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3 Tips (Including Virtual Reality) For Avoiding Home Improvement Blunders (617)

(NewsUSA) - Sponsored by GAF - Want proof of how carefully you need to weigh the alternatives before making upgrades to your home?Look no further than the Florida couple who last year decided to have ...

How to Afford a Pricier House in the Neighborhood You Love (360)

(NewsUSA) - When Danielle and Jimmy returned to their home state after three years in Germany, they spent the next six months looking for their first home."Location was so important to us. We ...

New Bedding Line Boasts Recycled Materials (426)

(NewsUSA) - Global interest in socially conscious, eco-friendly products has exploded over the last two decades. Now it extends not only to paper and packaging, but to high-end sectors such as ...

Yes, Homeowners, It's Time to Prepare for Storm Season (630)

(NewsUSA) - Sponsored by GAF - Here we go again?Five to nine hurricanes - with as many as four "major" ones boasting sustained winds of 111-plus mph - is what the National Oceanic and ...

Outdoor Spaces Offer Style And Comfort (447)

(NewsUSA) - If you enjoy relaxing and entertaining on your porch or patio, you are not alone.Today's homeowners love being outdoors, and design professionals are being tasked with creating ...

Defining Luxury: American Hardwoods (180)

(NewsUSA) - For everyone seeking to transform lackluster into extraordinary, the product choice is American hardwood. Distinctive, characterful, and unmatched in function, flexibility and sheer ...

A Primer for First-Time Homebuyers (578)

(NewsUSA) - Sponsored by GAF - Finally ready to take the plunge? Join the club.After having waited on the sidelines for what seemed like forever, first-time homebuyers last year made 38 percent of ...

With More Buyers Out There, These Home Upgrades Can Really Pay Off (542)

(NewsUSA) - Sponsored by GAF - It's time to stop thinking of Millennials as totally uninterested in owning anything just because they were early adopters of Uber.The newly released U.S. home ...

A Simple Test to See If You're Up to Installing Your Own Roof (555)

(NewsUSA) - Sponsored by GAF - Think you're up to tackling the fourth most dangerous job in America? Well, that's what you'd be doing if you decide to install your own new roof.According to the ...

How to Defeat A Clog (12)

(NewsUSA) - Sponsored News - See full-sized image here. 

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