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BookTrib's Bites: Four Great Reads to Wash Away Those April Showers


"Resistance, Revolution and Other Love Stories"
by K.

Is love the most revolutionary of all acts? In this wide-ranging collection of 12 short stories, a startling array of characters explore their perspectives on love. The stories sweep from sharp realism to heady allegory, haunting fables to sci-fi thrillers, starring teens and drifting husbands, futuristic automations and talking dogs, gardeners and gatekeepers, a blind girl, a young father, and many more.

Anyone interested in the struggle against stifling societal powers and the potency of love will see some of themselves in these pages. By turns exciting, meditative, and funny, these enjoyable, thought-provoking stories will linger long after the book is closed. "The author has a gift for storytelling, and this shines through." Purchase at


"After Happily Ever After"
by Leslie A. Rasmussen

For fans of the movie, Something's Gotta Give, this book portrays the struggles that millions of women in the "sandwiched generation" face. Maggie Dolin is forty-five and isn't dealing with getting older very well. Her daughter is heading to college; her husband is distracted and disconnected; her mother is self-involved and judgmental; and her father's health is deteriorating.

And then a chance meeting with a younger man causes Maggie to act in a way completely out of character. As she gets deeper in, she's forced to make big decisions about what she wants and deserves that could change her life forever. Purchase at


"The ABCs of Being a Mom"
by Karen Bongiorno

Moms enter the world of motherhood with no sense of the impact that entry will have upon them. They need orientation and guidance to get through this bewildering maze. This instructive guide addresses the changes parenthood brings and how to manage them, the importance of being part of a supportive community, the need for equal participation from spouses or partners, and with a steady voice of encouragement and understanding.

The book offers mothers everything they need to feel confident in managing motherhood so they can rid themselves of useless worry and have more time to enjoy the experience. Purchase at


"Finding Napoleon"
by Margaret Rodenberg

Two hundred years after Napoleon's death, this elegant, richly researched novel reveals what history conceals and allows the reader to feel the tragedy of power when it has gone awry and the hope power can bring when it's used for good.

With its delightful adaptation of Napoleon Bonaparte's real attempt to write a novel, Finding Napoleon offers a fresh take on Europe's most powerful man after he's lost everything. A forgotten woman of history and Napoleon's lover --the audacious Albine de Montholon -- narrates their tale. To survive, Albine must decide whom to betray. To succeed, Napoleon must learn whom to trust. Purchase at

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