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Be a Hero, Save a Life, Learn Hands-Only CPR


(NewsUSA) - Witnessing a cardiac arrest can be frightening, but don't be afraid to take action -- two simple steps can save a life.

Each year, more than 350,000 cardiac arrests occur outside of a hospital or emergency department, according to the American Heart Association. When someone experiences cardiac arrest, immediate cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) can make the difference between life and death. In fact, immediate CPR can double or triple a cardiac arrest victim's chance of survival.

Many people still think that effective CPR involves mouth-to-mouth resuscitation as well as chest compressions, and they may be hesitant to perform it, but that is not the case.

Hands-Only CPR has been shown to be as effective as the conventional CPR for cardiac arrests in the home, office, or in public places in the first few minutes until more advanced help arrives.

"By equipping people with Hands-Only CPR training, they learn how easy the technique is and there is a comfort level that will help them overcome concerns that cause hesitation to act in an emergency," say Raina Merchant, Chair, American Heart Association Emergency Cardiovascular Care.

Hands-only CPR includes just two simple steps.

- First, call 911.

- Second, push hard and fast in the center of the chest of the individual having a cardiac arrest. How hard to push? At least 2 inches. How fast? That's easy. Use the beat of a familiar song that has 100 to 120 beats per minute. For example, the classic disco hit, "Stayin' Alive" can help you stay on pace, but anything with a similar tempo will do.

To help promote the lifesaving value of Hands-Only CPR, the American Heart Association has partnered with the Anthem Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Anthem, Inc., in a public service campaign, "The Power is in Your Hands," to encourage everyone to learn Hands-Only CPR.

"Approximately 70 percent of cardiac arrests happen at home, and CPR can double or even triple chances of survival if performed immediately," said Shantanu Agrawal, M.D., Chief Health Officer at Anthem, Inc. "Together with the American Heart Association, the Anthem Foundation remains focused on working to increase the number of people who learn Hands-Only CPR. By providing greater access to training we can help increase the number of people who are prepared to respond in case of an emergency and for some, that could mean saving the life of someone they love."

The American Heart Association offers a 90-second livestream instructional video demonstration of Hands-Only CPR, as well as a new CPR first-aid app that anyone can download onto a phone.

Visit for more information.


Beware of Self-Treatments & Bizarre Vagina Trends

(NewsUSA) - By Maria Sophocles, MD  For NewsUSA

(NewsUSA) - The pandemic created a major shift in the way people consume - and, more importantly, trust - information, especially as it relates to vaginal health. In fact, a new survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of RepHresh of 2,000 American women age 24-34 reveals that two in five women named Google as their go-to source of information over a physician when experiencing discomfort or vaginal health symptoms.

Many women are also turning to social media for health advice. For example, on TikTok, hashtags relating to the words "sex education" have over 70 million views. A now infamous TikTok video, providing a tutorial on how to relieve constipation through "vaginal splinting" has racked up over 3 million views and the latest popular #icecubechallenge claims to tighten the vagina and curb bacterial overgrowth.

While these trending DIY/at-home medical hacks can be entertaining, many of these practices are not only ineffective at controlling the natural balance of good and bad bacteria, but can be dangerous and cause more harm than good. Melting an ice cube in the vagina can elevate the natural pH balance and trigger a bacterial infection as the pH of water (7.5-8) is higher than the normal vaginal pH (3.5-4.5). And, while vaginal splinting is a scientific method used by medical professionals, experts caution trying it at home as it poses a risk of bacterial spread if not done properly.

The RepHresh survey found that over half (51%) thought a vagina should have a neutral pH, and only 12% correctly identified "moderately acidic" as the ideal pH balance. In addition, the top three most Googled phrases and questions respondents needed answers about included "vaginal discharge" (44%), "do I have a yeast infection?" (39%) and "vaginal odor" (37%).

With an uptick in misinformation, most women frequently misdiagnose their vaginal symptoms. That's why it's more critical than ever that women turn to trusted health care professionals for advice, proper diagnosis and remedies for the actual problem.

Here are a few important things women might not know, but need to know to maintain good vaginal health:

1. Vaginal odor is completely normal and should not be a cause for alarm. Refrain from using unnecessary scented products, including wipes and washes that claim to eliminate odor with fruity or flowery fragrances, as this will not solve the root cause of the issue, which is an unbalanced pH. Do look for clinically-backed and doctor-recommended products for vaginal health, such as over-the-counter RepHresh Gel, which rebalances pH to a healthy range, eliminates odor, and lasts up to three days.

2. Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) and yeast infections can present similar symptoms, such as unusual vaginal discharge and discomfort, so when women run to the drug store and buy an OTC yeast medication such as Monistat, they are not addressing the root cause of the problem. Two out of three times it is BV, which must be treated with an antibiotic from their health care provider. But, antibiotics can kill the good and bad bacteria and cause a yeast infection, so make sure to take a vaginal probiotic once a day such as RepHresh Pro-B as it contains 2 strains of vaginal lactobacilli to keep the vaginal flora in balance and eat foods high in probiotics like a healthy no-sugar-added Greek yogurt, kefir, kimchi, or miso.

3. High sugar and alcohol intake can elevate pH imbalances and contribute to an overgrowth of yeast. Maintain a healthy moderation of sugary drinks and junk food as excess amounts not only impact vaginal health, but overall weight gain and wellness.

4. Vaginal discharge is a completely normal function in which the vagina naturally removes old cells to keep the environment healthy and clean. Some women have more discharge, while others might experience very little, and it can change in color and thickness depending on the ovulation cycle. However, discharge accompanied with itching, burning, fishy odor, swelling, unusual color, or pelvic pain should be brought to a doctor's attention as it can be a bacterial infection or STI and must be treated appropriately.

Before trying something new, consult with your healthcare provider especially when things seem off to ensure the safety and efficacy of the method or product you are considering. And, don't miss your annual OB/GYN visit.

Maria Sophocles, MD, OB/GYN is the Medical Director of Women's Healthcare of Princeton in Princeton, NJ.

Women’s Hearts Need Attention


(NewsUSA) - Although COVID-19 continues to grab the health headlines, women in particular should not lose sight of a chronic problem -- heart disease.

Heart disease is the number one killer of women, but many women, whether they are wives, mothers, CEOs, or all of the above, tend to put others' health and well-being ahead of their own, and may ignore symptoms. Symptoms of this disease are often different for women than men, so women may not know what to look for.

According to the Mayo Clinic, women are more likely than men to report heart attack symptoms that are not related to chest pain, including shortness of breath, nausea, sweating, pain in one or both arms, unusual tiredness, and indigestion. These symptoms are easily missed, as most people associate heart attacks with crushing chest pain.

Younger women may be surprised to learn that they are at risk as well.

Women younger than 65 years, need to know the risk factors, too, especially those with a family history of heart disease, according to Dr. Neschochi Okeke, MD, a practicing physician in New York City and an expert in women's health.

"Being aware of their unique heart disease symptoms is the first step towards prevention," says Dr. Okeke. Once women know the risks, they can continue to reduce them by making healthy lifestyle choices, such as maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, limiting alcohol, managing stress, and taking medications as prescribed.

Women also may benefit from supplements designed to support heart health, especially the ingredient citrus bergamot, which has been shown in 17 clinical trials to support heart health. Not all bergamot is the same, so women should be sure they are getting the highest quality bergamot -- citrus bergamot -- in health products.

Grown only in a small valley in Italy, citrus bergamot is different from the bergamot that many people associate with licorice candy or Earl Grey tea. In fact, citrus bergamot can help promote and maintain healthy arteries and healthy cholesterol levels, both of which can reduce a woman's risk of heart disease.

"Complementary support is critical these days as part of any woman's journey to overall health and well-being, especially as people recognize the importance of a strong immune system, " says Dr. James Rouse, a naturopathic family doctor and consultant to BergametNA, a producer of natural supplements featuring citrus bergamot.

The HerHeart supplement product for women from BergametNA contains Citrus Bergamot Superfruit™, a unique high-quality citrus bergamot with a 47% BPF (bergamot polyphenol fraction) concentration (the highest available in North America and exclusive to BergametNA), along with other ingredients, damiana and MACA (also known as Peruvian Gold) that have been shown to help support overall health. HerHeart also supports women's health by promoting balanced hormones, which can help ease a range of menopausal symptoms including hot flashes, night sweats, irregular metabolism, and low energy.

Visit for more information about the supplement, and visit or call 1-855-556-2131 for more details about other Citrus Bergamot Superfruit™ products for better health. The BergametNA stock symbol is HYEX.


Better Immunity is Just a Spray Away


(NewsUSA) - Now more than ever, we worry about maintaining our good health, and we are especially concerned about having a strong immune system that can take on all types of infections.

TheraBreath, the world's leading dentist-founded oral health care brand, feels the same way. With their brand-new product, TheraBreath Immunity Support Oral Spray, they are doing their part to provide a quick and easy way for everyone-young and old -- to keep their immune systems working at their best.

TheraBreath Immunity Support Oral Spray is especially powerful because it helps boost your immunity in several ways. It contains extracts from acerola (a form of cherry) and also elderberry. Both of these fruits have strong antioxidant properties and are often used in immunity-boosting products. Elderberry in particular has a long history of use in health and healing going back to ancient Greek times.

"Our TheraBreath Immunity Support Oral Spray Supplement is an easy and tasty way to get the benefits of a multi-vitamin supplement and boost your immune system against the cold, the flu, and other airborne infections," says CEO and founder, Dr. Harold Katz, a dentist with an additional degree in bacteriology.

The spray also contains vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, and copper. This combination of infection-fighters lines up to help muster your body's best natural defenses against illness. The spray contains no artificial colors or dyes, and it is certified vegan and gluten-free, as well as NSF certified, with a cherry lemonade flavor that appeals to all ages.

Use TheraBreath Immunity Support Oral Spray as needed throughout the day. The small bottle is easy to tuck into a purse, pocket, or backpack, so it is easy to stay healthy on the go as you resume activities.

Everyone has come to appreciate just how important it is to have a healthy immune system, not only in the winter months, but all year round, whether you are going to work, going to school, or just going to the grocery store. Airborne infections are always with us, but keeping a science-based, immune-strengthening product in your personal health toolkit can help keep you and your family safe and well.

Visit for more information about TheraBreath Immunity Support Oral Spray and other products in the TheraBreath family of oral health care. All TheraBreath products come with a money-back guarantee.

Helping Teens Improve Mental Health by Finding Happiness


(NewsUSA) -Students and educators alike have been facing increased hardship this school year, navigating hybrid and remote learning environments while balancing schoolwork and other priorities. While individuals of all ages struggle with stress, research shows that teenagers are experiencing more anxiety than other age groups due to the pandemic.

Even before COVID-19, many teens experienced difficulty coping with academic stress, which is now compounded by missing a year of critical developmental socialization. As a result, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 63% of young adults have reported feelings of anxiety and depression in the wake of COVID-19.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and this year the social-emotional wellness of America's youth has taken on even more importance. Hoping to reach those searching for guidance and needing a place to start, people across the country are sharing resources promoting self-care and wellness tips. In our classrooms, many educators are looking to provide support to their students as children and teens urgently seek resources to better cope with and understand their emotions.

Fortunately, there are proven programs and resources available to improve lifelong social and emotional well-being. One noteworthy nationwide initiative called "Life's Good: Experience Happiness" promotes social-emotional wellness and mental health education in youth. This science-based program is built on six teachable skills that can help individuals overcome adversity and build emotional resilience, according to John I. Taylor, senior vice president at LG USA, the lead sponsor of Experience Happiness.

Developed by researchers at The University of California, Berkeley, the skills are: mindfulness, human connection, positive outlook, purpose, generosity and gratitude. "To help bring these life-changing skills to America's youth, we worked with leading non-profits and educators," says Taylor. "And we're pleased to see positive results. Whether they experience social-emotional learning at school or at home, students who practice happiness skills are better able to cope with stress and demonstrate better behavior towards their work, their peers and their teachers."

The Experience Happiness program is available through digital, downloadable resources that help individuals develop tools for better lifelong wellness. Its social impact partners -- Be Strong, Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), Discovery Education, Inner Explorer, and The Greater Good Science Center -- and LG recognize the importance and urgency of delivering these resources. In fact, thanks to outstanding educators championing social-emotional learning, more than 4 million students across the country have already been taught these lifelong skills.

"In this unprecedented school year, it's essential to connect communities to resources that support all students in learning and practicing the necessary skills to build happiness in any learning environment," says Beth Meyer, Vice President of Corporate & Community Partnerships at Discovery Education. "Helping students cultivate self-confidence, manage stress and maintain their well-being so they can thrive has never been more critical."

On the front lines in today's youth mental health crisis are educators who embrace social-emotional learning as a vital part of their curriculum. In honor of their unparalleled impact in providing mental health tools to students, 50 "Superhero Teachers" across the United States were recognized this spring for their dedication to teaching the six sustainable happiness skills and going above and beyond to support their students especially during these challenging times.

"Teachers across the country are championing the use of practices such as mindfulness in the classroom, which remains instrumental in supporting students' ongoing mental health and wellbeing," adds Laura Bakosh, Ph.D., Co-Founder of Inner Explorer. "The LG Experience Happiness program will continue to be pivotal in helping reach more youth and educators with these skills."

Looking ahead, these students will have the tools to manage and improve their emotions as they grow into responsible, motivated, self-aware and (of course) happier adults. For more information, visit

Explore the Next Generation of Immune System Support


(NewsUSA) - A healthy immune system has always been important, but now more than ever, the best products for immune system support are those that boost both respiratory health and heart health.

Consumers looking to make their immune system as strong as possible need to know about several key ingredients that support immune system function at both the heart and respiratory levels.

Most products have been designed to support the immune system by providing the recommended amounts of daily vitamins and minerals to help protect against colds and the flu. Only a few manufacturers have formulated products to meet today's challenging environment. These unique products are engineered to promote respiratory and heart health, to help protect against viruses, and to support the body's ability to reduce inflammation and speed recovery.

"It's like upgrading a black and white TV to a high-definition flat screen color TV," says Dr. James Rouse, a naturopathic family doctor and consultant to BergaMet North America, a manufacturer of exclusive natural supplements.

The Clinical IMMUNE™ supplement product is revolutionizing the immune industry by combining 11 key ingredients including BetaVia™ Complete and Citrus Bergamot SuperFruit™ that focus directly on respiratory and heart heath. BetaVia™ is a patented proprietary form of beta glucans that has been clinically proven to lower respiratory symptoms up to 80%, and Citrus Bergamot Superfruit™ has more than 17 clinical trials that confirm a unique ability to support healthy cardiovascular systems including but not limited to cholesterol and blood sugar.

"We know from the clinical trials that Clinical IMMUNE works. It offers three levels of support: the three P's, Protection, Prevention and Propel," says Dr. Rouse. "With the three P's, the immune system recovers faster and stronger," Dr. Rouse explains. "I speak with so many people who are exhausted and stressed with today's overwhelming challenges. My recommendation is to do everything you can to protect yourself and your loved ones by strengthening your immune system."

Mique, a mother, wife and entrepreur from Colorado says, "I decided to try Clinical IMMUNE for my family and myself. Within days, we noticed that our sinuses and lungs felt clearer. She adds, "I checked with my doctor and I am told that the combination of ingredients in Clinical IMMUNE can be effective immediately," she adds.

Clinical IMMUNE also contains other key ingredients to promote a strong immune system including vitamins C, D, E, and B, as well as zinc and selenium. The addition of natural immune-system boosters alpha lipoic acid, L-glutamine, and olive leaf extract also help defend the body against free radicals and support a healthy metabolism.

Clinical IMMUNE is free of wheat, gluten, fish, egg, dairy, and lactose, and contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Visit for more information about the supplement or call 1-855-556-2131 for more details. The BergaMet North America stock symbol is HYEX.

Feeling The Burn: Self-Care for Heartburn


(NewsUSA) - After a year like no other, we are beginning to see glimpses of a return to our pre-pandemic lives. Public health guidance and scientific advances mean we are trickling back into our favorite restaurants, joining together to share meals, and toasting to a year of missing family and friends.

But these celebrations come with their fair share of greasy foods and bubbly beverages. And unfortunately, our favorite indulgences often bring an all-too-familiar side effect: heartburn.

Also known as acid reflux, heartburn can be a miserable experience: the burning sensation in your chest or throat may start after finishing a meal and last for hours afterwards. Other symptoms can include a hot, sour, or acidic fluid feeling in the back of your throat, as well as a lingering cough, sore throat, or hoarse voice. May is Digestive Disease Awareness Month so it's a great time to learn about self-care for heartburn.

If you experience heartburn, you're not alone: more than one in four adults have occasional heartburn with symptoms occurring at least once a week. And for some people, frequent heartburn is a struggle, with symptoms re-occurring even more often.

"Stress and unhealthy eating are two major causes of digestive symptoms including heartburn, and right now, my patients are experiencing both" says Dr. Michael Kreines of the Ohio Gastroenterology & Liver Institute. "With so many treatment options available for different types of heartburn, it can be tricky to know which option is best for you."

The first step to managing your heartburn is to take a look at your lifestyle choices. "It can be tempting to overindulge since we've gone so long without a reason to celebrate. But if you are prone to experiencing heartburn, it's important to avoid common triggers such as fatty and greasy foods and alcohol," says Kreines.

In addition to smart food choices, over-the-counter (OTC) medicines can be a safe and effective way to help alleviate heartburn symptoms. For occasional heartburn symptoms, Dr. Kreines recommends OTC antacids (such as Gaviscon, Mylanta, or TUMS) or H2 blockers (such as PEPCID or Tagamet).

"If you suffer from heartburn two or more days per week, you may benefit from OTC proton pump inhibitors, or PPIs," says Kreines. "PPIs -- which include brand names Nexium 24HR, Prevacid 24HR, Prilosec OTC or Zegrid OTC -- are specifically indicated to treat symptoms of frequent heartburn."

The right treatment depends on the frequency and cause of your heartburn symptoms. Always talk to your healthcare provider if you have questions, or if you are struggling with more chronic or severe cases of heartburn. They can properly diagnose heartburn and other conditions.

"Whatever you do, don't ignore your heartburn symptoms," says Dr. Kreines. "In addition to causing significant pain, if left untreated, the stomach acid that causes heartburn can damage the esophagus -- known as GERD."

Your return to normal doesn't have to mean a return to heartburn symptoms. Be aware of your treatment options to keep heartburn at bay. To learn more, visit Created by the CHPA Educational Foundation, the site serves as a resource to help you navigate the OTC aisle when treating heartburn or other symptoms.


Nurse Educators Play Vital Roles in Health Care

(NewsUSA) - The heroic efforts of frontline health care workers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic merit ongoing recognition and gratitude. Nurse educators also continue to play a key role by supporting and promoting the work of nurses, who deliver everything from lifesaving emergency services to end-of-life care.

To recognize and celebrate the essential role of nursing education during the pandemic and beyond, the National League for Nursing has declared 2022 as the Year of the Nurse Educator.

Throughout the year, the League will spotlight nurse educators teaching in academic and clinical settings and showcase their contributions to innovative primary and preventive care models in underserved communities.

For example, the #BeyondANurseEducator social media campaign promotes the vital role of nursing education in advancing the nursing profession and patient care. This campaign runs through September and will include monthly recognition of nurse educators based on nominations from students and academic leadership.

The pandemic highlighted the shortage of nurses, but the key to reversing this shortage is to increase the numbers of nurse educators -- those who teach nursing students how to become nurses.

Encouraging more nurses to consider career shifts into nursing education is the best way to ensure a consistent flow of qualified nurses into the health care system. As a result of the pandemic, many nursing education programs moved to online platforms, which expanded the options for nurses who want to pursue careers as nurse educators.

Nurses are now able to earn their master's in nursing or education online, which helps prevent loss of income from taking time off to take classes, and also reduces the need for student loans or moving to attend classes at a distant campus. Nurses can then become Certified Nurse Educators, the badge of expertise in this advanced specialty area of practice.

The demand for nurses, and therefore for nurse educators, is likely to remain high. Nurse educators are in a unique position to make an impact by inspiring nurses in training and by promoting public health through work in schools, businesses, hospitals and community agencies.

Other reasons to become a nurse educator include the intellectual stimulation of knowing the latest research in the field, greater autonomy and flexible schedules, including options for remote teaching, and the sense of purpose that comes with advancing the next generation of nurses and making a difference in the future of nursing.

For more information, visit

A New Study Supports Shoes As A Source of Pain Relief

(NewsUSA) - One in four American adults suffers from chronic knee pain, so an accessible, non-surgical solution should come as welcome news.

A recent study out of UCLA indicates that GDEFY® medically engineered shoes could be that solution. In fact, study participants wearing the GDEFY shoes with patented VersoShock® technology reported an average reduction in knee pain of 85%, as well as significant decreases in other common conditions.

A double-blind, randomized study conducted at Olive View UCLA Medical Center, recently published in the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association, shows that wearing shoes with VersoShock soles decreases knee pain by up to 85% vs. wearing shoes with conventional soles during prolonged standing and walking. After five weeks, participants using the GDEFY intervention sole shoe -- with shock-absorbing VersoShock technology -- reported an average reduction in knee pain of 85%, significantly better than participants using the traditional sole shoe (P < .01), whose average pain scores increased. Also observed were positive effects on back, ankle and foot pain in those with the intervention sole shoe, compared with the traditional sole shoe.

Alexander Elnekaveh founded Gravity Defyer Medical Technology Corporation in 2008 after his 14-year-old nephew was diagnosed with a cancerous growth in his heel. Even after successful heel surgery, physical therapy and help from leading doctors in pain management, Elnekaveh's nephew had little chance of walking pain-free again. But Elnekaveh, an inventor, wasn't satisfied with that prognosis, so he assembled a team of top podiatrists, physical therapists, biochemical and material engineers (Impact Research Technology Group) to help him develop the first Gravity Defyer (GDEFY) shoe with VersoShock technology.

"Our mission is to maximize comfort and boost performance for people who have foot biomechanics that keep them from walking properly and to enable normal pronation," says Elnekaveh.

"This study proves what we've known all along: that our breakthrough VersoShock technology provides the ultimate pain relief in a way no other shoe can."

To accommodate customers at work, home and play, GDEFY men's and women's footwear comes in several styles, widths and sizes. All shoes come with a polyurethane removable insole to adjust to one's comfort preference.

GDEFY footwear is available online at or in GDEFY stores throughout the country, as well as in most premium independent shoe retailers, including The Walking Company, Nordstrom, DSW and Dillard's. GDEFY continues to expand its presence, bringing pain-relieving footwear closer to feet everywhere.


MyFreePharmacy Takes the Pain Out of Filling Prescriptions

(NewsUSA) - As the ongoing coronavirus pandemic highlights the importance of maintaining good health, many Americans continue to struggle with the cost of health care, especially prescription medications. In fact, many people are overcharged for medications, even for generic drugs, according to leading experts and as highlighted in a 2018 in-depth expose' shown on PBS.

MyFreePharmacy, a new membership service launched in 2017, makes paying for prescriptions easier and more affordable. The company offers more than 600 medications for a flat monthly fee that includes standard shipping. Strategic partnerships make it possible for MyFreePharmacy to control costs and make prescriptions more affordable for everyone, including those without health insurance. MyFreePharmacy also offers a more affordable option for those whose insurance deductibles are so high that they never meet them, which means they typically pay full price for medications.

"MyFreePharmacy currently mails out truckloads of FREE prescriptions nationwide every month to our members," says founder Doug Behrens. "The program is a game changer -- where else can you get FREE prescriptions? We want to make a difference out there, and we are doing it for our members, one prescription at a time," he explains.

The membership plan involves four easy steps.

- Sign up. Simply visit to sign up for a membership card.

- Search. Review the MyFreePharmacy list of medications. They offer not only prescription drugs for chronic and acute conditions, but also over-the-counter products such as acetaminophen, allergy medications and vitamins.

- ePrescribe or Transfer. Your prescriptions can be transferred or e-prescribed by your doctor, who can send prescriptions with the click of a button. Or if you are transferring a script, MyFreePharmacy will handle it for you while you sit back and relax.

- Receive. Your medications are processed and shipped the same day and will be delivered to your home in one to three days.

MyFreePharmacy is working to change the way Americans get their prescriptions. They take the stress and high costs out of the equation by helping consumers control their costs without sacrificing quality. For safety and security, all medications are shipped through the U.S. Postal Service, with a standard shipping time of one to three days.

For more information, visit

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