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Entrepreneurs Stir Up Industry with Convenient Cocktail Mixers (373)

(NewsUSA) - Remember the last time you were at the beach and craved a spicy margarita?Or perhaps you were camping or at a tailgate party and all they served was beer and wine.The dream of on-the-go ...

Napa Valley Holiday Traditions from Marc Mondavi and Family (525)

(NewsUSA) - Holiday entertaining can be stressful. What to cook? Which wines pair well? But with a few tools and a bit of planning, you can breeze through the holiday season like an entertaining ...

Do You Know Beaujolais Nouveau? (94)

(NewsUSA) - For many wine lovers, the arrival of Beaujolais Nouveau on November 16 - or Beaujolais Nouveau Day - has become a festive addition to celebrations during the holiday season.The Beaujolais ...

Small Town Mayor Tackles Big Challenges (392)

(NewsUSA) - As mayor of D'Lo, Mississippi, one of John Henry Berry's recent challenges included tracking down errant employees -- goats he had positioned to clip the town's ball fields had wandered ...

Boomers, Grandchildren Find Common Ground Through Music (556)

(NewsUSA) - "It was 20 years ago, today…" 50 years ago actually. June 2, 2017 marked the 50th anniversary of the release of, what many describe as "the greatest rock album of ...

The Cowboy Way Highlighted In New TV Series (360)

(NewsUSA) - Much of cowboy culture focuses on the more glamorous aspects of riding across the range into the sunset. While the lives of real cowboys in America today retain some of those romantic ...

Rum Aficionados Are in For a Treat with Relaunch, New Label (406)

(NewsUSA) - Rum aficionados, rejoice. A classic brand is re-entering the spotlight with a new look.St. Lucia Distillers is re-launching the Chairman's Reserve rum in the United States in July 2017, ...

Streaming Content Box Cuts Your Cable and Costs

Streaming Content Box Cuts Your Cable and Costs (512)

(NewsUSA) - Cable TV? That was so three years ago. These days, consumers are opting to cut the cable cord and stream their TV live. According to a study by Deloitte in Nov. 2014, the stronghold ...

How to Make The Backyard The Style Center of Your Home

How to Make The Backyard The Style Center of Your Home (388)

(NewsUSA) - For many homeowners, the backyard is not at the forefront of their home-design plans. But procrastination can be an advantage when it comes to outdoor living. By the time many people ...

5 Recipes That Will Pack A Punch On Game Day (144)

(NewsUSA)1. Blazin’ Buffalo Potato SkinsIt’s the big-game weekend and you’re hosting. You want something bold, flavorful, and better for you. Get recipe here.2. Nutty TapenadeDips ...

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