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BookTrib’s Bites: Diverse Titles Sure to Hold Your Interest

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The Violin Thief
The Violin Thief
by Genie Higbee

A startling coming-of-age tale that twines magical realism with musical history and legend.

It’s 1941. A wondrous violin is charming six-year-old Douglas Tryzyna. In her wordless language she tells him they are destined to spark kindness and joy together. Overawed, Douglas names the violin Magic Muriel.

Professor Stoya, recent Berlin émigré, accepts Douglas into his music conservatory. This teacher, who craves fame for himself and his obstinate son, Willi, knows exactly how to trap Douglas, who falls prey to the Professor’s dictate. Meanwhile, poetic piano student, Violette, captures his heart.

1953. Just when Douglas’ benevolent destiny with Magic Muriel seems possible, a clash of desires sets off a chain reaction of ruinous events. For Douglas, navigating a fractured future will require courage, forgiveness, and the balm of kindness.

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The Island MotherThe Island Mother
by Jon Cohn

Leigh Ramos is a woman on the run from her own life. After escaping from a toxic relationship with a drug dealer, emotionally codependent Leigh starts life over far from the hills of Kentucky. She chooses Hawaii, where she lands a job in an exclusive resort. It seems too good to be true.

Then supernatural horrors start manifesting all around Leigh, and she starts having disturbing nightmares of impossible creatures calling out to her. To make matters worse, Leigh’s violent ex-boyfriend is close on her tail, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. Now trapped, Leigh falls back on old habits. In order to survive paradise, Leigh will need to learn from her past mistakes or she will be doomed to repeat them.

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Principles of EducationPrinciples of Education
by Donald Sung

“The human brain and the human body are very complicated, and so is human education.” In Principles of Education, author Donald Sung defines and details 81 principles that parents, educators and learners need to consider to maximize a child’s learning. Together, the principles make up a childhood educational theory that tackles a learner's conditions, environment, and educational processes. 

The book will help readers understand how people learn, guide our children, assess the effectiveness of education, explore the proper and necessary tools for education, and watch children grow. The book is presented as a blueprint for success and systematically outlines each principle with brief and succinct comments. The principles are divided into three interdependent groups: learner's state (functions and conditions), learner's interactions with environment, and introducing a learner to the world.

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Meanwhile Back HomeMeanwhile Back Home
by Gabrielle Meeker

Most American children during World War II were aware of the threat that faced the country, and they responded to the call. They walked to school listening for air raid sirens, carried scrap metal to school for collection, offered their dimes to buy War Bonds, and sent caring packages to children in Europe. 

This work is a compilation of 50 interviews with people who experienced WWII as children, who were expected to contribute to the war effort. It can thus be described as 50 memoirs, and historical depictions of the era, with revelations of the hardships of post-war attempts to return to normal life. Fifty elders of various backgrounds and locations were interviewed. Some recollections were common, others quite unique. But in all cases, the children faced life-changing events.

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BookTrib’s Bites: True Crime Inspirations, Dystopian Gem, Making Great Factories

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Reef RoadReef Road
by Deborah Goodrich Royce

When a severed hand washes ashore in the wealthy enclave of Palm Beach, FL, the lives of two women—a lonely writer obsessed with the unsolved murder of her mother’s best friend and a panicked wife whose husband has disappeared with their children—collide as the world shutters in the pandemic lockdown of 2020.

In a nod to the true crime that inspired it, “Reef Road” probes unhealed generational scars in a wrenching and original work of fiction. It is both stunning and sexy and, like a bystander surprised by a curtain left open, you won’t be able to look away. “Though pure fiction, it reads as compellingly as a mixture of memoir and exposé. It has left me shaken to the core,” says NYTimes bestselling author Luanne Rice.

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Hell of HosannaHell of Hosanna
by Kip Langton

"Kip Langton is a writer to watch", says NYT bestselling author Fiona Davis.

Imagine the Empire State Building removed from New York City. Imagine that building reconstructed brick-by-brick on your father's private island--the trappings of the past stolen from the public to indulge unfettered hypocrisy. This is James's defeated and ravaged landscape when his father successfully monopolizes all forms of industry into one perfect company called U atop the collapse of the old world.
Ownership no longer exists. Now, anyone can have anything--temporarily. But to James, the "rent and move on" lifestyle is a total hell. Then one strange day, the whole thing comes tumbling down and James can break away. In a U space shuttle, he travels to the ultimate unknown. Freedom? The real hosanna?

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I Killed SamI Killed Sam
by Robert A. Steadman

Inspired by the true story of a groundbreaking defense of a Flint, MI, woman who killed her abusive husband in the mid-1950s—a time when a husband could rape his wife in Michigan without facing criminal charges. 

This fictionalized account of the trial is more than a legal trial, replete with unexpected plot turns and the drama of a young, small-town lawyer trying to juggle his obligations to his client and to his fledgling law practice. There’s also romance— attorney Bob Nichols is in love with Betty, the defendant and his high school sweetheart whom he should never have let go. Nichols is tortured by the thought of losing his long-shot, legal gamble, which would mean forever losing Betty to a life sentence in prison.

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Make Your Factory Great & Keep It That WayMake Your Factory Great & Keep It That Way
by Liam Cassidy 

Liam Cassidy is known as “The Serial Factory Fixer.” He's the man that multinationals in the USA, Canada, China, the UK and Ireland have on speed dial. The man with the plan and the one to call to fix a broken factory.  In his 40-year career, Liam has used lean principals and tools, with his unique brand of leadership, to turn around factories and supply chains all over the world including some considered “too far gone” to salvage. 

Now he shares the secret of his success and some very interesting case studies and outlines how lean principles and tools were vital in the processes he adopted to save plants. If you are determined to make your factory great, this is the only book you’ll ever need.

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BookTrib’s Bites: Great Ideas for Last-Minute Holiday Shopping

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Writers of the Future, Volume 38Writers of the Future, Volume 38
presented by L. Ron Hubbard

In the World of Science Fiction & Fantasy, this Anthology stands out for the stories, art, and extras.

Which will you love most? Discover 25 award-winning authors and illustrators. The best new stories selected by some of your favorite authors—including Brandon Sanderson, Orson Scott Card, Nnedi Okorafor, and Jody Lynn Nye. These diverse stories will fill you with wonder. And a few just might break your heart.

“The Writers of the Future collection is exciting and engrossing, across the spectrum of SF and fantasy, space opera and epic fantasy. These stories explore new mysteries and ideas.” --Publishers Weekly

Bonus short stories by Frank Herbert, L. Ron Hubbard, and David Farland. Volume 38 is a treasure.

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Singing Lessons for the Stylish CanarySinging Lessons for the Stylish Canary
by Laura Stanfill

Suspenseful and heartwarming, a whimsical journey full of friendship, adventure, and self-discovery. Georges Blanchard is revered in the small French town of Mireville as a master serinette maker and for a miraculous incident in his childhood that earned him the title "The Sun-Bringer." As his firstborn son, Henri Blanchard is expected to follow in his footsteps, but Henri would rather learn to make lace than music boxes.

When Henri discovers a stash of American letters in his father's drawer, he learns he's not the firstborn son at all: Henri has an older half-brother born to one of Georges's American customers. When he crosses the ocean to encounter his half-brother, Henri discovers there's an entire world beyond Mirevilleace and there may be a perfect place for him yet.

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The Hawk’s Flight: Book Two of the Three Brothers TrilogyThe Hawk’s Flight: Book Two of the Three Brothers Trilogy
by Elizabeth R. Jensen

From award-winning author Elizabeth R. Jensen comes a gripping tale of adventure and the unbreakable bond of family. 

After twenty years of peace in the land of Etria, war has come crashing across its borders. Both Wanonia to the north and Ruschmann Blackwell to the south have waged attacks. Suddenly, three young brothers find themselves thrust into the role of battlefront soldiers. Following separate paths, the three hone their skills and fight for their people. 

Years pass as friendships are tested and lives are lost. Only then are the brothers reunited on a top-secret diplomatic mission. Can their bond as brothers withstand the challenges they face, or will they become the latest casualties of the dragon sorcerer?

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Visions of Johanna Visions of Johanna
by Peter Sarno

Johanna, an artist, and Matt, a music critic, couldn’t be more different, but by a simple twist of fate, she plucks him from a crowd at a Dylan concert. What follows is a heady and intense relationship buffeted by the usual suspects that gently rocked the ‘80s. Matt’s lessons in art—as well as life—at the hands of Johanna drive the novel into pockets of feminism and quiet revolution. All of this is tempered by deeply held traumatic secrets that torque their intimacy.

The novel travels through time and social unrest to the final moment. Within its pages, tragedies haunt, acts of moral goodness manifest themselves, and benevolence reigns with a finality that absolves all. "A beautifully intimate romance that doesn't shy away from challenging topics," says Publishers Weekly's BookLife.

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BookTrib’s Bites: Four Great Last-Minute Ideas for Holiday Gifts

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by Stephen A. Carter       

A young John Saxton looks on helplessly as brutal slavers on the slave ship “Wanderer” throw their human cargo overboard to avoid capture by the American Naval Patrol. From then on, the Boston shipping heir and his giant Maasai mentor Matari  (Marcus Brown) become implacable abolitionists.  

A supporting cast of unforgettable characters are caught up in a web of murder, dark secrets and political intrigue. Arrayed against them are two arch villains, Horatio Garrow and his hapless henchman, Harley Blackstone.  

Saxton and his beautiful Black bride, Virginia, survive a dangerous milieu of Confederate espionage, high treason and the siege of Fort Sumter all brought to the fore by one man ... President Abraham Lincoln. This is book one in the four-book Matari Series.

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by Salah el Moncef  

Salah el Moncef’s “Benghazi” is the exquisitely crafted story of a teenager confronted with two equally repressive forces: the dictatorial rule of Italian fascism and the stultifying codes of patriarchy. Stymied and stifled by both, she finds hope and inspiration in the words of a charismatic Tuareg woman.  

Critically acclaimed as a masterpiece of war fiction, “Benghazi” delivers a spellbinding chronicle of the dreary days of European totalitarianism, along with the harrowing tale of a woman’s triumph over the traumas of war and family. A lush, immersive gem of a story from a wordsmith at the height of his powers. “Moncef transforms prose into poetry,” says Michigan Quarterly Review. “Absolutely beautiful,” adds Manhattan Book Review.

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Secondary Break: An NBA Dad's Story“Secondary Break: An NBA Dad’s Story”
by Marvin Williams Sr.  

Named by Book Authority as one of the Best Basketball Books to read in 2021, this book is about more than just basketball. It is about a young man who came from a dysfunctional and abusive family and fell in love with the sport of basketball. His love and passion for the game would take him on a lifelong journey, a journey of disappointments, setbacks and finally triumph. This book will show how, by continuing to follow your passions and dreams, anything can be possible.  

The author is the father of NBA player Marvin Williams Jr. He coached basketball for more than 30 years and is a member of Fathers and Men of Professional Basketball Players.

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Jack Mathias and the Boonetown Bandits“Jack Mathias and the Boonetown Bandits”
by G.M. Savage      

He’s known as the class clown  --  the kid with a lot of nerve. And some believe 13-year-old Jack Mathias is too confident for his own good. His audacious practical jokes and impulsiveness frequently land him in hot water, and growing up seems a world away. However, a sudden wild adventure with his unlikely companions, Gene (the nerd) and Edgar (the shy outcast), thrusts Jack toward maturity with more of a shove than normal life would ever have managed.  

The trio’s illicit and desperate quest to find a long-hidden treasure leads them into great danger, challenging their wits and testing the limits of their physical and mental endurance. Will Jack discover the ancient jewels and a different version of himself in the process?

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BookTrib’s Bites: Exciting Stories for the Holidays

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Nad of Nadide“Nad of Nadide”
by Wagih Abu-Rish       

This book has been called by Literary Titan “as enticing as the Shakespearian classic Romeo and Juliet, maybe more.” Labeled “an engrossing drama” by The Prairies Book Review, this is a story about love in a maze of social, religious and political obstacles.  

After his love affair with the stunning Lebanese Dania takes a turn for the worse, Fareed Shaheen transfers to university in Istanbul, where he meets the lovely Nad. He falls in love once again, but Nad’s father, General Ali Hikmet, is an intimidating man who has no intention of letting his daughter marry a man of mixed origin. Will the lovers prevail?  

Prairies Book Review adds, “Beautifully written and carefully crafted, this poignant meditation on love and desire makes for a winner.”

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Pure Dynasty“Pure Dynasty”
by Leila Almarzoh  

In this young adult science fantasy, Isabel, a seemingly ordinary teenager, holds an unexpected secret: She can sense people’s emotions, feeling others’ pain, joy, anger and sadness as if they were her own. Isabel soon learns she is not the only one with a hidden secret; her siblings all have different abilities. They will all find out what is happening as they come together to learn their family descends from witches.  

Isabel and her siblings Molly, Anthony, Austin and Rene fight against a powerful entity that has trapped their father in another realm. It’s time to awaken their abilities and become stronger. The battle is coming; Isabel needs to be ready. The planet is in danger. Magic, time-travel, aliens and spirits -- everything is connected.

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Driving Unclaimed Cargo“Driving Unclaimed Cargo”
by Rick Mammoth  

When the U.S. military decides it is in their strategic interest to update its nuclear assets, it chooses to move the American nuclear arsenal to locations all over the country, preventing the currently centralized location from being wiped out too quickly. Even if a 99 percent success rate is achieved, one failure could occur.  

A bomb is misplaced, and it’ll take the work of a secret internal government organization and its operatives to bring it back. However, to reduce the number of connections back to the U.S. government, they decide to use an inexperienced non-government employee to do most of the work. His inexperience is noticeable. Follow along as they work against the current to return a bomb to its rightful owner in this action-packed adventure comedy.

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Fred the Fox Finds His Family“Fred the Fox Finds His Family”
by Jerry Winningham  

When Fred’s family does not come home, he is taken in by various animal families over time. During his time with these families, he realizes that he is not like them and feels isolated and alone. This causes him to search for a new home where he would feel he belongs. In the end, Fred realizes something about family that he will never forget.  

Says one reviewer, “Beautifully told and illustrated, “Fred the Fox Finds His Family” shares a touching story of the real way a family is made. The unexpected story of finding one’s place in a family through discomfort -- but ultimately love -- was a refreshing approach with a positive message. All wrapped up with a pleasantly surprising ending and endearing artwork.”

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BookTrib’s Bites: Epic Stories, Iconic Events and Personalities

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Battlefield Earth, Expanded 21st Century Edition“Battlefield Earth, Expanded 21st Century Edition”
by L. Ron Hubbard       

It’s the year 3,000, a thousand years after an alien invasion nearly exterminated the human race and left the cities in crumbling ruins -- a post-apocalyptic graveyard. The vicious aliens hunt the remaining survivors for sport. A young hero rises from the ashes and rallies the scattered tribes in an all-out rebellion for freedom that erupts across the continents of Earth and the cosmic sprawl of the Psychlo Empire.   You will love this classic sci-fi novel because of the characters.  

“Pulse-pounding, mile-a-minute sci-fi action-adventure.” --Brandon Sanderson  

“Non-stop and fast-paced.” -- Kevin J. Anderson  

“Over 1,000 pages of thrills, spills, vicious aliens and noble humans. Un-put-downable.” -- Neil Gaiman  

“This has everything: suspense, politics, war, humor, and intergalactic finance.” -- Publishers Weekly “A vivid movie of the mind.” -- AudioFile “Epic story.” -- Booklist

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The Angkor Abduction“The Angkor Abduction”
by Austin I Pulle  

When sex-traffickers kidnap a beautiful Eurasian teenager when she is on a school trip to the famous Angkor Wat complex in Cambodia, Alex reluctantly agrees to join in the search but then finds himself fighting a ruthless former Khmer Rouge warlord to rescue the beautiful Imogen and reunite her with her mother.  

Alex had pressed the reset button on his life and relocated to manage the Singapore office of a Texas billionaire. He had hoped for a quiet, successful run, but fate has other plans. Now in a race against time to save the girl from being auctioned off to a select group of billionaire crime bosses, he realizes the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.  

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Did We Learn Anything from WTC Towers Collapse?...“Did We Learn Anything from WTC Towers Collapse?...”
by  Gregory Szuladzinski  

The best known and the most extensive engineering investigation into the collapse of World Trade Tower 1 is presented in  National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) reports. But the author argues that the work failed to demonstrate the mechanism of failure. Now, some 21 years after the disaster, the damage done by premature destruction of evidence cannot be undone. However, the analytical part can be corrected and completed.  

This book presents at least three types of material: the discussion of the report as presented by NIST volumes; the background material and information to better grasp what is missing or poorly explained results in the NIST and the analysis of expected results of a similar attack against the new 1-WTC building.

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Evil’s Promise“Evil’s Promise”
by Daniel O. Noorlander Jr.    

This is the second in a three-part series on what Rush Limbaugh taught for one-third of a century sitting behind the Golden EIB Microphone. Rush was unwavering in his defense of America against the left and their effort to destroy America as founded. This book focuses on what leftists oppose and why. It constitutes a warning from Rush to shun the left and reject their attempt to regulate every aspect of your life.  

Books dedicated to Rush’s memory must include a discussion of what he taught about evil and how to avoid it. Sample chapters, reviews of the author’s favorite Rush segments and a blog about the Rush Revere series of books can be found at

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BookTrib’s Bites: Plenty to Ponder for Your Next Read

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Love Letters to the Virgin Mary“Love Letters to the Virgin Mary”
by David Richards       

King David is a mortal man who has spent all his life looking for a love he is unable to satisfy. As the pandemic blossoms its dark pollen over the earth, he sees a picture of a woman on Instagram. Over the course of several months, he comes to understand she is the Virgin Mary reborn, and that he has been resurrected as the God of Thunder to bring heaven to earth, and finally meet his Son.  

If you are someone who enjoys books that put your mind to the test, this one’s for you. Written by a life-strategist, number-one international bestselling author and speaker on personal development, this love story is so unique and created from a web of Bible stories, marvel and history.

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Atom & Molly: The Wireframe Edition“Atom & Molly: The Wireframe Edition”
by Norman Katz  

“Atom & Molly: The Wireframe Edition” is the imagining of a relationship between two perfectly paired particles: Atom, an atom, and Molly, a molecule. Across 95 panels, discover the humor, science and culture involved in their personalities and careers, and meet the other sub-atomic characters in their microscopic world.  

As described by the tag line “The World’s First Sub-Atomic Comic,” “Atom & Molly” is the first comic that uses sub-atomic particles as anthropomorphic characters themselves and brings them to life. The comic’s creator provides commentary with each panel that develops the background storyline and engages the reader’s curiosity. Suitable for children, teens and adults, “Atom & Molly” is a humorous look at science via a relationship and a funny look at a relationship via science and culture. Visit for more information.

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Harley's Harlequin Heart“Harley’s Harlequin Heart”
by  Christina Jaeger   Whether you’re a dog lover, have experienced a similar event, or just want to be your best self and make the world a better place. For children and adults alike, this first “Paw Crusaders” book follows Harley, a Harlequin Great Dane. Readers will experience Harley’s joy as he learns doggy lessons and lives life to the fullest. Your heart will warm seeing his family rally around him when he learns he has bone cancer. Harley bravely shares his story, and readers will watch him go from cancer fighter to cancer survivor.    

This book is filled with fun, resources, and hope for anyone unfortunate enough to have their beloved Paw or other family member diagnosed with a dire disease. Harley’s story will help you understand the value of living life in the moment and giving unconditional love. Paws give us a new perspective and help us change the way we see the world.  

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As Time Goes By“As Time Goes By”
by W. Royce Adams    Nearing the end, Old asks himself, “Does my life ultimately have any importance in any universal scheme? Am I just taking up space? Have I wasted the time given me? What effect have I had on others? Have I unknowingly -- worse, knowingly -- hurt others in some fashion? What’s my worth?”  

These are playful existential questions with no pertinent answers for the author, who sifts through the sands of my time to see what he can discover through remembrance. Don’t expect any fancy writing. No playing with altered punctuation, or trying to be aesthetically clever or poetic or intellectual. Not here a Sedaris or Saunders, or Atwood or Yuknavich. Just the author, squinting into some memorable windows in his life before they all fog.

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“Chicken Soup for the Soul” Man Provides Great Inspiration for Biographer

(NewsUSA) - If author Mitzi Perdue is using the example of Mark Victor Hansen for a little inspiration, well, she’s come to the right place.

It’s hard to find somebody who hasn’t heard of “Chicken Soup for the Soul”  -- the consummate inspirational series loaded with true stories about ordinary people’s lives that has sold more than half a billion copies. But finding somebody who knows the name Mark Victor Hansen, the founder and co-creator of the brand, is another matter.

Mark Victor Hansen, RelentlessYet the story of Mark Victor Hansen is a story onto itself, now told in glorious, painful and motivational detail by Perdue -- a “chicken” celebrity in her own right as the widow of the legendary chicken maven, Frank Perdue -- in her new book, “MARK VICTOR HANSEN: RELENTLESS.”

But more than just launching the book this week, Perdue is committed to forwarding all proceeds from book sales to Ukrainian humanitarian relief efforts. This initiative complements her decision to auction off at Sotheby’s earlier this week a trophy from one of the most successful treasure hunts of all time: a 6.25-carat emerald ring salvaged from the depths of the ocean nearly 400 years after the fabled Nuestra Señora de Atocha shipwreck of 1622. Full proceeds from that sale also will go to Ukrainian humanitarian relief.

Says Perdue, “Human traffickers prey on the vulnerable, and during the Ukraine war, traffickers lurk on Ukraine’s borders, targeting women and children. How can we stop them? The money from the sale of this Atocha emerald, as well as the launch of this book, will go toward rehabbing buildings on the border where women can be counseled before they cross and make a decision that may cost them their lives.”

When it comes to Perdue’s book, “RELENTLESS,” one has to ask: What is Mark Victor Hansen, the motivational speaker, trainer and author, really like out of the public eye? Who is the person behind the curtain, the person who struggles, hurts, and deals with discouragement and rejection? What are his successes and failures? What makes him tick?

“RELENTLESS” is the inspirational story of how Mark went from bankrupt and almost suicidal to being in the Guinness Book of World’s Records for selling half a billion books. Readers will learn about his failures and how he transformed them into his own success story.

It’s hard to imagine one man able to conquer so many mountains. He did it by never letting any obstacle get in his way and by inspiring others to make a difference in the world around them. His story is exceptional, but it is his extraordinary perseverance and generosity that led to his long-term success.

Mitzi Perdue“It is my hope,” says the author, “that the lessons from Mark Victor Hansen’s life help everyone build confidence, agency, empathy, and valuable life skills.”

Plain and simple, “MARK VICTOR HANSEN: RELENTLESS” is a must-read, available on Amazon and all popular retail outlets where books are sold.

Mitzi Perdue, a businesswoman and author, continues to be passionate about sharing fascinating information to support people everywhere on their journey to self-actualization.

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