Consumers Turn to Money-Saving Web Sites (NewsUSA) - As the economic recession continues, Americans look to pinch their pennies. And while a good pair of scissors and sales flyers can go a long way toward cutting expenses, many people are printing, rather than clipping, their coupons. Here are some top Web sites that consumers are using to find deals on items ranging from prescription drugs to home furnishings: Here, the pharmacies bid for your business. This Web site allows registered users to access an auction, where they can view different pharmacies' rates for prescription medications. If a user notices that a pharmacy in another state charges less than their local pharmacy, they can place a mail order to receive their medications at a lower cost. also lists similar drug options that fulfill the same function as their current medications, but at a lower price. When registering, enter M4E014 in the referral code box for immediate savings. Basically a savings tracker, the Web site tells users when their favorite stores and companies offer sales, bargains and other promotions. Users can print out coupons or access codes that save them money online. Products range from groceries to electronics to clothing. The site updates daily. If a user knows what item they want to buy, they can search for the item at The Web site will show the price of the item as it is sold by different vendors, so users can quickly hone in on the best deal. Whether a user needs text books or a pleasure read, will show what different vendors charge for the same used or new titles. If an Internet user struggles to keep track of their online spending, they can create a free account at Users enter financial information, including credit and debit cards, bank accounts and budget information. The Web site will then help users track and categorize their spending. also alerts its users when they receive paychecks or when they exceed a preset budget.