Stay Connected With Your Children: Show Them You Care in Three Easy Ways

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(NewsUSA) - Let's face it: Life is busy, and it just keeps getting busier. As a result, parents are finding it increasingly difficult to stay connected with their kids.

When good communication is diminished, parents struggle to find ways to play a more significant role in their children's lives. The good news is that help isn't far away. Here are three ways to "stay connected" with your kids before they grow up too fast:

* Don't expect your kids to remember to call you once they arrive at their friend's house or other destination. Instead, rely on state-of-the-art technology like the immediate response information system IRIS. This patented system by TechRadium that is capable of messaging in multiple languages automatically delivers information to a cell phone, e-mail, PDA or pager. This means you can contact your children at any moment, wherever they are. So, your kids want cell phones? Well, now you have a reason it would also benefit you.

* Establish some routine. Family rituals, like taking the kids and dog to the park every Saturday, or going down the street on Sunday mornings to pick up donuts, can be a fun way to spend time together. You can make the most of a walk or time with your family in the car by asking your children questions about school, their friends and other interests. These days, as kids play sports and are highly involved in other activities, talk at the dinner table is rare, so make some other time to chat that everyone can look forward at least once a week.

* Be "hip" when it comes to holidays and other occasions. Too busy to remember important dates? Ever miss your kids' birthdays or important events because there is just too much going on? How about remembering dates for soccer games, ballet class or band practice? Confused? If a hard-copy daily planner isn't working for you, sign up for an online reminder service and card boutique. Join for free, and thanks to your interactive calendar complete with e-mail reminders, you will never forget another important date again. In fact, you'll even be able to impress them on the most obscure occasions.

Putting any of these three tips into action will surely send the message to your children that you care. Now, that's how to stay connected with your kids.

For more information on IRIS and ways to stay connected, visit

Stay Connected With Your Children: Show Them You Care in Three Easy Ways
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Stay Connected With Your Children: Show Them You Care in Three Easy Ways

New system strengthens modes of contact with your children.

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Article Date: July 12, 2007

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