Slow PC Got You Down? Make Your Computer Run Like New (NewsUSA) - You buy a new computer, and you love how quickly the applications open and Web pages load. But soon enough, you can cook and serve Thanksgiving dinner in the time it takes your computer to start. So, you trash your old computer and buy a new one -- only to see your new, speedy computer soon running at a snail's pace, as well. Luckily, it's more than possible to break this vicious cycle. Instead of buying a new computer when yours slows to a crawl, take some steps to make your current computer run like new. For example, if your computer has slowed down, you might want to take a look at its registry. Every Microsoft Windows operating system has a registry, or a central database that records information about the system setting, network setting, software setting, user profiles, hardware configuration, device drivers, kernel data and third-party applications. In short, the registry tells your computer what to do and how. Every time you install or uninstall a program, a new key is added to your registry. The problem is that, over time, the registry starts to record errors. As registry errors compile, they can slow down the entire operating system. Unless you're a computer expert, you shouldn't try to fix your registry yourself -- you can cause a lot of damage if you delete the wrong key. Luckily, there are registry cleaners that can eliminate registry errors and help speed up your operating system. One registry cleaner, Advanced Registry Optimizer 2010 (ARO) by Sammsoft (, was favorably reviewed by The easy-to-use registry cleaner can boost your PC's performance by removing errors from the Windows Registry. ARO uses an advanced scanning engine and one-click optimization to help computers reach and maintain optimum performance. You can also increase system performance by running antivirus software. Look for one that will get rid of viruses without using too many system resources. Extra memory will also increase speed and is easy to install. For more information, visit