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The Ultimate Gift for Golf Gurus (391)

(NewsUSA) - Coming up with clever holiday gifts is always a challenge, especially for someone who "has everything." However, ways to get creative include gifts that provide experiences, not ...

Scent-imental: Holiday Smells Evoke Happy Memories (505)

(NewsUSA) - Does a whiff of cinnamon bring back memories of your grandmother's kitchen? Is the smell of a fir tree unalterably linked to Christmas morning? The sense of smell is uniquely connected to ...

Christmas Comes Early with Family Holiday Movies on UPtv (386)

(NewsUSA) - The holidays are almost here, and fans of uplifting Christmas television can look forward to 45 films on UPtv, including seven Sunday night premiere movies. The network, known for ...

Creative Gift Giving Is Easier Than You Think (488)

(NewsUSA) - It's no secret that shopping for holiday gifts can be overwhelming.The answer to alleviating the stress of thoughtful gift giving comes in a cardboard box.Seriously.Subscription box ...

Napa Valley Holiday Traditions from Marc Mondavi and Family (525)

(NewsUSA) - Holiday entertaining can be stressful. What to cook? Which wines pair well? But with a few tools and a bit of planning, you can breeze through the holiday season like an entertaining ...

2017 Holiday Hiring Could Be a Boon for Seasonal Workers (590)

(NewsUSA) - Let the holiday hiring season begin.Early forecasts anticipate a pretty holly, jolly Christmas for retailers, with total sales expected to grow as much as 4.5 percent as opposed to last ...

¿Cómo hacer un viaje en carretera sin estrés? (440)

(NewsUSA) - Los viajes en vacaciones pueden ser estresantes, pero también deben ser divertidos. La planificación anticipada y el cuidado adecuado del vehículo pueden reducir ...

Avoid the Seasonal Splurge with Healthy Protein Snacks

Avoid the Seasonal Splurge with Healthy Protein Snacks (395)

(NewsUSA) - From family gatherings to cookie exchanges, the holiday season is delicious--and can do a number on a typically balanced diet. Whether you want to curb your appetite to avoid ...

Yes, Olivia, There Is a Santa, and He's Calling You

Yes, Olivia, There Is a Santa, and He's Calling You (496)

(NewsUSA) - Think there's almost a conspiracy out there to squelch your child's belief in Santa Claus? Technology can help you fight back. For years the big guy in red has had to contend ...

Give the Gift of Connectivity, Without the Stress

Give the Gift of Connectivity, Without the Stress (417)

(NewsUSA) - Once again, tech is topping lots of wish lists. We've all been there. You unwrap your wanted new tech, but before you can use your exciting new gift, there's usually some assembly or ...

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