Emergency Responders Get a Boost

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(NewsUSA) - There's no doubt that emergencies challenge every person in a community and a school district ... especially police, fire and medical professionals. Appropriate responses to crisis situations depend on fast, accurate, widespread and verifiable communication.

A typical school district might have 25,000 people on its contact list. If each has three phone numbers, 75,000 calls would be needed. Techradium's Immediate Response Information System (IRIS) proceeds through each calling sequence at digital speed. It covers all primary phone numbers for people with names A to Z before calling secondary ones. By reaching across the entire alphabet at once, Mr. Zimmerman gets a phone call at nearly the same time as Mrs. Arnold.

IRIS facilitates frequent and effective contacts for building better understanding and improving academic results. The use of immediate and "paperless" notification with automated receipt confirmation makes this system the fastest and most efficient contact service, even for hard-to-reach parents. Launch and year-round operation are just pennies per student per day, providing the lowest cost per contact of any communication system.

It's a high-speed notification and response service that sends emergency, priority and routine messages electronically. It is used in educational institutions from public school systems to university campuses; for utility companies, banks and other businesses; and for governments at federal, state and local levels.

"Techradium is at the cutting edge of new technologies necessary for protection and information in today's world," said Tom Ridge, chief executive officer of Ridge Global LLC. "I look forward to assisting the company as it expands the use and opportunities of IRIS, a promising and exciting new technology."

The participant database comes from contact information that schools gather routinely. Critical information regarding severe thunderstorms and fires as well as unforeseen calamities and routine advisories reaches thousands in about 30 seconds on the communication devices they select ... in ten different languages. IRIS even records the time each person receives the message and reports results.

The company's headquarters is in Sugar Land, Texas, where Techradium's chief executive officer, Ryan Rodkey, recently announced the appointment of Ridge as a senior advisor.

Emergency Responders Get a Boost
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Emergency Responders Get a Boost

IRIS allows emergency response teams to get to those in need sooner.

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Article Date: February 14, 2008

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