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Which Home Upgrades Are Worth It and Which Aren't (610)

(NewsUSA) - Sponsored by GAF - Mark your calendars.Come April, we're looking at the start of peak home buying season - the four months that generally account for more than 40 percent of annual ...

One Small House in Boise, One Big Step in Homeownership (503)

(NewsUSA) - There came a point in Meghanne's 29-year-old life when she decided it was time to "be an adult and buy a house." And as a loan officer, she wanted to practice what she preached ...

4 Insider Tips for Anyone Buying or Selling A House (597)

(NewsUSA) - Sponsored by GAF - How many houses have you been outbid on? And if you're an owner who can't even get a nibble out of buyers - if some barely even bother stepping inside - are you ...

Smart Millennial Uses Down Payment Assistance for New Home (521)

(NewsUSA) - Until this summer, Matt Berna had an unusual tradition: Every year, he moved to a new apartment. After doing this for 9 years, the 27-year-old inside sales professional decided enough was ...

How to Afford a Pricier House in the Neighborhood You Love (360)

(NewsUSA) - When Danielle and Jimmy returned to their home state after three years in Germany, they spent the next six months looking for their first home."Location was so important to us. We ...

Bitcoin Gains Can Become "Tax-Free" (401)

(NewsUSA) - The 2017 Reform Act of 2017 is starting to gain traction as former United States Congressman Mark Schauer (MI-07) suggest that the "Opportunity Zones created under the tax bill ...

A Primer for First-Time Homebuyers (578)

(NewsUSA) - Sponsored by GAF - Finally ready to take the plunge? Join the club.After having waited on the sidelines for what seemed like forever, first-time homebuyers last year made 38 percent of ...

With More Buyers Out There, These Home Upgrades Can Really Pay Off (542)

(NewsUSA) - Sponsored by GAF - It's time to stop thinking of Millennials as totally uninterested in owning anything just because they were early adopters of Uber.The newly released U.S. home ...

What to Look for in a New House This Home Buying Season

What to Look for in a New House This Home Buying Season (399)

(NewsUSA) - Sponsored News - Mortgage rates have remained low, and home prices are stable or rising in most communities. A September 2015 poll by NeighborWorks America discovered that nearly 90 ...

Ramping Up Your Home's Curb Appeal Is a Smart Move

Ramping Up Your Home's Curb Appeal Is a Smart Move (431)

(NewsUSA) - If people wanted their homes to look like all the others on the block, we wouldn't be so obsessed with "curb appeal." Doesn't matter whether you're looking to sell -- the National ...

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