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News USA uses article submissions as part of our PR services. Press coverage with article submissions are easy with the help of NewsUSA. Our editorial team professionally develops print articles approved by you for submission and distribution. Each article is written in Associated Press style, formatted, proofed and made ready for mass-media usage. Your article will read like a news item: informative, timely and interesting.

Our print articles are written in one-, two- and three-column formats, including byline articles, evergreen features, and seasonal and timely features. The two-column features are the most popular.

Byline Articles
You are the spokesperson
You bring the expertise
We ghostwrite your stories
Evergreen Features
Year-round lifespan
Broad product references
Content is not time-sensitive
Seasonal/Timely Features
Time sensitive information
Related to an event or period
Holidays, Seasons, Events

We average 648 placements and 57 million readers per article submission, we recommend at least one per month for momentum.

Please read for further information on what we offer with our PR services.


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