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BookBites: A Peek Into Four Diverse Worlds


"Snatch 2&20"
by Luke E. Fellows 

Would you sell your soul to a sociopathic hedge-fund titan for tens of millions in dirty cash? What about your sexy wife? What if it meant cozying up to a neurotic and lecherous tech entrepreneur while risking your freedom, and maybe even your life?

Snatch 2&20 is a satirical memoir parodying the author's past life as a hedge-fund manager. It should not only be of interest to the fans of the hit TV shows Billions and Silicon Valley, and books such as "The Wolf of Wall Street" and "Liar's Poker," but to anyone who wants an insider's take on the rotten core of our delusional plutocracy in this second Gilded Age. Purchase at

by Gary Midkiff 

"A slice of life story that feels so real and relatable." This novel provides a wonderful, feel-good look into a profession most of us never think about: school bus drivers. The author tackles big-picture issues (unionized workers fighting for a decent contract) and provides a poignant look into the drivers themselves, where everyone has intrinsic value, maybe even with an occasional spark of nobility.

Can Dispatcher Waverly Evans rise to a monumental challenge? Can Reverend Bobby Trent help drivers convinced God hates them? Can driver Rick Santiago overcome his recurring combat nightmare? Can driver Stephanie Brown salvage her finances? Can driver Connie Adams protect a kindergarten student she fears is being abused at home? Welcome to Busville. Purchase at

"BFF: A Story About Bullycide"
by Lindsey G. P. Bell 

"Both adult and teen readers will be moved by this poignant story." Thirteen-year-old Abby and her father have just moved from a leaky old sailboat in California to an inherited mansion in South Carolina, and Abby does not fit in. This is the story of the summer adventure she shares with new best friend Hollis and two boys from their class.

But when school begins, Abby is shocked to learn that Hollis is a bullied outcast, who, when pushed to the limit, takes her own life -- a phenomenon known as bullycide. BFF attempts to portray that being bullied doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you, suicide is not the answer, and to encourage anyone struggling to reach out and tell as many people as possible until you get help. Purchase at

"Asher and Stacey's Magnificent Road Trip: An Unconditional Love Story" 
by Stacey Cohen-Maitre 

This is a story about a mother and son on a road trip along the Pacific Coast of Southern California. Asher is a nineteen-year-old child/teen/man diagnosed with severe cerebral palsy and a visual impairment rendering him nonverbal, and wheelchair-bound. Stacey is his devoted mother and a neuropsychologist.

Along the way, Asher and Stacey experience unique challenges, some of which are almost too hard to believe and some that are truly heart-wrenching. Somehow, they each survive in one piece, but their love and understanding for each other evolves to the deepest level to which a mother and son could ever aspire. Purchase at


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