Consumers on Budgets Choose Dial-Up

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(NewsUSA) - With a tough economy forcing Americans to make difficult financial decisions, many consumers are choosing dial-up Internet service over more costly broadband or wireless networks.

In a recession, Internet access can be an important economic tool. Families and individuals can find ideas to adjust their budgets, search and apply for new jobs, pay bills, conduct Web banking and gather news and information. In addition, Americans can also raise money online through Web sites such as eBay.

Americans can't afford to lose Internet access, but neither can they afford expensive services.

"With everyone forced to take a closer look at all of their expenses, Internet access is one area where they can save a significant amount of money," said David Kaplan, chief operating officer at LocalNet, the nation's largest privately held Internet service provider and a leader in dial-up service. "Dial-up allows users to get the information they need from the Internet via a connection that is more affordable and reliable," he said.

In fact, home Internet users are very loyal to dial-up service. A 2008 report from Pew Internet Research found that 62 percent of dial-up users are not interested in switching to a broadband connection. That report also indicated that more than one-third of dial-up users stated that broadband service is too expensive.

"LocalNet has witnessed a 150 percent growth in our subscriber base over the past

four years, which indicates that our dial-up service still appeals to many." said Kaplan.

Founded in 1994, LocalNet ( serves over 260,000 subscribers and has offered dial-up services at the monthly rate of just $9.95 for the past 10 years. The company has over 10,000 dial-in numbers with service across the entire continental U.S. and Hawaii. In addition to its standard dial-up service, LocalNet also markets accelerated Internet access, known as Express 2.0, for just $3 more per month.

"Our Web accelerator service is popular because it provides faster surfing speed than standard dial-up service -; speed that is comparable to what is available from some DSL providers, but yet it is still affordable," Kaplan said.

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Consumers on Budgets Choose Dial-Up

In today's tough economy, many Americans find dial-up Internet affordable and convenient.

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Article Date: January 13, 2009

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