1. Are your features free?
    Yes!  NewsUSA articles are completely free of charge.

  2. Why are they free?
    Our articles are client-sponsored allowing us to keep NewsUSA a free service for editors.

  3. Can I edit the text of the articles? 
    Yes, all that we ask is that you retain the NewsUSA attribution (NU, NUI, NewsUSA) and the client’s name and information.

  4. How do you distribute your features?
    We distribute our latest features via 1) the NewsUSA hardcopy tabloid, which is mailed out biweekly 2) the e-mail edition that is e-mailed twice a week, 3) our Web site contains all of our features as well. 

  5. What kind of articles do you have?
    Our wide range of topics includes, but is not limited to, health, seniors, auto, home improvement, bridal, food, business and real estate.

  6. Where are you located?
    NewsUSA is located in Falls Church, VA, which is just outside of Washington, DC.  However, our articles are relevant to any geographical region in the country.

  7. Do I need to subscribe/sign up to receive NewsUSA? 
    You can sign up to receive our hard copy and/or e-mail edition by contacting Media Relations Customer Service at 900-355-9500.

  8. Do I need to do anything after I use an article? 
    NewsUSA asks that you send a newspaper clipping of the article or the whole issue back to us.  We supply pre-paid envelopes or you can use your own envelope.  Contact our Media Relations department if you need more free pre-paid envelopes.  Our mailing address is 1089 W Broad Street, Suite 205 Falls Church, VA 22046.

  9. Do you have articles written in Spanish?
    Yes. www.newsusa.com has a Spanish language section ,

  10. Can I use an article on a Web site instead of a newspaper?
    Yes and once it’s published and still available, simply e-mail the link to mediarelations@newsusa.com.

  11. Who writes NewsUSA articles? 
    All of our articles are written in AP style by our editorial staff and freelancers.

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