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7-Eleven Helps Drivers Curb Their Carbon Impact

Fortunately, companies like 7-Eleven are leading the way in offering innovative solutions aimed to help consumers mitigate the negative environmental effects of car travel, giving them a chance to make a difference.

Through a program called RENEW, 7-Eleven calculates tailpipe carbon emissions and offsets those emissions through local and global carbon reduction projects, including reforestation and tree plantings.

"As a brand 7-Eleven has committed to supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, specifically goal no. 7 and no. 11. These goals center around providing more sustainable energy for consumers and giving back to our local communities. That's why we introduced the 7-Eleven RENEW program and why it is so important," says Jason Murray, 7-Eleven Vice President of Operations for the Pacific Northwest. "We've made sustainability an easy option for our customers. By simply choosing to pump at a 7-Eleven RENEW location, drivers are proactively reducing their carbon impact by up to 30 percent."

RENEW launched in 2017 and recently reached a milestone of offsetting more than 150 million gallons of fuel. In terms of carbon impact, that equates to powering more than 5.2 million homes' electricity for a day.

"What 7-Eleven is doing is an example of a community-minded business trying to help solve a very difficult problem," says Sharon, a 7-Eleven customer and a teacher in Tracy, California.

Community engagement is a cornerstone of the 7-Eleven RENEW program, which supports projects in collaboration with local and national nonprofit organizations. The Plant it Forward promotion, available at 658 locations, is an example of 7-Eleven's partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation. Through Plant it Forward, 7-Eleven supports tree planting and invites customers and community members to dedicate a tree to friends or family members.

"We expect to see RENEW grow significantly this year. We want to ensure customers know that when they pull into a 7-Eleven RENEW location to pump their fuel, they are doing more than just pumping fuel. They are making a difference," Murray says. "We are proud of the RENEW program and the customers who participate because we are working together to save our environment locally and globally."

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