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What's Your Immune System Status? (54)

(NewsUSA) - Sponsored News - From erratic sleep schedules to not soaping up properly, modern living is rife with ways to compromise a healthy immune system. See where your routine might be leading ...

Americans Are Flossing in the Strangest Places (360)

(NewsUSA) - Where have you flossed other than your bathroom? If you're like nearly 40 percent of Americans, the answer is… in a car.How about on a date? Seven percent admitted to flossing on a ...

The Road to a Healthy Smile (148)

(NewsUSA) - Sponsored News -As much as we all love having a healthy smile and gums, a new national survey reveals many U.S. adults miss the mark when it comes to caring for their teeth and gums, ...

Reduce Risk of Gum Disease With This Easy Rinse (431)

(NewsUSA) - It happens during any given dental appointment; that embarassing moment when your hygenist asks how often you floss, and your reply (most likely) is, "Not often enough," at the ...

The Balancing Act of Two Microbiomes (29)

(NewsUSA) - Sponsored News -The gut microbiome impacts general wellness. Women have a vaginal microbiome as well that affects feminine health. See full-sized image here. 

Scuba Therapy Helps Veterans Heal (414)

(NewsUSA) - Many of America's military veterans struggle with injuries and disabilities.Scuba diving might not be the first therapy that comes to mind to help these individuals, but data support the ...

50 Years Later, This Medicine is Still Protecting Moms and Newborns (823)

(NewsUSA) - Every pregnant woman in the world should know the name Marianne Cummins.Fifty years ago, in May 1968, the then-29-year-old Teaneck, New Jersey, homemaker was expecting her third child ...

The Hidden Side of Hemophilia: So Much More Than A Bleeding Disorder (416)

(NewsUSA) - Almost everyone has heard of hemophilia, a rare disease in which the blood fails to clot properly. But most people only think of bleeding when it comes to naming its symptoms.In fact, at ...

Birth Control and Blood Clot Risks (416)

(NewsUSA) - There are more than 60 million women of child-bearing age in the United States, and the majority of them report using some form of birth control. In fact, the birth control pill is their ...

Fiber: Nature's Way of Making You Feel Your Best (784)

(NewsUSA) - Having enough daily fiber in your diet has become increasingly important because fiber helps support a smoother, more functional digestive system, provides stronger immunity, and promotes ...

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