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Scuba Therapy Helps Veterans Heal (414)

(NewsUSA) - Many of America's military veterans struggle with injuries and disabilities.Scuba diving might not be the first therapy that comes to mind to help these individuals, but data support the ...

MovoCash to Sponsor Paul Walker's Reach Out WorldWide Event (576)

(NewsUSA) - Many companies place a higher premium on getting than on giving, but MovoCash (MOVO), a payment platform that empowers people to convert their mobile phone into a digital bank in their ...

Scuba Diving Brings Health, Hope to Injured And Disabled (404)

(NewsUSA) - Scuba diving can be an exotic and enriching activity, but for many, it can also be a therapeutic one.The weightlessness of a water environment allows individuals with a range of injuries ...

Join The Fight, Live United (87)

(NewsUSA) - For too many people, every day is a struggle. A struggle United Way confronts by working tirelessly with organizations across the world to provide those in need with tools and resources ...

The Cowboy Way Highlighted In New TV Series (360)

(NewsUSA) - Much of cowboy culture focuses on the more glamorous aspects of riding across the range into the sunset. While the lives of real cowboys in America today retain some of those romantic ...

Championing the Right to Age Well (587)

(NewsUSA) - In 1967, one of today's most iconic runners made her mark in history.Despite an angry official who tried to push her off the course of the Boston Marathon, Kathrine Switzer defiantly ran ...

Leave Your Footprint on The Fight Against Childhood?Cancer (87)

(NewsUSA) - Leave your footprint on the fight against childhood cancer.??Childhood cancer affects thousands of families across the United States, yet it remains largely underfunded. In fact, less ...

Student Athletes Emulate the Pros in Abusing Prescription Painkillers

Student Athletes Emulate the Pros in Abusing Prescription Painkillers (306)

(NewsUSA) - Sometimes we're so caught up in all the pro sports stars whose lives have been wrecked by misusing prescription painkillers that we forget the problem extends down to the amateur ...

What New Year's Resolution Do You Really Want to Stick To? (99)

(NewsUSA) - You may say your 2017 New Year's resolution is to cut back on sweets, but is that truly what you want most to have accomplished by year's end? Maybe not. By a margin of 69 ...

Study Refutes Link Between Strokes, Chiropractic Care

Study Refutes Link Between Strokes, Chiropractic Care (343)

(NewsUSA) - Is it time to finally put this one to rest? Every once in a while, when some high-profile young man or woman dies unexpectedly from a stroke, the media races to find an explanation. Aha! ...

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