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Medical Device Protects Doctors, Nurses from Pathogens in Patient Fluids (356)

(NewsUSA) - Every time a patient has surgery or any other procedures at a hospital, the hospital faces the challenge of disposing of all the blood, urine, and other fluids that result. These fluids ...

Solving A Major Problem in "Additive" Manufacturing (340)

(NewsUSA) - A new approach to making everything from jet engines to toys, called 3D printing, is creating a revolution in manufacturing -- and a small company called Sigma Labs, Inc (NASDAQ:SGLB) has ...

New Form of Farming Revolutionizes the Way We Eat (284)

(NewsUSA) - By 2050, the world population will reach almost 10 billion people, at least 66 percent of whom will live in urban areas.Water-scarcity issues are rampant and will only increase, and the ...

Summer's End: The Perfect Time to Get Financially Organized (521)

(NewsUSA) - Couldn't find that birth certificate when you needed it? Or maybe it was your tax records for the last seven years that the IRS refused to believe really did get lost in a move?As you ...

New Device Helps Protect Patients from Stroke During Heart Valve Replacement (345)

(NewsUSA) - As people age, stroke is one of their greatest fears. In fact, many Americans believe that surviving a stroke with a disability could be worse than dying. With stroke being one of the ...

CME Group, 4-H Steer Youth Toward Agricultural Industry for Fifth Straight Year (299)

(NewsUSA) - CME Group has once again partnered with National 4-H Council to sponsor the interactive and educational Commodity Carnival, which will visit 120 state and county fairs in the Midwest ...

So Your Company Went Mobile ... Now What? (317)

(NewsUSA) - Most companies know the need to go mobile to make their workforce more productive and efficient, but many don't know what is needed outside of buying some tablets and software.The truth ...

Mobile Banking Offers Greater Ease, Better Deals (378)

(NewsUSA) - It seems that almost anything can be done with a click of a mouse or a downloaded app these days -- including your banking.Online-only banks are gaining popularity for many reasons, as ...

Forget Politics! Together We Can Save Our Climate!

Forget Politics! Together We Can Save Our Climate! (330)

(NewsUSA) - One day before President Donald Trump announced his decision to pull the USA out of the Paris Agreement, Climeworks, an innovative Swiss startup, launched the world's first commercial ...

Take Control of Your Personal Finances with New Express Bill Pay

Take Control of Your Personal Finances with New Express Bill Pay (514)

(NewsUSA) - We all work hard for our money, which in turn is divided up to pay our bills. That's how it works. But with the added stress of managing daily life, managing bill payment can often be ...

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