The author cares deeply about your awareness, knowledge, and choices, and his perspectives come from 21 years of bedside emergency and intensive care nursing in teaching hospitals, followed by 14 more years of advocating for both the dying and the living to pilot their own health care. He takes a look at a difficult subject and turns it into a highly informative, easy, and, at times, even a funny read. Purchase at

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