Fast Facts About Excessive Sweating at School (NewsUSA) - It's back-to-school and sweat's happening. But while it's "normal" to sweat with heat, exertion or anxiety, 4.8 percent of people -- students included -- experience sweating so excessive it's a serious medical condition called hyperhidrosis. To help these youngsters as they return to school, the International Hyperhidrosis Society, a non-profit that helps improve quality-of-life for those living with hyperhidrosis, is debunking excessive sweating myths with facts: * Children, teens, and young adults can all suffer from hyperhidrosis that's debilitating and life-altering. * Hyperhidrosis often first manifests during school-aged years, bringing with it severe embarrassment due to sweat-drenched clothes and damaged school materials. * Poor academic performance, social isolation, and depression can happen as a result. * Individuals with hyperhidrosis sweat about 5 times more than what's considered "normal" because they have overactive sweat glands, NOT because of moods, poor health, or lack of hygiene. * Kids don't outgrow hyperhidrosis; they need help to manage it. * This condition can make basic school activities, such as holding a pencil difficult. * Hyperhidrosis is as emotionally damaging as severe acne and shouldn't be ignored. * Young people with hyperhidrosis can find support, understanding, and treatment -- but they need adults to help. Learn more at