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2020 Is A Year for Savings - 8 in 10 People Plan to Save More

(NewsUSA) - Most Americans don't have $400 saved to cover for an unexpected emergency, but a recent poll from Chase found that consumers may be ready to change that this year. 80 percent plan to save more and 51 percent say emergency savings is their goal.

Savings is key to financial health and Chase Financial Education Ambassador Farnoosh Torabi has tips and advice on how to get started and make savings a habit. (watch video)

According to Torabi, increasing savings is key to stability and gives people the ability to quickly recover when there are ups and downs.

Chase is focused on helping encourage the habit of savings and support people by providing information and resources that can help customers on their savings journey.

Take a first step by understanding your expenses and building a budget. Budget Builder is a great tool from Chase to help you monitor your monthly spending and saving.

Once you have this baseline, the key to reaching your goals is to just start saving, even if you're starting small. "My advice is to automate," says Torabi. "There is a great feature through the Chase App called Autosave which allows you to decide on your own how much you want to save and how frequently you want to save, so you can feel in control of this. The good news is the technology does the savings for you." With this feature, you can save as little as $1 a day.

While consistency is key, savings is about what works for you. In a month when you have extra cash, you can always accelerate your savings, but in a tighter month, it's all right to take a pause or draw from your savings to cover an unexpected expense.

Check out for more information and tips on how to make savings work for you.