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The Ultimate Gift for Golf Gurus

You're never too old to play, and even hard-working adults need an excuse to discover their inner child now and then. With that in mind, think games when making your holiday gift list.

The most appreciated and enjoyable games are those that get the players engaged, and a classic arcade game customized for use at home fits the bill.

If there is a golfer/gamer on your holiday gift list who has every golf book and product imaginable, look no further than the home edition version of Golden Tee Golf, the quintessential golf video game, now in its 30th year.

"It's the same exact game - arcade-style cabinet and all - that's been played and adored at local pubs for 30 years," according to a company statement. The Golden Tee Home Edition allows players to choose from more than 70 virtual golf courses, and offers hundreds of ways to personalize one's avatar and equipment.

Players can purchase an online subscription that allows them to check their profile, choose their course, and use their gear, while comparing themselves to other players. In addition, the Real-Time Rivals feature allows players to compete against computer opponents such as legendary PGA tour player John Daly.

The classic game provides distraction and fun for serious golfers or anyone who is serious about video games, and they won't get tired of it anytime soon. The 30th anniversary upgrade of Golden Tee includes new time-released content that will become available throughout the year. The attractive game cabinet installs easily to HDTV and can easily be moved out of the way so as not to interfere with the rest of the room décor when not in use. The game cabinet currently retails for $3,995, and online subscription options are $9.95 per month or $99.95 per year.

For more information, visit for ideas on how to make someone's holiday memorable; orders placed by December 14 will be delivered in time for Christmas.


Hands-On Learners Thrive in Transportation Technology

The transportation industry in the United States continues to experience a workforce shortage, and may be the ideal path for hands-on learners whose talents and interests may be well suited for a successful and satisfying technician career.

The nonprofit TechForce Foundation has launched the "Be a Pathfinder" campaign to help students with natural talents for hands-on professions discover their strengths and learning styles, and explore a career they might not have considered: that of a transportation technician.

The "Be a Pathfinder" campaign features a free learning-styles quiz on the TechForce website that generates a report for students and parents with personalized career tips based on their unique learning styles. Students who take the quiz are entered to win a TechForce Foundation gift package that includes a $50 Shell gift card and other prizes.

"The learning style quiz and personalized resources not only help students and parents recognize the opportunities of a career as a transportation technician, but also help them understand how and why they're a fit for these careers," says TechForce Foundation Executive Director Jennifer Maher.

The campaign encourages students to be "pathfinders" by helping them discover and understand their unique strengths and use that knowledge to choose an educational and career path. TechForce Foundation's mission is to promote the potential of professional technician careers, and to encourage parents, teachers, and other influential figures in teens' lives to recognize and support technical careers that may be a good fit for those students.

Studies suggest that the U.S. will need 1.2 million new technicians within the next decade, which translates to about 120,000 new jobs per year for aspiring professionals with interest in and aptitude for automotive, diesel, motorcycle, and other transportation fields.

"Though there are many viable, high-paying job opportunities in STEM-related careers like those in the transportation technician field, students have been told a traditional four-year degree is the only path to success," Maher emphasizes.

"The truth is that we're all wired differently, and hands-on learners can thrive in these positions."

Students and parents can take the learning-styles quiz at

Additional stories, videos, and resources are available on TechForce Foundation's website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts.

Visit for more information about TechForce's work and pathways to rewarding careers.


Create Your Own Virtual Video Memories

Humaneyes Technologies, an innovator in camera technology, has developed a consumer-friendly, dual camera that combines 360-degree photography with immersive 3D Virtual Reality (VR), all in one simple-to-use solution that costs about the same as a decent DSLR camera.

"360-degree pictures and video continue to change how we use cameras to capture the world around us," says media expert Jim Malcolm of Humaneyes Technologies, "and the global adoption of VR headsets, combined with 3D cameras is providing even more ways to create virtual content and virtual memories."

"We've done it with the best; from documenting Mako sharks with The Discovery Channel, to weightless experiences in the International Space Station, floating more than 250 miles above the horizon." Says Malcolm, "we're now excited to watch, firsthand, as consumers create their own immersive personal stories." The Vuze XR flips easily from a 360-degree camera to a VR180 camera and shoots both virtual video and photos.

Whether recording or live streaming, users can create and share virtual experiences at the moment, and then save them to revisit next week or next decade. Special features of the VUZE include built-in image stabilization, filters, and a VR editing suite. Plus, it doesn't get more portable.

"Everything can be viewed, controlled and edited, right from your phone, so that you can shoot, create and share virtual videos at a moment's notice," says Malcolm.

But not everything needs to be virtual; therefore, the VUZE also functions as a 5.7K and 4K up to 60fps 2D camera for capturing high-resolution videos and 18-megapixel pictures to fill out your photo album.

So think ahead to the holidays and the way the latest in VR technology can help make unforgettable memories and connect far-flung family and friends. The VUZE camera also features live streaming and social sharing features for platforms, including Facebook and YouTube, so that you can bring your social media audience into the scene with you.

For more information on the VUZE XR camera and how to create your own virtual experiences and memories, visit


5 Essentials for the “Perfect” Workstation

1. The Chair 

Finding the perfect task chair is an important first step when creating a healthy comfortable workspace. Jonathan Puleio, a certified ergonomist and Global VP of Consulting for Humanscale, is focused on the correlation between a person's comfort while working and their overall experience. He suggests that a comfortable ergonomic chair can lead to an increase in alertness as well as an increase in blood flow, benefitting a person's well-being. Puleio further suggests looking for a chair that automatically adjusts to the sitter, so they don't need to fumble with confusing knobs and levers to be comfortable as they change tasks and positions throughout the day. One chair Puleio recommends is Humanscale's Liberty chair which, like all Humanscale chairs, offers a self-adjusting weight-sensitive recline with a pivoting backrest that provides lumbar support for all sitting positions. 

2. The Desk 

Ergonomists now know that it's important for people to be able to move freely throughout the day in order to be healthy, comfortable and focused at work. A good sit/stand desk should be simple, intuitive and easy to use, so if a person needs to stand or sit while working, the process of raising or lowering the desk is seamless. Humanscale's Float table, for example, has an integrated counterbalance mechanism that accommodates varying weight loads, so raising or lowering the desk is as quick and easy as sitting or standing and doesn't interrupt the workflow. 

3. The Lighting 

With the rise of backlit screens and open floor plans, task lighting, as a supplement to natural or overhead lighting, is necessary for an optimal work experience. "To avoid ocular discomfort that can negatively impact one's performance as well as their overall health and well-being, it's important to find proper task lighting that casts a wide footprint, is glare-free and offers a single shadow, and that is smooth and easy to adjust as needs shift throughout the day," says Puleio. The adjustments a task light should be able to perform include both manual positioning and brightness levels.

Humanscale's Horizon 2.0 is one task light that meets these needs. It reduces eye strain and improves overall comfort by providing glare-free light that intuitively adjusts for a range of activities, from reading documents to writing emails, and everything in between. 

4. The Monitor Arm 

Though often overlooked, monitor arms promote a clutter-free workspace and support a healthier, more ergonomic working posture, making it a must-have for the ideal desk setup. Many professionals tend to lean in toward their computer monitor in order to see it better. Monitor arms enable them to pull the monitor closer so they can sit in a healthy posture, with their back against the back of the task chair, and still see the work on their screen. 

5. The Keyboard Tray 

A keyboard tray is another vital tool that helps achieve an ergonomic workspace. This tool brings the keyboard and mouse closer and encourages professionals to sit in a healthy, neutral posture without leaning forward. A well-designed keyboard tray offers protection from carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and back pain and other musculoskeletal issues. Other ergonomic tools, including Humanscale's NeatTech, NeatUp and NeatLink, help to keep the desktop clear of cables and clutter.

With each of these tools working in harmony to provide ergonomic support and comfort, anyone can have a "perfect" workstation.


Covid Pandemic Highlights Value of Transportation Techs

However, many people, including students contemplating future options and individuals contemplating career changes, are unaware of the opportunities and the potential for success in transportation technology and repair.

Often underestimated as "blue collar" or "grease monkey" jobs transportation technicians are in fact high-tech "new collar" jobs that depend on computer skills and fluency with the latest in digital engineering. Transportation technicians are in high demand and critical to maintaining and restoring America's economy during the pandemic and beyond. These skilled workers literally keep America rolling by ensuring that the trucks delivering food, medicine, and other supplies get to their destinations as efficiently as possible, and that emergency responders' vehicles transport them quickly and safely.

In addition, many people are choosing to repair and maintain older vehicles instead of buying new ones, which adds to the demand for skilled transportation technicians.

Recent surveys show an increased interest in transportation technology work, both among younger students and career changers whose jobs may have been lost or furloughed because of the pandemic. Surveys of high school students show that more than half are open to something other than a four-year degree, and 70 percent want to follow their own educational path.

"Despite record rates of unemployment, there continues to be strong demand for our graduates," says Jerome Grant, CEO of Universal Technical Institute. "Employers need skilled technicians to fill essential jobs and, as many in our nation look for new paths to prosperity, we're seeing growing interest in our programs and in technical careers."

Transportation technology appeals to hands-on learners with an interest in and enthusiasm for the state-of-the art engineering.

"A NASA space shuttle has approximately 400 thousand lines of code, but a modern car has approximately 100 million lines of code," according to Mike Pressendo, chief marketing and strategy officer of the TechForce Foundation, a nonprofit organization that supports students through their education into successful careers as professional technicians. "These are skilled, well-paying, technical jobs."

The TechForce Foundation reaches out to both young students and career changers with a career guide, available at, and a "Because I'm a Tech" promotional campaign, in which technicians share their stories of successful and secure skilled technician careers.

For additional information about secure, successful careers in transportation technology, visit

Health and High-Tech Top Manufacturing Trends for 2021

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) supports North America's manufacturers of construction and agricultural equipment to promote success and growth in the global marketplace.

The organization has identified five top trends to follow in 2021 that can help businesses succeed and ultimately thrive:

- Safety first. Workplace safety and compliance with the latest guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration remain a top priority in all areas of manufacturing in 2021 and beyond.

Although the ongoing distribution of vaccines is encouraging, the impact of vaccination will not be apparent in the short term, and organizations will need to continue with the workplace strategies of practicing social distancing, restricting visitors, encouraging good hygiene, and ensuring employees' health before allowing them on the job.

- Together remotely. Technology has allowed many industries to connect and collaborate from a distance in ways never before available.

"The desire to equip workers with technology to stay connected and collaborate from a distance has been a trend within our industry," says Dennis Slater, President of AEM. "As the rise of big data in manufacturing takes shape, creating and finding technologies to make an increasingly spread-out workforce as productive as possible is a top priority for companies, and especially our equipment manufacturing members."

Manufacturers who continue to provide training and resources to help employees maximize productivity remotely will retain a competitive advantage.

As a recent McKinsey & Company article states, "by digitizing processes to improve equipment management and optimize physical assets, digital collaboration tools give manufacturers ways to boost productivity while enhancing quality," according to AEM.

- Expanded Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT is an ongoing trend to watch in manufacturing, More organizations recognize and incorporate smart devices and embedded intelligence in multiple areas of the production process as a way to maintain efficiency and productivity with greater remote monitoring.

- Shop local. Manufacturers who are willing and able to embrace a localized economy can benefit from smaller, more flexible factories located near current and prospective customers. Not only can certain costs be saved, and potential disruptions to supply chains reduced, but many consumers report that they value authenticity and local sourcing.

- Maintenance made easier. Technology also allows manufacturers to have more detailed information about their equipment, which helps them more accurately predict potential equipment failure and plan accordingly to prevent downtime.

Visit for more details about events, resources, and membership.

Resumes and Remote Interviews

Resumes should be concise. The first thing you should do is look carefully at the job posting you are applying for. Look for any specifics that they are looking for in an applicant, and use the same wording they do in your resume, if it is applicable. You do not need to have paragraphs explaining every little detail about previous jobs and duties. Stick to the high-level details that seem important and make sure it is readable. Highlight your main job responsibilities, if you received any recognition, and impressive metrics that you may have achieved.

Put the most important information near the top of the resume.

Use a professional, easy-to- read font like Arial or Times New Roman in size 10 - 12. If you are having trouble thinking about what to focus on or how to design your resume, do a search for example resumes relevant to the industry you are applying in. Those may help you think of something in your history that you may not have considered including before.

So you've got your resume primed and ready to go. Now you have an interview, but it's remote. One of the most important things about a remote interview is being able to get to it. Find out which video chat service your potential employer is using and familiarize yourself with it before the interview. Just as with an in-person interview, how you present yourself is of great importance. Make sure you have a clean, orderly, quiet backdrop and that you dress appropriately for the interview.

You want to give the impression that you are ready to work remotely if necessary, or if not necessary, that you are taking the interview just as seriously. Make sure you close everything on your computer except the program you are using for the interview. This will prevent notifications from going off and help you remain focused on the interviewer.

When it comes to resume writing and interviewing, practice makes perfect. Family Credit Management is committed to helping however they can.

For a free, no-obligation, resume review and even a mock remote interview with an HR professional, you can send an email to [email protected]

Snibble Platform Supports Video Sharing for Young Adults

Snibble offers YAs what they want -- snackable videos and the ability to discover, share, and comment on them with friends in real time. Surveys suggest that approximately 70 percent of Gen Z prefer engaging with many short videos versus committing to a longer video.

"We are a fusion between the best of a video platform and a social media platform," says Blair Currie, CEO of Snibble.

Generation Z (youth ages 16 to 24 years) have never known life without mobile internet. At this age, especially in the wake of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, young adults are seeking ways to connect with friends remotely, and short videos have become the social currency of this generation, Currie explains.

Snibble allows viewers to see, comment, recommend and share personalized content, and presents a reasonable amount of hyper-targeted advertising in a fair trade for their attention.

Snibble attracts top advertisers to a place that lets brands play when young viewers hang out, which improves returns on advertising investment.

To expand and showcase the Snibble platform and content, the company has partnered with NewsUSA TV, a division of the NewsUSA branded content agency. NewsUSA offers video content on Roku through a range of channels, including The Junior Network by NewsUSA TV. The Junior Network partnership with Snibble benefits both parties by expanding audience reach and access to content.

Snibble's content comes only from top providers, including Daily Fix, Omnia News (BBC), Brut, Cheddar, Huffpo, USAToday, Glamour, GQ, and People are Awesome.

The Junior Network by NewsUSA TV helps leverage this content to Gen Z not only online but also through Roku and Amazon Fire, as well as iphone and mobile apps. The content also is available in completed Linear HLS Stream format for syndication.

In addition, NewsUSA TV offers content in Business Briefs, Health News, Entertainment News, and Travel News on its Roku channel.

Visit for more details about Snibble and for details about NewsUSA TV.

Talend Survey Finds Executives Don’t Trust Or Understand Data

Talend's recently published 2021 Data Health Survey1 demonstrates clearly that business leaders understand the importance of data -- two-thirds report that they work with data every day. Yet, 78% of executives say they face challenges using their data, and 36% say most of their decisions are not based on data. Companies know that the path to the future depends on using data, but despite years of investments in modern data infrastructure, they struggle to put that data to use.

To survive in today's economy, every organization must become a data company. This is easier said than done. Only half of executives highly rate their company's ability to deliver even the basics: timely, accessible, complete, and accurate data.

Data management companies have been offering to solve these problems for years, but their solutions are focused only on the mechanics of data. Focusing on simply moving and storing more data means some of the basic components of data management are lost -- where is data coming from? Who has access to it? How accurate is it? To become data-driven, leaders need to know more about their data.

"Our relationship with data is unhealthy. Only 40% of executives always trust the data they work with, and more than a third of executives are still making decisions based on gut instincts," says Christal Bemont, CEO, Talend. "The reality of data is falling well short of the industry's vision. Data management, which largely focuses on moving and storing data, doesn't consider the overall health of data. Therefore, in trying to manage data, companies are in fact creating digital landfills of corporate information. This must change. Our vision of data health is the future because it recognizes fundamental standards for quality and reliability are critical for corporate survival."

Talend envisions data health as a holistic system of preventative measures, effective treatments, and a supportive culture to manage the well-being of corporate information actively. Data health will include monitoring and reporting capabilities to help organizations understand and communicate -- in a quantifiable way -- the reliability, risk, and return of this highly critical business asset.

The data integrity and integration company's customers report that focusing on data health delivers positive business results. "Without access to quality data on time, we could have never achieved the scale of analytics we are currently in," says Ranadip Dutta, solution architect manager at Lenovo. "We now have flexibility along with scalability."

For more information on the Talend Data Health Survey and data health, click here.


From March 24th to April 8th, 2021, Talend led a survey via Qualtrics of 529 global executives -- with titles ranging from director to the C-suite -- from medium and large companies making more than $10 million in annual revenue to assess their ability to make data-driven decisions.


Campaign Inspires Interest in Technician Careers

(NewsUSA) - The need for skilled technicians in the workforce continues to rise, but many people are unaware of the degree of financial success and personal satisfaction that skilled technicians find in their careers.     

TechForce Foundation,® a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit, has launched its annual “Because I’m a Tech” campaign in time to align with Labor Day.     

The “Because I’m a Tech” campaign is showcased on the TechForce website and social media, and features a diverse group of individuals sharing their stories of successful and secure skilled technician careers. “Because I’m a Tech” includes technicians’ testimonials across industry sectors, from auto, diesel and collision repair to aviation, restoration, marine, welding and motorsports. The personal stories from these technicians highlight the fulfilling lifestyles afforded by a range of tech careers.     

The “Because I’m a Tech” campaign also encourages those whose interest is sparked by a skilled technician career to join TechForce, the first and only social network designed and gamified for tech students and professional technicians. The network helps aspiring technicians connect with each other, trade schools, industry and employers, and encourages participants to earn points in contests and games. Students and educators from two schools NASCAR Tech and EVIT have already earned over a million points each.     

The free platform fuels participants’ interest and passion while supporting their career journey, and features not only games and prizes, but also information about technician industry events and scholarships, as well as opportunities for training, internships and jobs. Participants can learn more and sign up for TechForce at     

“As part of TechForce’s workforce development initiative to Power the Technician WorkforceTM, ‘Because I’m a Tech’ showcases the attractive lifestyle and secure economic potential of this profession. These careers are no longer ‘blue collar,’ but ‘new collar,’ high-tech and in high demand,” says TechForce CEO Jennifer Maher. “Thousands of technician students, working techs and educators are already taking full advantage of the fun and free resources available in the TechForce career network because it offers what they need to turbo-charge their futures.”     

A range of well-known companies have joined the campaign to showcase stories of their successful employees and their passions for the skilled technician profession. Participating companies include Advance Auto Parts, AutoZone, CRC Industries, Ford Motor Company, Pennzoil, Penske Truck Leasing and WD-40 Company. Other advocates for careers in the skilled technician field include TechForce Celebrity Ambassadors Bogi Lateiner, Julia Landauer and The Humble Mechanic.     

Participants earn points and prizes by accessing training, games, events and more. So far in 2022, TechForce participants have been hosted at major racing events and exclusive VIP experiences, received hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships and grants and earned prizes including tools, training and gift cards from TechForce partners.     

Notably, a successful skilled technician career is not limited by age, gender or ethnicity. In fact, more than 30 percent of active participants in TechForce are women, a demographic much needed in the profession. Women only account for 3 percent of working technicians. To further encourage women with interests in skilled technician careers, the TechForce website includes a weekly feature, #womentechs-rock, that showcases women in successful skilled technician jobs, who share their stories in short video interviews.     

For more information, visit, and follow TechForce on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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